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  1. I am sorry guys, but Breza is a better keeper than Pantemis. I don't think Breza was meant to actually play for Bologna. This is a good move and I think it is what was intended all along. Breza definitely 2nd keeper choice and can push for first. Diop's technique is not my cup of tea, but has Breza beaten on experience.
  2. Finished 0-0. Nothing outstanding but 3rd clean sheet in 4 career starts.
  3. Here we go again, fourth straight start. Novara are fighting for a promotion playoff spot.
  4. Game finished 1-0 for Novara, second clean sheet in three games. Novara dominated the game, but Axel Desjardins was there when called upon. Didn't do much but couldn't have done much better.
  5. While everyone is understandably busy with the internationals, cause for once we are actually exciting, it's Axel's third start in three games.
  6. Alright alright guys. Since you've asked. Goalkeeping on its own is a different sport, almost an individual sport, where the ultimate objective is not to score more goals than the other team resulting in a win, but rather to prevent the other team from accomplishing their own ultimate objective. Therefore, a gk cannot win a game on his own, but can prevent the other team from doing so. This is the base mentality to have. From there, like all crafts, different people from different demographics have a way of learning and teaching. For soccer goalkeeping, it can be from the foot you jump t
  7. Game finished 1-1, didn't do much first half, but he did make a mistake on a freekick by coming out too late which almost lead to a goal. Second half he played a lot better and made 2-3 saves. Conceded a goal on a corner which he couldn't do much about; perfect header in the bottom corner. My analysis after two games: Composed, calm and commanding. Really strong and intimidating figure. Maybe a little on the slow side though when it comes to running. But not scared to get into a tackle. Always looks forward for the pass and the counter attack. Positioning is a little off too, especi
  8. Thanks, I have been following him for too long. Can't stop now haha
  9. Second straight start for Axel Desjardins. Must win game for the team.
  10. Here you go, had no sound so I put some Debussy. I also missed the first ten minutes of the game, so I have no footage of that time. It's nothing too amazing, but for a first game at 21 years old in a struggling side, he looked pretty composed. I will continue to watch his games. Still think the kid is one of our better GK prospects. Novara play Sunday at 10:00 am EST. There aren't many streams around for Serie C, I watch mine on elevensports.it
  11. Axel Desjardins got his first professional career start yesterday in a 2-0 win. Here are the highlights: Got to screen record the game too. I'll make a video probably later today or tomorrow of all his touches. He didn't make any game changing saves, but he made some good ones and I think, most importantly, he looked comfortable and not out of place. Honestly, been watching a few games on and off, and I've never seen the Novara defense play so well lol.
  12. Missed this two days ago, but there was a french article on Radio-Canada about Axel Desjardins. Here is the link: https://ici.radio-canada.ca/sports/1761262/soccer-axel-desjardins-canada-italie-spezia-novara - Summary for non-french speakers: Axel always dreamt of playing in the Premier League. He started by playing striker and defence, but moved to keeper because he wanted to wear gloves because he thought they looked cool. He eventually fell in love with the position. He then got recruited by Spezia and moved to Italy when he was 13 and has been living there ever since. It was
  13. Axel Desjardins' first press conference for Novara Calcio. Of course, it's all in Italian. I can't understand everything, but he's asked about the Spezia promotion to serie A, to which he says it was great. He's also asked about his ambition with the club, to which he responds winning promotion to serie B and wanting to win his place in the squad. He was on the bench last game and will probably be on the bench again for Novara's next game Monday. He wears jersey 31, same as last season. Got my subscription ready for serie C streaming. Bring on the games!
  14. Axel Desjardins is on the bench today vs AC Milan as third choice keeper. Very slim chance he'll get to play. Spezia's first choice keeper, Zoet, is out injured, so Axel looks to be fourth in the hierarchy when everyone is fit. Really hopes he gets a chance to play this season. There's still one day left to the transfer window, so I guess we'll know more in the next 48 hours.
  15. And it's done. Spezia have officially signed from PSV Jeroen Zoet, a 29 year-old keeper. But they still haven't resigned Simone Scuffet, who was only on loan for the 19/20 season. All we can hope for is that the new director likes Desjardins, or that he doesn't like him at all. The worst case would be that he doesn't give a crap about Desjardins. Really hoping he gets some good minutes this season and doesn't just rot on the bench!!
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