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  1. Here was the reason According to Flick, Davies “had problems in the last two training sessions” and thus wasn’t deemed fit to play. Since Bayern went into the half-time break with a comfortable 4-0 lead, the Canadian sat on the bench throughout the match and was given extra time to regain full fitness for the Supercup. “He got the green light from the medical department for 45 minutes. We didn’t want to take any risk, however, and now have a little time for Thursday,” Flick said in his post-game interview.
  2. It looks like Davies is being rested he was wearing his jacket while the subs were warming up
  3. I watched every Bayern game too and you forgot to add they have elite Thiago Goretzka kimmich all to cover for Davies when he is down the flank. As well as alaba and boateng all elite players covering for him while Canada I am not sure I can call anyone elite in those roles except hutch
  4. I believe alaba also played midfield for Austria
  5. I believe he is not cap tied to either Canada nor Chile
  6. He was real good tonight Hopefully we can lure him to play for Canada lb and move Davies to lw
  7. noob trying to figure out how to post twitter post.. but thanks!
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