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  1. We are tied on 9 points with Suriname, if they beat us 1-0 they would advance and we would be eliminated because they then would be on 12 points and we would still have 9 so Canada advances with a win or draw, and Suriname advances with a win.
  2. The crazy thing is in their 3-0 win against the Cayman Islands one goal was a Penalty shot the other was a set piece they were only able to score 1 goal against them from open play now they have upgraded with the additions of Becker and haps but are those two players now going to put them over the edge when they play us?
  3. Ya I totally agree they are all thinking they’ll beat Canada 2-0,2-1, I did say though I trust our attack against their defence to score more than I do their attack vs our defence.
  4. Why wouldn’t he be look at Ukraine, Marlos and Moraes both from Brazil played in Ukraine for the required years to get their citizenship then once they got it got called up as long at they don’t have a senior cap after 21 years old if they get their citizenship they can play why else would he say he wants to play here if he knew there was no way he could?
  5. Haha I jumped outta my seat with excitement had to say something!!!
  6. Ricardo Ferreira commits to Canada!!!
  7. Do you mean advertising? Because OneSoccer, Canada Soccer, CONCACAF and various other places were advertising the game on TSN3 I found about it last week when it came on my feed and was reminded numerous times today about the date and time...
  8. So then Tomori if this rule passes is still eligible as he was still 21 when he played his only game for England.
  9. Where is this rule that a player can switch after being cap tied based on age I’m curious to find it?
  10. They should have just done They should have just done 5 groups with 6 teams and 1 group with 5 teams and all the winners make the Hex and top 3 go to the World Cup and 4th goes to playoffs. Just like UEFA, and who cares if teams get blown out San Marino and Gibraltar play Germany or other heavyweights all the time in the qualification why should we be any different.
  11. Yes I totally agree we were the better team against Haiti minus to Godhino mental collapses. But like everyone says if we are worried about facing Haiti, why do you want to make the Octogon, where we then have to go play Mexico, USA, Jamaica, Honduras, Costa Rica? Surely Haiti isn’t as strong as those nations. We have the talent to make the Octogon, but then again anything could happen we just got to have faith.
  12. So does CONCACAF get 6 spots or 6.5 when we go to the 48 team World Cup I’ve heard two different scenarios now?
  13. I really don’t think when they hired Herdman he was brought in for 2022. I think his purpose is to get the team ready for 2026 and build the Excel program so we can start developing players for 2026. I think youth development is his number 1 priority for 2026 and 2022 is just a bonus but from what everyone is saying that is what he was brought in to do. The same way he transformed the women’s program.
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