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  1. Simone Barone has been transferred out of Spezia today, which means Axel Desjardins is now the official third keeper. He hasn't played a lot this season, unfortunately I was wrong and had my hopes too high. Still a very good prospect though, and I believe he is right behind Breza in the U23 squad depth. https://www.newsrimini.it/2020/01/rimini-calcio-ufficiale-il-portiere-classe-99-simone-barone-approda-in-biancorosso/
  2. Great transfer and super excited for him! It's always a good sign when a player transfers 2 divisons up. I'll put my tinfoil hat on and speculate this might be a move for the Montreal Impact. If everything goes to plan, he'll be eligible for the secondary MLS transfer window, where I think Bologna might loan him to the Impact for the summer. Montreal are looking for a 2nd / 3rd keeper next to Pantemis. I personally do not rate Diop much, contrary to the coaching staff. So I'd love to see the homeboys get some game time for their home club. Love this kind of news!
  3. Breza is a great choice for GK, but not so sure about Busti anymore. He failed to join TFC and is now in serie D. I think Pantemis and St Clair are definitely ahead of him. I'd even put Desjardins in the mix... Nonetheless very good squad selection and can definitely see this squad going places!
  4. I mean it is a great opportunity to train with EPL players and with probably one of the most underrated English keepers in Tom Heaton, but I would not rate him higher than Pantemis, who also trains abroad with Bologna. Both are the same age and both are struggling for playtime. But it is cool and I hope he learns a lot. Hope he proves me wrong one day.
  5. Nope, not for now at least. Hope you took my message lightly, I'm just messing around. I appreciate Steve's work.
  6. As per usual, Desjardins has been forgotten... 😢Can't wait for you people to start rating him and considering him as a real prospect! lol He's been given jersey #1 for the senior team at 19!!
  7. Part of me wants him to come to the MLS for playtime and language learning, but the other wants him to stay in Italy. The Italians are simply the best at developing good long lasting keepers. At his age, I would not want to come to North America in a hurry. He should try to find himself a Serie B/C team like our other guys, if he is good enough that is. And if nothings turns up, then he should come here, only if playtime is 100% guaranteed though. I understand he must be in a somewhat stressful situation, but it's important for him not to rush things too much or he'll suffer long term.
  8. I mean I am no expert but I've seen the Clean Sheet guys train a couple of times, and I've also only seen Busti's Canada games, but Milli is a good keeper and I believe he should get invited to the U23 camp. I cannot say who is better between him and Busti. But certainly, I think Breza is the best out of the three.
  9. Just signed a new contract and the fact that they are keeping him into Serie A is always good news.
  10. Axel Desjardins' story today. This is pretty effin cool. Spezia had a friendly today against Sampdoria and lost 5-3. But he didn't play a single minute while Kaprikas and Barone played 72 min and 28 min respectively. Also all the friendlies I've seen have been started by Kaprikas, so while this number 1 looks cool at 19 years old, I think it should be taken with a grain of salt. I don't think he'll be starter for the beginning of the season unfortunately, but still. This almost makes me want to buy his jersey lol.
  11. Got some pretty interesting news...or speculation if you may say so. All senior keepers from last season have left the club due to transfers and contract expiries with no resignings in sight. So right now, they're left with three young keepers: - Simone Barone (1999) who was at the club last year as third/fourth keeper but didn't play a single minute; - Titas Kaprikas (1999), a Lithuanian who've they just signed from Sampdoria this summer on a free transfer according to transfermarkt. He played last season for their Primavera squad who was in one higher division than Spezia's. He played 10 games, only conceding 5 with 7 clean sheets, and that is for a mid-table side, which is pretty impressive stat wise; -Axel Desjardins (2000), the youngest of the 3, but the one who played the most minutes last season. He was also given the jersey number 12 ever since he has made bench appearances for the senior squad. And lately he has been all over Spezia social media for their pre-season training. I've also checked Italian soccer sites and news and Spezia were only linked with an old 38 years old keeper from Palermo but in the last weeks, he decided to sign elsewhere. So the way things are shaping, all the keeping pressure for this season is going to be put on these three, which I find kind of risky to be honest, but not my say lol. Honestly, if Desjardins does end up sharing some game time or even becoming the starter for a Serie B side at his age and for a keeper, this is f***ing impressive and amazing. We'll have to keep a closer eye on this situation, because I am well aware that the transfer window is still open and well alive. But there is hope!
  12. Is that a freaking MULLET?... 😨
  13. To be fair, I don't follow many youth field players, so I can't really argue with you there. But I know my keepers though, and I'm always disappointed not seeing Desjardins considered in these lists. Maybe I have a little bias cause I've been following him for quite a while, but I rate him very highly, even higher than Busti. I'm pretty positive he'll get invited to the Qualifying camp and if he impresses enough, I believe he might get that starting spot.
  14. Back from the dead, sorry about that. Was busy with work and had forgotten my password, so I was just too lazy to log in. Axel Desjardins's season is over. They qualified for the Primavera playoffs, but lost in the first round 2-0 to Ascoli... and I've got game footage! He is the one in blue! Quick recap: Played decent, made a couple of cool saves, but for the first goal, he was probably to blame (although the defence isn't exactly innocent). He also struggled with a corner at some point, but he still seems to be pretty confident and commanding in his box. Second goal wasn't much he could do. All Spezia goalkeepers are approaching the end of their contracts with no resignings in sight. Axel also won't be eligible next year for Primavera, so I can't wait to see what they'll do with him. Hopefully they won't let him rot on the bench and will either send him on loan or give him a chance as starting GK (can't really see that happening really, although it would be nice).
  15. The Viareggio Cup is coming up. It's a huge international u19 cup. Here are the teams involved with the groups. https://www.flashscore.ca/soccer/world/viareggio-cup/ Axel Desjardins and Spezia will play against Carrarese u19 on their first game, March 12th. Second game against Milan u19, March 14th. And finally third game against Berekum Chelsea Youth (Ghanian team), March 16th. Once again, if I find any highlights of the games involving Desjardins, I'll post them on here. I'll also post updates (I'll try to be more up to date, promise). Hopefully their last win will give them confidence and inspire them to victory. They will most certainly be a lot of scouts there, so maybe Desjardins can catch the eye of one or two.
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