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  1. Cavalry looks organized. You are right. Vancouver, although winning in possession, look as sloppy as the pitch.
  2. Are the announcers in a studio in Toronto because the sound seems off
  3. When looking at ticketmaster I saw A LOT of unsold seats so that argument doesn't really fly
  4. I think the person was from Surrey. That is the standard answer that us Vancouver folk give when local yahoos do stupid things. And it is usually accurate.
  5. People worth 2 billion dollars generally don't like to flush money down the toilet. Its in a terrible location (I'm told) and the prices are so high only their country club members can afford them.
  6. I know all this abuse stuff is bad and unacceptable, but selfishly, I hope he gets **** canned so maybe we can have some hope of getting a better squad on the field. Heck, maybe MLS even forces a sale and we get new ownership.
  7. Agreed. I cant think of a worse way to watch football than to be miles from the pitch because of a track. I've heard Swangard Stadium might be used for a lower mainland team. If that is the case, I don't think I will be buying seasons tickets
  8. Cavalry tickets prices are way too high. I predict that team fails in a hurry if they don't fix it.
  9. Hamilton can at least tarp off the top and will have a chance to fill the lower areas as there are no stands behind the goals. I am more worried for the atmosphere in Winnipeg. I understand they are only selling one side of the stadium. It will feel like an empty cavern in there.
  10. Peter Shaad mentioned it during the Whitecaps game
  11. The reason I compare it to ESPN + is because it has all MLS games. But I'll accept your argument that its intended for the US market so its not really comparable. So let's compare it with DAZN Canada. DAZN is 20/month or 150/ year. Twice as much as One Soccer. DAZN has a hell of a lot more than twice as much content. But really, who am I kidding, Im probably going to buck up and pay the $75 because, hey, I am a Dr. after all. But wait....no, I'm actually not a Dr.
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