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  1. Emery Welshman from Forge FC made the Guyana squad and Kareem Moses from FC Edmonton and John Michael Williams from HFX Wanderers are called in for Trinidad and Tobago!
  2. Is it me or is there no Canadian television. That shows the highlights of talks about the CPL I am watching sports net, and TSN and they don’t mention the league or games at all?
  3. Michaels has to make that save Forge made a great play to get it on goal but that can’t go in! Other note Thomas takes over golden boot lead!
  4. HFX Wanderers are looking so much better with a game under their belt compared to last week! Very impressed.
  5. They say if you are a season ticket holder you can get OneSoccer for a cheaper rate then what is normally offered but they don’t tell you how exactly you get it when signing up? Does anyone know by chance?
  6. We won’t be in Group C that is a given we will either be in a group as the second seed with Costa Rica, Mexico, or the US. I would love to be in a group with Costa Rica but I got a gut feeling we will be with Mexico since we play the US in Nations League, and we were in Costa Rica’s pool in the 2017 Gold Cup.
  7. Can’t remember if it was a sellout but I know when Canada played Brazil in Edmonton back in 1994 they had 50 thousand plus fans at the game!
  8. Does anyone have an idea of when they might announce the roster for this match?
  9. Stephen Eustaquio commits to Canada!!!!!
  10. I thought this was a Canada Soccer Supporters website/forum not a American politics page...... but that’s none of my business.
  11. What I was told over the phone was they are looking at 10-12 teams not including Ottawa, but they could also come in meaning there is talks with 3-5 other cities I can see how I wrote that was confusing just meant to say there are talks of expanding to 10-12 teams with cities that are interested that are not Ottawa. But Ottawa can still come over at the same time as those cities, before them or after.
  12. Just got my FC Edmonton season tickets very very affordable,$440 dollars for 2 season tickets which includes 14 regular season games and 1 Voyageurs cup match! I honestly can’t complain, also when I was speaking with the rep, he mentioned they were 95% sure the league would be to either 10 or 12 teams the following season without Ottawa in the equation so that’s awesome!
  13. Yes it was funny the put out a 4:26 second post video with him saying it was in Vancouver then it was taken down, and put back up as a 3:01 minute video with that part taken out!
  14. Herdman just said in the post match interview the French Guiana game will be played in Vancouver, will be nice to see the men’s team play back in the west!
  15. Should we be expecting more than a 3-0 score line from this game? Or more I personally think with the squad we called in even with it being away we should expect the same score line as the Dominica game 5-0 should be the goal at minimum.
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