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  1. I think I'll hold off on the excitement until something actually happens beyond rumours of a mystery group being interested and Ottawa "leading the pack."
  2. It's just some unverified rando on Twitter with 100 followers lol. Fun to dream though.
  3. It doesn't really matter whose to blame at this point, soccer in Ottawa is dead for the foreseeable future and it absolutely sucks.
  4. Great news for the Fury. Looks like when push came to shove VM folded like a cheap suit. Entirely predictable.
  5. Premier players being offered 35k a year with no housing. Yikes.
  6. Nah, I think I'll stick around. I know it's just mind boggling that I'd rather watch my team play Pittsburgh than York.
  7. I'm never going to care about Victoria or York, I have as much connection to those cities as I do Charlston. Toronto or Montreal? Now your talking, but I'm always going to car more about Pittsburgh or Tampa than friggin York lol
  8. I care about as much about Victoria or York as I do Charlston.
  9. Bush league move by CONCACAF, but I'm not too worried. I like Ottawa's chances in court here and there's precedent supporting their claim. After all this nonsense settles down I'm sure they'll have another solid year or two in the USL before jumping over when they're ready.
  10. Melnyk can't even afford to keep the hot water on at the CTC. A divorce and SEC sanctions have crippled him financially. Where would this mystery team even play? Seems like a whole lot of bluster just to try and save face.
  11. Obviously I understand why nobody is going after them, but the same should apply to Ottawa. I have no reason to believe that the CanPl will be as stable or have as high a level of play as the USL right off the bat. Why is Ottawa the only team that should be forced to join the league strictly because of national pride. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.
  12. Absolutely nothing, I'll just continue to renew my Fury tickets as I have every year. I was hoping for the CanPl to be a massive success and the Fury to hop in at some point, but the amount of crap tossed at Ottawa for a seemingly prudent decision, while there's crickets about Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver has really turned me off it to be honest.
  13. All the vitriol thrown at Ottawa over this is bonkers. Meanwhile of course Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver get a free pass. If the Canadian Premier League isn't going to exist in the 3 biggest media markets in this country, then it won't be existing very long regardless of what the Fury chose to do. How dare they choose not to join the national D1 league! It's pretty damn easy to be the D1 league when there's nothing else to begin with. The Fury made the right call. If CanPL can get up to the standard of the USL then they should absolutely join in. I see nothing indicating that will be the case anytime soon though.
  14. Exactly. How can anyone be surprised an established team in an established league doesn't want to slash payroll, gut their team, and throw away everything they've built to join a league that may not exist a couple years down the road. If anyone thinks the CPL will be even close to the quality of the USL in the first few years they are kidding themselves. I want the CPL to flourish, but they're going to have to get to the Fury's level if they should be expecting them to join. I don't hear anyone whining and complaining because Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal aren't joining.
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