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  1. I guess Edmonton wants to see Phonzie..... I'm from Edmonton and lots of people I know said they really wanted to go, but I didn't expect a sellout for both games. What a moment for footie in this country.
  2. Any idea how many seats in section o we were allotted? I'm only asking because I might just buy the $20 ticket and move over there at some point for one of the games.
  3. 1) Might be a dumb question, but how do I get a membership? 2) Any idea where the CSA is going to put us? I've got a good chunk of people really wanting to get banged up during these games.
  4. Theres no such thing about being a bandwagon fan when you're supporting your country.
  5. She asked for my permission because I'm going with my rowdy friends and she doesn't have anyone else to go with lol.
  6. Unreal.... My mom just came up to me and asked if she could go to one of the games in Edmonton this November. Up until last night... My mom never watched soccer. She wants to see Alphonso Davies.
  7. Obviously it was a disappointing performance, but then again, we need to remember this teams young and still trying to figure it out. I loved the start, the end of the first half was awful and Buchanan never should've gave up that penalty. The second half was terrific, but this teams gotta find ways to get balls on goals. Asides from the great creativity we saw,, we couldn't get much on goal. I don't like Davies taking the corners, but that's just a me thing. I hope he's ok because he looked a little banged up towards the end after that ankle injury. We've got the USA on Sunday, where I hope we get a draw and El Salvador next week. A win and draw would be nice.
  8. Mexico only got back into this game and scored that goal because of that homophobic chant stoppage by the Mexican fans. It let Mexico back in the match and it was going on all game. Canada had momentum and the referee gave Mexico a rest. CONCACAF is a bunch of BS! #GoldCup
  9. It's quite easy to see why Montreal is pulling out.... It's because they need to renovate The Big O. That would mean replacing the pitch with grass and replacing the roof so grass could actually grow. Considering it'll be used for 3 games and the building isn't used for anything else, it'll be a giant waste of money for a city that is facing major financial implications from COVID. Stade Saputo won't get expanded because there's no private investment. BMO will get expanded because of MLSE money and Edmonton doesn't need too many renos. This whole 48 team world cup is turning into a silly idea though. Think.... This was to avoid Morocco getting a world cup! MOROCCO!!!
  10. They almost owe Davies a game in Edmonton at this point.
  11. I think it'll shape up like this.... Honduras (9/2/21)- Edmonton- Commonwealth Stadium El Salvador (9/8/21)- Regina - Mosaic Stadium Panama (10/13/21)- Toronto - BMO Field Costa Rica (November)- Vancouver/Edmonton - BC Place Or Commonwealth Stadium Mexico (November)- Vancouver - BC Place USA- (1/30/22)- Vancouver- BC Place Jamaica- (3/27/22)- Toronto - BMO Field The only reason I don't have more Toronto games on here is because of COVID restrictions. Canada Soccer won't want half full stadiums in September, that's why I chose Edmonton and Regina. Both provinces are going to be open for business with no restrictions and both have good stadiums. If Ontario can get their shit together then I could see an extra game or two in Toronto. Vancouver probably gets the green light for the winter games given they play in a dome. It's too bad Vancouver doesn't have a grass pitch.
  12. I know it's early but think about this..... We might get a little lucky here when it comes to playing the Central American teams. Most of those Central American countries will likely still have COVID restrictions in place. Not having to go to Honduras and Costa Rica with little to no crowd is YUGE!!! I'm so excited and can't wait to see how this team plays.
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