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  1. A loss in England coupled with the recent debacle vs Brazil will not be good for momentum leading up to Tokyo.
  2. Not good if Ottawa struggles. Let's remember that Atletico Madrid is backing them. We want Atletico to be "very delighted" with their CPL investment so that it attracts $$$ from other HUGE European clubs.
  3. You can watch U15 Concacaf Championships at this link below. Canada beat Mexico 2-0. The game featured 2004s. These players will be 22 years old in 2026. I've watched the full Concacaf game many times. Based on performance during this match strongest players were: Jean-Aniel Assi (Montreal) 10/10 was a strong winger and Canada's most dominant threat Dino Bontis (Toronto) 10/10 earned the shutout as the #1 with great shot-stopping and even better distribution Nathan Saliba (Montreal) 9/10 creative attacking midfielder with mobility Matteo Campagna (Vancouver) 8
  4. A great first challenge for Priestman who comes out of the USA game bolstering her credibility. Gilles was a revelation. I counted at least a dozen strong "header clearances" by her. Quinn was a workhorse and Chapman a beast. The rest were ho hum. Beckie was horrific. The other young players up top have speed which is the "one way" we can beat the USA but once they were subbed off, our threatening advances were relatively weaker. All in all, it was a pleasant game after such a long hiatus. I expected a stronger match from the world champions so I'll take it. We should learn more about
  5. 💥 BREAKING NEWS 💥 Herdman/Bontis/Montopoli continue to work hard at improving the MNT! Ricardo Ferreira joins Canada Soccer’s Men’s National Team Program Ricardo Ferreira will represent Canada starting in 2021 after his change of national associations was approved. Ferreira joins Canada Soccer’s Men’s National Team Program ahead of an exciting and full 2021 international calendar that features FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Qualifiers starting in March 2021. “We have worked hard to build the trust in Canada Soccer’s Men’s National Team Program through our performances
  6. How many roster slots does FC Edmonton have remaining as of today?
  7. The worse thing that could happen is Canada spreads itself too thin to play U23s in Guadalajara (while also playing MNT in WC qualifiers) and then Dick Pound cancels the Olympics right after .
  8. Montreal = OUT Edmonton = WILL BE OUT Vancouver = WILL COME BACK IN Toronto = WAS ALWAYS IN RESULT: 5 games at BC Place + 5 games at BMO Field Victor Montagliani and Nick Bontis still have lots of work to do with FIFA to salvage Canada as official co-host.
  9. Assume MLS and CPL will start later than late March so this means we have almost full inventory to select from for Olympic qualifiers. Question is how strong (or weak) do you make the Olympic team vs the MNT team playing on the same dates?
  10. CSA controlled the content of this highlight package so the USSF wouldn't have a full and comprehensive match to study prior to their game.
  11. Now we see why Wilkinson departed and quit Canada, she had another job lined up with the FA:
  12. BREAKING NEWS - PANAMA MIGHT GO INTO LOCKDOWN Newsroom Panama just announced that if the pandemic continues to spiral out of control, the country will go into lockdown. https://menafn.com/1101220239/Panama-Lockdown-return-still-on-the-cards
  13. Anyone have any update on whether Milan and his club have returned to play?
  14. Let's hope Cavallini makes the striker decisions difficult for JH.
  15. Always smart of players to keep their education options alive if they can.
  16. Dr. Bontis has three children (two sons and one daughter), Charlie and Dino play for Toronto FC, while Tia competes for the World Champion CheerSport Sharks. https://www.torontofc.ca/players/charlie-bontis https://www.torontofc.ca/players/dino-bontis
  17. I think we need to appreciate that having our best players available (and healthy) for March qualifiers is far more important than having a camp in January with a small sample of the actual team. Indeed, we all would love to watch more footy and have the national team play all the time. I agree that more games and more camps is always better. BUT, we need to think smartly. In this unprecedented pandemic environment, with the increased risk of our players and staff getting sick while travelling, plus the significant financial constraints I'm sure the CSA is suffering from, let's ju
  18. Very big impact on Canada Soccer and gave back to the community. RIP Tony.
  19. It's quite simple actually. According to Canada Soccer's rules and regulations available on their website, any adult with a "background police check" can be nominated for a position on the CSA Board of Directors. Elections take place each year at the Annual Meeting which are normally held in May. COVID wiped out 2020's Annual Meeting. There will be another one in May 2021. A call for nominations is typically posted in January each year. Then a nominee runs a campaign to generate support from voters across the country. Voters are called "members" and include professional clubs (CPL and MLS),
  20. We need NEW money coming into Canada from external partners. Investors from France would be welcomed. So would investors from Germany, England and Italy too. The more investors from big-time clubs we get, the stronger support we have for the CPL in the long-run.
  21. England lockdown extended, hence restrictions on soccer travel. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-englands-month-long-lockdown-could-be-extended-says-michael-gove-12120518 France and Germany lockdown too. Soccer will be impacted for much longer. https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-germany-to-enter-four-week-lockdown-from-november-chancellor-merkel-confirms-12117056
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