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  1. Everywhere I’ve checked it’s an official friendly so if that’s true where do we sit in regards to points back from El Salvador now?
  2. Is it a training match everywhere I look it says it’s a international friendly? I’ve checked over 10 different sites they all say the same?
  3. Everywhere I can see shows it as a international friendly I have checked over 10 different sites and they all say it was one.
  4. Well Ukraine as of now is at the same level or above Portugal and there is no disputing that 2 head to head matches, Ukraine had 1 Win and a Draw, also in Nations League A and was in the top pot with all of Europe’s best nations for the Draw so unless you think the US is at the same level as Europe’s Elite nations then ya they are way stronger. Since 2018 they are 12 wins 7 draws and a loss going up against countries like Italy, Portugal, Japan, Serbia, Turkey, and Nigeria which are all better as of now then the US. There only loss was to Slovakia in which they played a B squad against Slovakia’s top squad in Nations League since they were already guaranteed top spot and Slovakia needed the win to stop them from being relegated. I’m all for Canada to play stronger countries just after we find out if we will make the hex or not I’d say if we played them best 11 vs 11 we would be 0W-2D-8L for every 10 games. We are more the level of Scotland and the third Tier European countries where they are the bottom of the Tier 1 European Countries.
  5. Ok yes we have Davies, and David they have Zinchenko, Yarmelenko, Tskangkov and Konyplanka Ukraine is in the top Tier of Europe now they just won their Nations League Group and are now in League A, they easily won their Euro Qualifying group and can easily compete it seems with the top nations of Europe. If you think we shouldn’t be “overly intimidated” by them then Canada and we can compete on an consistent basis with them we should have no problem in the Hex or with Mexico or the USA on a regular basis. Ukraine would be the team to beat right now in CONCACAF if they had the squad they do now and played in our region or atleast on even par with Mexico as atleast Ukraine had made it to the Round of 8 in a World Cup.(And yes I know you said we would only beat them 1 time but I think that’s a stretch when was the last time we beat Mexico it took us 34 years to beat the USA and Ukraine is way stronger than them).
  6. Yes we just beat the US, but I don’t know much about Austria and yes we have improved, but unless you think we are at the level of Portugal then yes play Ukraine, otherwise no because yes we had a draw against them years ago but in the Euro qualifiers Ukraine had a 0-0 draw against Portugal in Portugal then beat them 2-1 in Ukraine topping there Euro Qualifying Group in First place ahead of Portugal and Serbia and almost have there squad plays in the premier league, budensliga or is in the champions league. As for your point to grow us yes I agree but we need points to get into the hex right now we don’t want to take for sure losses or atleast a high high percentage for a loss we need to play teams we know we can beat to get the points then after we make the hex or don’t play teams that can grow us.
  7. Not a chance we are beating Ukraine or Poland both very strong nations Ukraine beating and drawing Portugal in the Euro’s as well as hammering Serbia 5-0 and Poland with Lewondoski always expected to make it out of the group stage of the euros or World Cup.
  8. Haha I knew it was Godhino again man he can’t seem to do anything but give up PK’s
  9. Thank you ya I did miss that one!
  10. Better stat for you if you do not include qualifying and World Cup. Since 2017 CanWNT- 30 Friendlies CanMNT- 6 Friendlies
  11. Which one did I miss 3 in the Algarve Cup, 2 matches in China 5 Friendlies against Spain, Mexico, Nigeria, England, and Norway? 10 Friendlies- 5 official unless I missed a match they had in 2019?
  12. If you exclude the Women’s World Cup it’s 10 friendlies in 2019 if you include the 3 games in the Algarve Cup and the 2 they played in the tournament held in China here in early November. But even if you take those away they still had 5 friendlies this year. And if you look at the bigger picture if you take away the Women’s World Cup as well as there qualifiers for the Women’s World Cup, the CanWNT has played 30 matches since 2017(39 if you include World Cup Qualifying and the Women’s World Cup), 17 which were friendlies and the other 13 being tournament matches. The CanMNT have played 22 matches since 2017 including the 2017 and 2019 Gold Cups as well as CONCACAF Nations League and Nations League Qualifying. The men’s team has only played 6 friendlies as of 2017 and the last being March 24th, 2018 against New Zealand in Spain. Id say you can see where they choose to spend there money, I could be wrong but I don’t see this as splitting the money between both programs.
  13. Yes but then if we make it through the lower playoff to the 4th place match who will we go up against? Either Costa Rica, Honduras, or Jamaica. I’d rather face them in a pool format where one result may not cost us but it would in a two game playoff against them. I’d rather compete for 1.5 spots against Honduras, Costa Rica, and Jamaica then compete for 0.5 spots against Panama, Haiti, Curaçao, then one of Honduras, Costa Rica, or Jamaica then face a South American country like Colombia, Chile, or Uruguay.
  14. I understand it’s not a nations league game I’m just saying that we should have had a friendly in place so that in the event of a loss against the states like we had it wouldn’t be a 15 point difference more closer to 10 points.
  15. It’s to bad Canada didn’t schedule another friendly in November while they had the team here even if it was against a weak opponent like Cuba we could have got a few more points and maybe be more so like 10 pats behind rather than 15. Not saying it should be Cuba just a country we know we can handle with ease and get some points back.
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