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  1. Jahn hasn't yet posted the game highlights or the game, so I don't have much to add. Scott did send me a note. He was disappointed to leave the game but he said he'll be fine ... nothing serious. Nice to see him in the starting line up!
  2. The short response is he's just happy to be playing. The longer answer is that as much as he's very good at CB, I suspect the Jahn coaching staff want to take advantage of his speed. You may have seen a earlier post where I shared that he was "clocked" at 35.5 kmh in training at Jahn. I don't know how accurate the equipment is that they use to capture this data, but if it's accurate, that puts him in the top 10 fastest professional soccer players in the world (as reported by the Daily Mail and Sport Bible - see below). This speed, and a natural left foot, probably make him more valuable as
  3. We are able to watch the games through "Jahn TV." It was a bit of ordeal to get registered, but with some online help from the Jahn administration (and $100 cdn), we have access. So, how did he look? I'm biased, so bear with me. He looked very comfortable. He made a difference with a couple of great passes, runs up the left side, and crosses into the middle. He defended well (nothing got by him). Lastly, he has the ability to "throw-in" the ball from the sideline into the penalty box and this helped create a couple of late game scoring chances. I expect the Coach may try to create some
  4. There has recently been contact. Stay tuned.
  5. I spoke with Scott on the weekend. He's been training with the team. The Jahn coaching staff had the players do some speed trials recently. Scott was clocked at 35.5 kmh. He's feeling good and he expects to play in the upcoming friendly against Nuremburg.
  6. Here's a pretty comprehensive article (with some color commentary). https://www.idowa.de/inhalt.ssv-jahn-regensburg-humor-und-harte-arbeit-scott-kennedy-lebt-seinen-traum.9251335f-09de-4f26-8fc9-e52ce7f3eea5.html
  7. We're excited to watch Scott take his game to the next level. Throughout his career, he has played with focus and discipline, consistently improving his skills and the speed of his game. We do not know what Regensburg's plans are for him, but we expect he will play LCB. At Klagenfurt Scott's main position was LCB. However, he also played RCB (if required), midfield and, when they needed extra scoring power, he was an extra striker. As a young player, when Scott led Calgary West to winning the Provincial Championship, his coach stated some prophetic words, he said: "Scott, it is said that
  8. Update: SCOTT KENNEDY STRENGTHENS JAHNELF CENTRAL DEFENDER (23) COMES FROM AUSTRIA KLAGENFURT Scott Kennedy (23) will join SSV Jahn Regensburg until June 30th, 2023. The German-Canadian central defender was most recently active with the Austrian second division team SK Austria Klagenfurt and has been with the team in the one-week training camp in Bad Gögging since Tuesday. As announced, SSV Jahn Regensburg has signed Scott Kennedy as a new addition for its defense. “Scott came to Germany five years ago with the aim of becoming a professional footballer here. With h
  9. An article on Laola indicates that in the event of a tie, the tie is decided first by goal difference (+/-) and second by number of goals. Scott has confirmed this is his understanding. Based on the data available to me, this means that Klagenfurt has to win and Reid has to lose. Drama!
  10. Klagenfurt has won their last 3 games. Next game on Friday in Lustenau. Here's the latest from their website (translation): Kennedy passes his ordeal For a moment, Scott Kennedy hid all the hustle and bustle around him. While his colleagues were analyzing the appearance against Lafnitz (2-1) and discussing individual game scenes, he crouched on the massage bench and looked into the void. No question, it was a special game for the defender, a test of fire - and he had passed it. Kennedy had to wait more than a year to be in a competitive game in the starting eleven of Austria K
  11. The Austrian Liga has made the decision to finish the season. Scott is healthy and ready to play. I'm pasting an article from the Club's Website - google translation of Austrian German to English isn't perfect ... but close enough. Scott's injury was Osteitis pubis. A a non-infectious inflammation of the pubic symphysis causing varying degrees of lower abdominal and pelvic pain. Break brings Kennedy back into play From a sporting point of view, the Corona crisis has at least produced a beautiful story for Austria Klagenfurt. Because Scott Kennedy, for whom the season seemed to hav
  12. Scott went back to Austria healthy and played in 4 friendly matches. Unfortunately, in the last friendly before the 1st game of the 2nd half of the regular season, he was injured. He will need approx 4 weeks to heal. He remains positive and looks forward to helping the team get promoted (Klagenfurt is in 2nd with 37 points).
  13. Interesting topic. I"llstart by stating I'm not an expert- One point of reference for consideration and one perspective: Let's start with the perspective. As humans, we pay attention to what's closest and most convenient. For the MLS to track players on college teams is convenient. For colleges to "target" MLS teams for their players is convenient. It's a natural result of geography and accessibility. The point of reference is my son Scott and a 4th draft pick for Dallas, Callum Montgomery. They have some similarities and some material differences. The difference useful for this discus
  14. Scott played last Saturday in a pre-season "friendly" against Wolfsberger. After the game he felt good and was satisfied with his play and how he felt. Here's some media coverage about his "come back" (translation from Austrian German) : For Kennedy, the time of suffering ends It wasn't long ago that Scott Kennedy had no way around. Last season, the defender was a fixture in Austria Klagenfurt, he was in the squad in all 30 games, 29 of them in the starting XI. But with the beginning of the new series, the Canadian became a plague bird and missed the entire autumn round. Now the 22-
  15. Good morning, It is true. I can't comment on whether this is embarrassing or not. Some of you may not have seen an earlier post of mine where I described how Scott had to leave Canada to continue his development. There may be a number of reasons why Scott may still not be on the Canadian "Radar". I can think of a few possible reasons right now: (1) he wasn't tracked by the Canadian system before he left Canada; and (2) his meaningful development has been in Europe and the Canadian system is not set up to track this development; or (3) the Canadian system is committed to other pla
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