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  1. Personally I prefer it this way. I hate when the away sections are way up in nowhere land.
  2. I hear ya. It's too bad you've been unable to find a business that would be accommodating of the supporters group pre match. Who would have thought losing a Shoeless Joes would ever have an affect. They were always so welcoming to the soccer crowds there.
  3. Setting up a tailgate is a shitty thing to do to the local businesses. But opening the concourse a bit early and putting on a beer special isn't a bad idea business wise. Could help with bottlenecking.
  4. Just got double confirmation that this afternoon they are going to announce the following: 50% for indoor sport events up to a max of 10 K people 75% for outdoor sport events up to a max of 30 K people Set to take effect tomorrow.
  5. Last time took two weeks to sell out, this game it's looking like under 30 mins
  6. The Voyageurs code is on the Vs website not in any email. That's the only way to get supporters section tickets. CanadaRED is who sent out the other presale code. They're separate
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