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  1. Who on the Canadian men’s team is unsigned wow they have no clue.
  2. Truthfully what is Canada’s A squad? Like who is in the starting 11?
  3. Is that the case or did I read the rule wrong because Ukraine played Lithuania in a competitive match then played Nigeria in a friendly in the same break? Or did you mean they have to physically play in one confederation but can play nations from multiple confederations as long as you physically play the matches in one confederation?
  4. Cavallini Davies——— David——— Hoilett Arfield———Eustaquio Adekugbe—Cornelius—Vitória—Laryea Borjan Osorio subs for Eustaquio if we need offence otherwise it’s Piette Millar in for Adekugbe and we move Davies back to LWB if we are in need for offence otherwise MAK in for Arfield if we are holding Tabla in for Hoilett
  5. Yes I just saw that at the top of the page sounds good thanks.
  6. Where are you getting the point spread from everything I see shows if Haiti wins they will get 8.01 which will take them from 1280.80 to 1288.81 and if Curacao wins they will get 6.99 points taking them from 1316.20 to 1323.19. If Canada wins we will go from 1314.99 to 1317.93 as we would get 2.94 points for the win im getting my info from the live fifa rankings that updates daily. El Salvador if they beat the Dominican Republic they will go from 1344.95 to 1348.27 as they will get 3.32 points for the win .
  7. Yes but do we know how long he will still be out for? More so looking for a time line as to when he could dawn a Canadian Jersey!
  8. how long until Stephan Eustaqio is back in the fold I haven’t heard much about how he is progressing with his injury? Will we possibly see him against the US?
  9. How is it that Ottawa won’t be forced over it’s not like they are a superior team compared to the CPL, I think they’d fit in nicely. Do you think they will be in the CPL next season?
  10. When is the intercontinental draw? Like when will it happen?
  11. So you’re saying with us being currently 30 points back from El Salvador we have a better chance at qualifying, even if you say we have a better chance going through the 7-35 path if we somehow win then we will still have to play the 4th place team of the hex then if we still win that probably face a South American nation in the intercontinental playoff how is that easier?
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