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  1. I'm the real Scott's Dad (not "slim shady") and yes I'm incredibly proud of him and happy for him. Thank you. He's a wonderful human being. He makes it easy to be proud. His ability on the pitch is an extension of who he is. I've previously shared a story about how, as a young player (12 or 13), when Scott led the Calgary West team to win the Provincial Championship, his coach stated some prophetic words, he said: "Scott, it is said that one's true nature (good/bad) surfaces under intense competition. Some crumble, some shrink back, others will compromise their integrity and values to wi
  2. Results from the DFB Pokal (Jahn Regensburg made it to the 1/4 finals after beating FC Koln - Scott scored for Jahn). Scott was scored by SofaScore at 7.39 throughout the Pokal. This ranked him at number 176 out of the 1195 German players in the Pokal. By reference, Alphonso Davies scored 7.5 (107th overall). I think we're going to be ok.
  3. I have previously shared how Scott had to leave Canada to further his Soccer development. While this is the case in many Countries (and many hockey players come to Canada to develop as players due to our exceptional hockey development systems/training/coaching), I believe that Canada now has the ingredients to make important progress to improve it's development and systems for our soccer athletes. For example: We have world class soccer players getting a lot of media and fan attention, we have a strong woman's soccer program that has garnered attention and success, the CMNT may be the best
  4. Has anyone heard if spectators will be allowed in Bradenton or Chicago? I'm unable to find any evidence of tickets for sale?
  5. It's been fun watching Scott adapt to RCB in the last couple of games playing against the two top teams in the league (Bochum and Kiel). Trial by fire! The Kiel game (while an unfortunate result) was an excellent match showing the quality of the 2 Bundesliga. Sunday's match against Sandhausen has to produce some points! Go Regensburg!
  6. We’re lucky to have Thomas and Peter and the Northern Futbol podcast. Their knowledgeable insights and passion for the game are a bonus for the Canadian Soccer fan. It’s great that they are also able to provide a forum for our players to share their thoughts and experiences and have fans get to know these players better. I really enjoyed hearing Scott’s discussion with Thomas and Peter. He shared his humble focus and discipline … his passion for the game and competitive spirit … his commitment to continuous improvement. He makes me proud and continues to inspire me.
  7. I haven't had a chance to speak with Scott, but it was a solid showing. He played confidently and he was tested. He had access to his speed. Sofascore - 6.9, Fotmob - 7.2, Whoscored - 6.72.
  8. We watched the replay, it was an ugly injury. Scott’s knee was hyper-extended. Fortunately, he walked off the pitch and he drove home from the stadium (manual) with some pain. We spoke with him this morning. He’s in a good space, walking fairly normally and without the aid of crutches. The knee is wrapped, he’s resting, icing, elevating. He gets an MRI tomorrow. Fingers crossed ... the injury is not too serious and with the right therapy he’ll be back in 2 – 4 weeks.
  9. I think Scott may be the only Canadian to ever score in the DFB Pokal? (I checked, Alphonso has never scored). Yes, there has been contact. Exciting day! When we spoke with Scott on the weekend, he was very focused/committed on taking his game to the next level. Good timing! This is the 1st time Jahn has ever made it to the 1/4 finals of the Pokal.
  10. I double checked Whoscored, Sofascore and Fotmob tonight. All list Scott as Player of the Match (the algorithms must keep evaluating?). It was a big day for Scott. Excited to see what he's able to do on Friday.
  11. Jahn hasn't yet posted the game highlights or the game, so I don't have much to add. Scott did send me a note. He was disappointed to leave the game but he said he'll be fine ... nothing serious. Nice to see him in the starting line up!
  12. The short response is he's just happy to be playing. The longer answer is that as much as he's very good at CB, I suspect the Jahn coaching staff want to take advantage of his speed. You may have seen a earlier post where I shared that he was "clocked" at 35.5 kmh in training at Jahn. I don't know how accurate the equipment is that they use to capture this data, but if it's accurate, that puts him in the top 10 fastest professional soccer players in the world (as reported by the Daily Mail and Sport Bible - see below). This speed, and a natural left foot, probably make him more valuable as
  13. We are able to watch the games through "Jahn TV." It was a bit of ordeal to get registered, but with some online help from the Jahn administration (and $100 cdn), we have access. So, how did he look? I'm biased, so bear with me. He looked very comfortable. He made a difference with a couple of great passes, runs up the left side, and crosses into the middle. He defended well (nothing got by him). Lastly, he has the ability to "throw-in" the ball from the sideline into the penalty box and this helped create a couple of late game scoring chances. I expect the Coach may try to create some
  14. There has recently been contact. Stay tuned.
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