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  1. I’m betting most of the people complaining about negativity on here are soft and weak millennials.
  2. Rollins commenting on someone else's negativity? That's funny!
  3. Just more lies...stringing us along to give us hope that there may be an 8th team.
  4. So what you are saying is that there are plenty of CanPL calibre stadiums?
  5. With their lousy attendance, you really think they are going to buck up for a big name?
  6. Is it just me or was Canada's goal scoring today about as impressive as the Canadian Premier League attendance numbers?
  7. Has the league passed this number yet for combined attendance for all the rest of the games to this point?
  8. Vancouver Stealth no longer exist. They were purchased by the Canucks, got smart, changed their name to the Vancouver Warriors and moved out of that farm patch called Langley Township. But you are partly correct. Surrey is part of the Greater Vancouver Regional District or "Metro Vancouver."
  9. With the sad attendance numbers in bigger centres, they might as well start throwing teams in these little hick towns .
  10. Yes, and how many bums in seats out of that 3826? Much less I assume. Don't compare apples and oranges. The ONLY reason they went to Langley is to save 300K because the PNE charges way too much. Surrey is on the verge of building a bigger arena and Langley will be losing that team in no time.
  11. 1. The Vancouver Giants attendance since moving to Langley has been horrible. 2. The Vancouver Stealth left the LEC because of a league worst attendance to move downtown with success 3. Abbotsford Heat....no words need to be spoken on this one The team needs to be located in Vancouver proper or off the Skytrain line. Trust me, if a team is put in any of the places you mentioned, no one from Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby will make the drive the Langley/Cloverdale/Clayton Heights. I live in Vancouver and I'm certain I am not alone in my line of thinking. If a team gets pu
  12. This guy was talking about the land around the Langley Events Centre which is actually township of Langley rather than Langley City. The township of Langley also has a small 2200 seat stadium called McLeod Stadium which with some work could be a CanPL facility. https://www.google.ca/maps/place/McLeod+Athletic+Park/@49.1067055,-122.6276136,746m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x5485ce3932add5ab:0x303ae0547feebd33!8m2!3d49.1064316!4d-122.6251674?hl=en
  13. All we have is smoke and nothing solid from the league. That is the problem
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