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  1. Eustaquio is crazy fit but I've watched World Cup matches where Kante looks like he's doing a beep test for the entire game.
  2. Eustsaquio would need a motor like Kante to be in the mix for Portugal and short of growing an extra lung, it's unlikely to happen.
  3. Laryea certainly won't be intimated in hostile CONCACAF venues. I don't know if he speaks Spanish but he was talking to ES players after dead ball situations all game.
  4. I have a subscription and from his brother Mauro and others in the article, it's clear that Herdman was absolutely instrumental in convincing him to play for Canada. Herdman made dozens of calls to Eustaquio before he commited.
  5. I watched a lot of Jupiler League games when David was in Gent and Brugge is easily better than NE. That said, the mid-table teams are comparable to mid-table MLS and bottom 4 or 5 teams are significantly worse.
  6. I would make it a point to watch any TFC game that has Priso in the lineup. He's literally developing in leaps and bounds and he makes a couple of plays each game that might not be flashy but shows his tactical awareness beyond his years. A couple of games ago, he was receiving a short pass under tight pressure and he let the ball roll past him away from his marker to create space for himself.
  7. You're not complaining but you're still coming across as someone who needs to find a downside to everything. Also, you're being overly defensive when others correctly point out that your successive posts are moving further and further away from your original point.
  8. Yilmaz is the starting #10 but he's not playing yet due to load maintenance from the Euros.
  9. Back when Bielsa was the manager, Maignan was letting in Alex Bono-type howlers every two or three games. It's amazing how far he's come.
  10. Nice video about 7 minutes long on Lille's season right up to winning the championship. Some important David appearances in second half of the video. https://twitter.com/losclive/status/1396888730120593411?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1396888730120593411|twgr^|twcon^s1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.passionlosc.org%2Fviewtopic.php%3Ft%3D2243start%3D263
  11. Not David related but Bamba could have had his leg broken when he was caught right above the ankle on a tackle and the player only got a yellow. At the half, the player was given a retro red. Bamba's lower leg literally buckled on contact.
  12. Bradley is just a shell right now and maybe he needs serious load management but if dollars don't come into play, Delgado should really be replacing Bradley and Priso would play the role of distributor in front of the back line.
  13. When Delgado gets the ball, if it's not an immediate layoff, his mind starts racing at 200kph and nothing good happens. In contrast, the game slows down for Priso and he knows his options as the ball is arriving. The end result may not always pan out but he's not playing hot potatoes with the ball like Delgado.
  14. The 3-1 score in the loss to Cruz Azul doesn't reflect how badly TFC played but Priso stood out among the few TFC players who had a decent game. His poise with the ball for an 18 year old is impressive, always looking to advance the ball as shown by his 25m pass to Shaffleburg at the top of the box. An underrated part of his game is his ball winning and tackling because he anticipates very well.
  15. I was just about to say that both Sane and Koman have been shockingly bad in the first half and lo and behold, they're subbed out for the start of the second half.
  16. Actually, it looked pretty bad but I'll give him a pass based on youth but it better not happen again.
  17. His comfort level with the ball and his overall soccer IQ based on the Leon game is night and day compared to his loan spell in Denmark.
  18. There was a covid outbreak among the Turkish team during the recent WC qualifiers and both Celik and Yazici tested positive. Lille dodged a bullet with Yilmaz who will play today. Incidentally, Yazici already tested positive for covid back in January and it took him quite a while to get back to speed. Couple of key PSG players also out with covid. I think one of the PSG players also tested positive earlier in the year.
  19. I think you can tell a player's comfort level with the ball in a 5 minute rondo drill so you can certainly see it in game situations, however limited.
  20. Yes, from Koge highlights. He chews up ground like nothing and probably will settle in as a box-to-box mid like Kaye but his distribution is a work in progress. Priso, on the other hand, knows what he's going to do before the ball arrives, even if the pass might not always be successful.
  21. They're both intriguing prospects but Okello isn't near Priso's level yet. Okello has the better physical tool set but unlike Priso, the game doesn't slow down for him yet when he has the ball.
  22. Around the 2:45 mark, letting the ball roll past him up the line when the defender was expecting him to cut the ball inside with his left foot shows impressive awareness for someone that age.
  23. With the type of game Eustaquio plays, he stands out against superior opponents like Porto and Benefica. Against teams that basically park the bus with every player behind the ball, even when down two or three goals, his strengths aren't fully utilized.
  24. I suspect David comes in for Yilmaz at around 60' mark. If it looks like game is going to penalties, they might keep Yazici in to the end.
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