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  1. And, was Ledgerwood used as a midfielder or a fullback mainly?
  2. Anyone who regularly watched Foothills, how does Wheeldon like his teams to play?
  3. Hart spilled slightly more about the Halifax signing in his interview. Wide player, has played fullback and on the wing, has recently played abroad. That's why I'm thinking Fisk or Sukunda
  4. Not a whole lot of consensus on who Wanderers signing may be. I'm thinking it is either Sukunda Fisk. Sukunda probably fits better into the interview Hart gave the league. Anyone know if Fisk has eve been deployed as a fullback? Or if Sukunda has played farther forward?
  5. He was great, the kind of player where the whole stadium just takes a deep breath when he gets on the ball. Played on the left wing and was extremely direct and had bags and bags of pace. Always took his man on and constantly tried to get in behind the right back. Gave a totally different dimension to the Atlantic team when he came on. Looked as good, if not better, than any Dusseldorf player going forward.
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