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  1. I really don’t think when they hired Herdman he was brought in for 2022. I think his purpose is to get the team ready for 2026 and build the Excel program so we can start developing players for 2026. I think youth development is his number 1 priority for 2026 and 2022 is just a bonus but from what everyone is saying that is what he was brought in to do. The same way he transformed the women’s program.
  2. I’m kinda in the same boat don’t think I missed a email from FC Edmonton about a OneSoccer renewal and I don’t want to pay full price, but can’t login to OneSoccer without paying. Did anyone get emails from FC Edmonton about this year’s OneSoccer subscription?
  3. Well it wouldn’t be just one Home and away tie, it would be two. Playoff to see who the 4th best team is and then the intercontinental playoff, so not exactly easy for the 17th place team if you use this format.
  4. It only looks easier because he changed who we would play if they did groups based on Rank if they do a proper draw going right of rankings the groups would be. Group A Group B Group C 1. Mexico 2. USA 3. Costa Rica 6. El Salvador 5. Honduras 4. Jamaica 7. Canada 8. Curaçao 9. Panama 12. Antigua 11. Trinidad 10. Haiti You can’t just manipulate the pools to make it look great for Canada if this is the format. The only other way it could be different if they use this format is if they do a random draw with 4 pots of 3 teams where Canada would be in Pot 3,
  5. If that’s true you are right that’s massive likely New Zealand I think now that Australia switched regions always wins Oceania, and of even we were the 4th place team I believe we would be considered the favourite.
  6. True but El Salvador lost to the Dominican Republic, Struggled against Monserrat, and didn’t really dominate any of the minor teams. Canada is way more deserving of being in the hex if that still happens, than El Salvador. We have shown that we are a difficult team to beat at home. The last 2 World Cup Hexagonal rounds needed 13 points to Qualify in 2018 and 12 points to Qualify in 2014 so if you say 13 is what you need then we need 4 wins and a draw, your telling me out of 10 games we can’t win 4 at home and draw 1 on the road to get 3rd place. Don’t think we can beat Mexico obviously but we can beat the US at home atleast I also believe we can beat Costa Rica at home and get a draw on the road we beat Jamaica at home and we beat Honduras as home. And that was before we had Davies, David, Cavallini, Eustaqiuo, and all our younger up and coming players. Costa Rica is no where to being the team they were 4 years ago, and Honduras is about the same, Jamaica has improved with the addition of Leon Bailey, but other than that we are by far the most improved Nation in CONCACAF.
  7. So how do you think they might attempt to do it then?
  8. From what I have been seeing a lot of talk about a potential format which would have 5 groups of 6 teams, and 1 group of 5 teams having the top team from each group qualify directly to the World Cup just like they do in Europe.
  9. Hey guys with the all this Covid-19 social distancing and what not I thought it would be a fun idea to talk about how CONCACAF May start doing qualifiers now that we are going to a 48 Nation World Cup. I know 2026 will be different of course, but starting 2030 what do you all think will be the format going forward considering CONCACAF is now awarded 6 berths and how Canada might do? Is it also likely to think now Canada should never miss a World Cup?
  10. Here is a question do you think they will redo the Canadian Championship if Ottawa does have a team for 2020 or how do you think that will work?
  11. Everywhere I’ve checked it’s an official friendly so if that’s true where do we sit in regards to points back from El Salvador now?
  12. Is it a training match everywhere I look it says it’s a international friendly? I’ve checked over 10 different sites they all say the same?
  13. Everywhere I can see shows it as a international friendly I have checked over 10 different sites and they all say it was one.
  14. Well Ukraine as of now is at the same level or above Portugal and there is no disputing that 2 head to head matches, Ukraine had 1 Win and a Draw, also in Nations League A and was in the top pot with all of Europe’s best nations for the Draw so unless you think the US is at the same level as Europe’s Elite nations then ya they are way stronger. Since 2018 they are 12 wins 7 draws and a loss going up against countries like Italy, Portugal, Japan, Serbia, Turkey, and Nigeria which are all better as of now then the US. There only loss was to Slovakia in which they played a B squad against Slovakia’s top squad in Nations League since they were already guaranteed top spot and Slovakia needed the win to stop them from being relegated. I’m all for Canada to play stronger countries just after we find out if we will make the hex or not I’d say if we played them best 11 vs 11 we would be 0W-2D-8L for every 10 games. We are more the level of Scotland and the third Tier European countries where they are the bottom of the Tier 1 European Countries.
  15. Ok yes we have Davies, and David they have Zinchenko, Yarmelenko, Tskangkov and Konyplanka Ukraine is in the top Tier of Europe now they just won their Nations League Group and are now in League A, they easily won their Euro Qualifying group and can easily compete it seems with the top nations of Europe. If you think we shouldn’t be “overly intimidated” by them then Canada and we can compete on an consistent basis with them we should have no problem in the Hex or with Mexico or the USA on a regular basis. Ukraine would be the team to beat right now in CONCACAF if they had the squad they do now and played in our region or atleast on even par with Mexico as atleast Ukraine had made it to the Round of 8 in a World Cup.(And yes I know you said we would only beat them 1 time but I think that’s a stretch when was the last time we beat Mexico it took us 34 years to beat the USA and Ukraine is way stronger than them).
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