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  1. How is it that Ottawa won’t be forced over it’s not like they are a superior team compared to the CPL, I think they’d fit in nicely. Do you think they will be in the CPL next season?
  2. When is the intercontinental draw? Like when will it happen?
  3. So you’re saying with us being currently 30 points back from El Salvador we have a better chance at qualifying, even if you say we have a better chance going through the 7-35 path if we somehow win then we will still have to play the 4th place team of the hex then if we still win that probably face a South American nation in the intercontinental playoff how is that easier?
  4. Not playing Costa Rica in the quarter finals who could possibly upset Mexico
  5. Big news Tosaint Ricketts FK Saduva will be taking on Milan Borjan’s Red Star Belgrade in the first Champions League Qualifier!
  6. Yes true but the more exposure you give the team the better chances that people will watch them!
  7. I’m just sad that we rarely get to see the CANMNT play then finally when there is a game they don’t broadcast it, the CSA and Herdman say they want to inspire future generations, how will that happen if you never show our national team playing?
  8. Glad it’s working but a time clock or someone telling you what time would be nice
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