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  1. Perfect first half for Breza with a couple of super great saves. Right now, I cannot see Pantemis starting over him.
  2. From Desjardins's Instagram story this morning. I have no clue where he'll end up. Truly unlucky for him...
  3. Played a pretty solid game, made some good saves and looked pretty confident. First goal he couldn't do anything about it, but second goal, his position was off. Montreal played like crap and they've got their goalie to thank for it only ending 2-1. For a first game in more than a year, I'd say he was pretty darn impressive. Hope he starts next game.
  4. Looks like it was some sort of loan with obligation to buy transfer. Anyways Spezia have way too many keepers ahead of Desjardins right now and what he needs is play time! But there are some bad news... Novara have done something which makes them ineligible for Serie C 2021/2022 season. I have looked around and looks like the owner messed up a payment. They have until July 27th to come up with something or else they will be relegated... Hopefully Novara will stay in Serie C as Desjardins looks like he'll be the main keeper going into the season. If Novara get relegated, they become a semi-pro team which makes all the players free agents. I highly doubt Axel will be playing in Serie D as from what I've seen, he is clearly good enough for Serie C. I can't see another team not picking him up as a freebie.
  5. I am sorry guys, but Breza is a better keeper than Pantemis. I don't think Breza was meant to actually play for Bologna. This is a good move and I think it is what was intended all along. Breza definitely 2nd keeper choice and can push for first. Diop's technique is not my cup of tea, but has Breza beaten on experience.
  6. Finished 0-0. Nothing outstanding but 3rd clean sheet in 4 career starts.
  7. Here we go again, fourth straight start. Novara are fighting for a promotion playoff spot.
  8. Game finished 1-0 for Novara, second clean sheet in three games. Novara dominated the game, but Axel Desjardins was there when called upon. Didn't do much but couldn't have done much better.
  9. While everyone is understandably busy with the internationals, cause for once we are actually exciting, it's Axel's third start in three games.
  10. Alright alright guys. Since you've asked. Goalkeeping on its own is a different sport, almost an individual sport, where the ultimate objective is not to score more goals than the other team resulting in a win, but rather to prevent the other team from accomplishing their own ultimate objective. Therefore, a gk cannot win a game on his own, but can prevent the other team from doing so. This is the base mentality to have. From there, like all crafts, different people from different demographics have a way of learning and teaching. For soccer goalkeeping, it can be from the foot you jump to the hand to save the ball with to the way you are positioned on the line. Then, you can also factor in era-defining players, like Buffon in Italy or Neuer in Germany, which can greatly influence the way of coaching in the country of origin. Lets take Italy for example. Buffon, WC winner and hero of every Italian in the world, is a typical Italian gk. What's his style of play? He sits back on his line, focuses more on his positioning, anticipates and then reacts. He is a reactive gk. If we look at Musso, Donnaruma and Meret, who are all young Italian gks, they all play this reactive sit back style. Spanish gks also have this similar style of play. A more proactive and offensive style of gk is the new-school Brazilian one with the likes of Alisson and Ederson. I mean I can go on and on on different techniques and styles of play, but I ain't down to write a novel. The only constant in all the gk styles of play is this: If you've played any form of serious competitive sports, you know that the real goalkeepers have a few screws loose in the coconut.
  11. Game finished 1-1, didn't do much first half, but he did make a mistake on a freekick by coming out too late which almost lead to a goal. Second half he played a lot better and made 2-3 saves. Conceded a goal on a corner which he couldn't do much about; perfect header in the bottom corner. My analysis after two games: Composed, calm and commanding. Really strong and intimidating figure. Maybe a little on the slow side though when it comes to running. But not scared to get into a tackle. Always looks forward for the pass and the counter attack. Positioning is a little off too, especially on set pieces. But he looks like he has the right mentality, which isn't as coachable. I'd say comparable keepers in his style of play are Joe Hart and Handanovic. He definitely doesn't play like an Italian keeper though.
  12. Thanks, I have been following him for too long. Can't stop now haha
  13. Second straight start for Axel Desjardins. Must win game for the team.
  14. Here you go, had no sound so I put some Debussy. I also missed the first ten minutes of the game, so I have no footage of that time. It's nothing too amazing, but for a first game at 21 years old in a struggling side, he looked pretty composed. I will continue to watch his games. Still think the kid is one of our better GK prospects. Novara play Sunday at 10:00 am EST. There aren't many streams around for Serie C, I watch mine on elevensports.it
  15. Axel Desjardins got his first professional career start yesterday in a 2-0 win. Here are the highlights: Got to screen record the game too. I'll make a video probably later today or tomorrow of all his touches. He didn't make any game changing saves, but he made some good ones and I think, most importantly, he looked comfortable and not out of place. Honestly, been watching a few games on and off, and I've never seen the Novara defense play so well lol.
  16. Missed this two days ago, but there was a french article on Radio-Canada about Axel Desjardins. Here is the link: https://ici.radio-canada.ca/sports/1761262/soccer-axel-desjardins-canada-italie-spezia-novara - Summary for non-french speakers: Axel always dreamt of playing in the Premier League. He started by playing striker and defence, but moved to keeper because he wanted to wear gloves because he thought they looked cool. He eventually fell in love with the position. He then got recruited by Spezia and moved to Italy when he was 13 and has been living there ever since. It was a hard decision for his parents at first, but that's what Axel wanted. He talks about the craziness of the Spezia fans and the promotion. He also knew that, although grateful, the promotion would likely bring his stay in Spezia to an end. They kept on bringing in more experienced keepers and understood he would most likely not be playing at all. And so he left to Serie C side Novara, where he considers this as better opportunity to learn. He says the league is perfect to develop. He's then asked about Canada. Axel says he has only been contacted by Team Canada once, in 2018 for the camp, which surprises him. He thinks it's because he left too young for Italy and Canada lost track of him. He then affirms that without a doubt, if the opportunity presents itself, he would gladly represent his country. As for the MLS, he says it's not his life goal, and that for now he is aiming to stay in Europe, and play the top level there, and give his best shot at the Premier League. But he also says that he would maybe be open to play in the MLS down the line. And then the article finished nicely with a quote from him. 'I don't look like an Italian, physically and in my style of play. My home will always be Montreal.' - Axel still hasn't played for Novara, and yes I have been watching a few games. The team is clearly lacking some leadership and confidence. Would not be surprised to see him play soon.
  17. Axel Desjardins' first press conference for Novara Calcio. Of course, it's all in Italian. I can't understand everything, but he's asked about the Spezia promotion to serie A, to which he says it was great. He's also asked about his ambition with the club, to which he responds winning promotion to serie B and wanting to win his place in the squad. He was on the bench last game and will probably be on the bench again for Novara's next game Monday. He wears jersey 31, same as last season. Got my subscription ready for serie C streaming. Bring on the games!
  18. Axel Desjardins is on the bench today vs AC Milan as third choice keeper. Very slim chance he'll get to play. Spezia's first choice keeper, Zoet, is out injured, so Axel looks to be fourth in the hierarchy when everyone is fit. Really hopes he gets a chance to play this season. There's still one day left to the transfer window, so I guess we'll know more in the next 48 hours.
  19. And it's done. Spezia have officially signed from PSV Jeroen Zoet, a 29 year-old keeper. But they still haven't resigned Simone Scuffet, who was only on loan for the 19/20 season. All we can hope for is that the new director likes Desjardins, or that he doesn't like him at all. The worst case would be that he doesn't give a crap about Desjardins. Really hoping he gets some good minutes this season and doesn't just rot on the bench!!
  20. Gotta agree on that one. As much as i'm rooting for the guy, can't see him replacing Crepeau yet. Keepers peak at an older age and experience is a huge factor. If Desjardins or Breza don't get any playing time in Serie A, it's a lot worse than getting playing time but in a lower league. I hope both of them go on loan or get transferred next season. Still cool to see two young Canucks in Serie A squads. It means they have a minimum of quality.
  21. Yes, very cool! Got to catch the second half and it was pretty nervy... First time Spezia qualify for Serie A in their history! But honestly, unless they have a huge summer haul, can't see them staying up. Still pretty cool! Hope Desjardins gets some playing or goes on loan next season. The fact they gave him his debut in the last game of the season is somewhat promising. Can't wait to see what happens to him, and hopefully Canada soccer move their butts and send some scouts in Italy, cause they've got three promising keepers there!!!
  22. The club and fans are happy for him. He has also received sort of banter from a serie b meme page (seriebignorante, which has 100k folllowers), They posted a pic of him on their page saying how to make your debut memorable. The comments were pretty funny too.
  23. Some awesome news!!! It may have been just 4 minutes, but Axel Desjardins made his senior professional debut today vs Salernitana. He came on the 93rd minute and played 4 minutes. Nothing exceptional, but definitely positive! Spezia had already clinched third spot so there wasn't any risk involved. Still, it shows the club respects him and are maybe willing to give him a more prominent role in the future. Here is the game recap: https://sport.virgilio.it/dirette/live/serie-b/31-7-2020/salernitana-spezia/2024607/ He also got a yellow card two minutes into his professional career for time wasting. What shithousery! lol Love to see this after a quiet year!
  24. Simone Barone has been transferred out of Spezia today, which means Axel Desjardins is now the official third keeper. He hasn't played a lot this season, unfortunately I was wrong and had my hopes too high. Still a very good prospect though, and I believe he is right behind Breza in the U23 squad depth. https://www.newsrimini.it/2020/01/rimini-calcio-ufficiale-il-portiere-classe-99-simone-barone-approda-in-biancorosso/
  25. Great transfer and super excited for him! It's always a good sign when a player transfers 2 divisons up. I'll put my tinfoil hat on and speculate this might be a move for the Montreal Impact. If everything goes to plan, he'll be eligible for the secondary MLS transfer window, where I think Bologna might loan him to the Impact for the summer. Montreal are looking for a 2nd / 3rd keeper next to Pantemis. I personally do not rate Diop much, contrary to the coaching staff. So I'd love to see the homeboys get some game time for their home club. Love this kind of news!
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