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  1. Only other attacking player who makes that pass is Yilmaz.
  2. Lille fans are definitely down on Ikone. Hard to believe but he was ranked ahead of Bamba by quite a bit a few years back, when Pepe was still on the team. After Ikone got a call up with France, people were talking about get Pepe money for him.
  3. Bamba is a very good Ligue 1 player. Probably top 15 for his position. He is not reluctant to give up the ball but it has to be an obvious pass to a player who is clearly open, like the one to Yazici where he scored after VAR showed that he was onside. That said, Bamba doesn't see plays developing and doesn't make anticipatory passes especially when he is in full run with the ball. Also, when he's receiving a pass with his back to the goal with a defender on him, 90% of the time he takes two or three touches before he lays it back to a mid or one of the CB's. It's almost like a on
  4. Pierre Mauroy where Lille plays is also very nice. Not as but much history as some of the other stadiums but fantastic sightlines. Very little separation between the field and the stands. It feels compact but fits just over 50,000.
  5. Short turnaround from Thursday game against Milan so there might be some load management with another Europa game against Sparta this coming Thursday. That said, Lille lost to a bottom feeding team after their they beat Milan a few weeks back so it could be all hands on deck for Saint Etienne, at least to start.
  6. I don't think that Akinola would make the game day 18 at Besiktas, never mind a start.
  7. In Galtier's post game presser he was asked about the play of Yazici. After the expected platitudes about Yacici's play, Galtier's added the following: He has a strong relationship with Jonathan (David), they had been together in Milan. Tonight, they were very good defensively, they were very precise in their placement. I found them very complementary. it's good for a coach that a relationship is created between two players
  8. Looks like Bamba will be starting up front with David today in a 4-4-2 formation. Galtier said that the pairing looked good in an exhibition scrimmage earlier in the week. Lille missing lots of players through injuries and suspensions.
  9. He looks slimmed down compared to the start of the season.
  10. I've been one of Bamba's harshest critics but credit to him for the pass to David for the third goal. He actually receives a pass from David to start the play and he sees the play developing as David makes a hard diagonal run into the box to receive the pass back. It's not that guys like Bamba and Ikone never pass to an open player because they're out and out selfish players. It's just that when these guys get the ball anywhere near the box, they get tunnel vision. It's not in their game to anticipate runs into space I've been watching Lille since Bielsa and their style of play, ho
  11. Truth be told, I think he'd be behind Baldisimo and Tiebert for minutes.
  12. Caps paid about $2M and $1M respectively for Bikel and Owusu so for asset management purposes, if nothing else, they're not going to be out of the starting lineup. As an impartial observer of the Caps, these player's are solid for what they are asked to do, and it isn't to be creative playmakers. If any of the mids need to be replaced for Baldisimo, it's Tiebert.
  13. JDG was Kante-lite. Didn't read the game as well defensively, slightly better offensively and without the extra set of lungs that Kante has.
  14. I don't know if ability to read a game defensively falls under technique but Bradley is guilty of a few bad reads a game throughout his TFC career except that he had the speed to recover when he first came over.
  15. Converting to a CB with decent vision and passing skills might be worth a try. He can't be any worse than someone like Zaveletta whose passes are on the level of Joe Bendik goal kicks for accuracy.
  16. Priso showed excellent pace when tracking back to dispossess a few ball carriers. He's not afraid to make a forward pass on ball recoveries instead of laying it safely back to maintain possession. Also impressed with his on the ball composure and ability to break pressure by beating his defender when the opportunity presents.
  17. I was really hoping that Fraser could have turned out to be Cheyrou-lite but his footspeed isn't even at Cheyrou's level and in today's game, unless you've got some exceptional skill set elsewhere, it's tough.
  18. In the highlights, Estaquiao's long passes to spring players will get most of the attention but equally impressive is his ability to make the simple pass out of pressure. He's probably the rondo superstar of the current Canadian team. I don't know what Bradley was like in Europe but peak Bradley with TFC didn't have the vision and one-touch passing of Estaquiao. Estaquiao knows where the ball is going before it gets to him while Bradley needs a touch or two unless it's something obvious.
  19. Caught the last 12 minutes of the Besiktas game. Larin had a very good game and he looks even fitter than he was in Belgium. He got a yellow after a tackle that was all ball but he should've gotten a yellow earlier when he stepped on an attacker's foot as he was chasing him down from behind.
  20. Estaquiao is a mid so he isn't in the same discussion as Hoilett. If he isn't injured or there's some travel or other logistical issues that would prevent him from joining the national team, he's an automatic starter. It's not that hard to find a stream of a Pacos game and if you just focus on him for a half or so, you'll appreciate how good he is right now. It probably took him a bit longer to come back from this knee surgery but every player's different. Last season with Pacos, he looked a bit tentative going into 50-50 balls but he's completely elevated his game this season. Cr
  21. I think he'll work great with David. Right now, with Lille, a lot of David's runs into space aren't being recognized and Eustacio will find him for sure.
  22. He could have decided not to break his fall with his hands and just face planted into the turf. That said, 90% of ball to hand situations in the box get called.
  23. Man of the match, easily. To follow his one touch pass near midfield to spring the player on the opposite wing with a lung bursting sprint to the box to slot it into the corner is up there in top Canadian plays of the year, probably only behind Davies' assist against Barcelona.
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