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  1. Definitely thought Wheeler toned down the homerism and outrageousness last night and it was nice to hear. He seemed to be more focused on the game and less on putting on a show.
  2. 2-0 or 3-1 Have a bad feeling we will give up a shaky goal. They don't have much up front but a guy like Etienne could cause some trouble.
  3. Didn't realize we had such an advantage in time of possession during that game, and we were the away team. Gives me more confidence that we can get a result against the US in the group stage.
  4. Would be awesome to see Montserrat take out T&T!
  5. Nicely taken goal. Maybe he finds away into the Gold Cup squad?
  6. Signed with Oldham Athletic (League Two) on a 2-year deal. https://www.oldhamathletic.co.uk/news/2021/june/22062021-jayson-leutwiler/
  7. No Solomon or Cordova either - guess they just aren't rated? The depth we are building is pretty impressive. 10-20 years ago, heck even 5 years ago, we could only dream of filling a 60-man roster with top-tier or similar level (Championship, B2) talent. We have a few omissions (Borjan, Adekubge, James) and still didn't even have to dip into the CPL.
  8. No Adekube but I guess with being in season and a forthcoming transfer its not surprising. Will be good to see Gutierrez at LB and/or Miller/Cornelius at LCB. I have my doubts about Kennedy accepting this call.
  9. I think we are now in a stronger position to say "this is your best opportunity to join Canada". Almost make it an ultimatum. Surely he must realize that he's much further down the depth chart with the US then with Canada.
  10. We should be able to at least convince Akinola and Singh to join us for the Gold Cup. Any of Jebbison, Flores, Dias would be a nice bonus.
  11. Provisional rosters were due to CONCACAF today. Might see the US roster as early as tomorrow, but likely later this week. Definitely won't be seeing Canada's roster tomorrow - for obvious reasons, we have something much more important to be focusing on.
  12. So with Davies in the front 3 we don't have a potent attack? Even though he has a yellow card you still have to start your best player in the first game. And it allows you to bring in Cav or Larin in the 2nd half for fresh legs against a tired defence.
  13. The thing that bothers me the most is that if we don't make it to the Octo we will have very few games lined up after the Gold Cup. And we all know how effective the CSA is with lining up friendlies.
  14. Well, I got my question answered, but like many of you I'm perplexed at some of the choices. I'm happy Akinola and Singh are on it but what about all of the other dual nats, plus guys like Cornelius, Pasher, Shaffelburg, and Baldisimo?
  15. I think I'm more excited to see the taxi squad list then the 23-man roster, mostly because of the dual-nationals that could be on it. Is the list going to be officially announced, and if so, when? Or do we have to play "spot the player" in the CSA social posts again?
  16. I don't admire Mullins' game (and get angry when he is given more playing time than more talented players like Akinola), but he's carved out a decent MLS career. If Amanda can accomplish that in MLS then he could potentially receive several call-ups over time.
  17. Henry and Cornelius in a low pressure game against Aruba. Henry to get back into the swing of national team play and Cornelius to shake off some rust. Bring in Sturing off the bench if you want him to get a bit of game time and you have subs to use. Vitoria and Kennedy vs. Suriname. Vitoria for his experience and familiarity with team tactics and Kennedy because of his high-level play in the B2 and speed.
  18. I would go with the same 23 but wish there was a way to bring another CB (probably Cornelius) in case an injury happens in our most fragile position. But to do that you have to remove one of Corbeanu, Hoilett, Millar or Buchanan and it would be really hard to pick which of those 4 shouldn't be there.
  19. Kyle Degelman, a midfielder formerly of the Whitecaps Residency program and of Hertha 03 Zehlendorf U17 has signed with Energie Cottbus. He's a 2004 so guessing he will start with their youth team. https://www.instagram.com/p/CPEVEbxpqsX/
  20. Without these two TFC are going to be painful to watch. The rest of the roster doesn't bring much creativity or dynamic abilities to the table. But at least a number of Canadians are seeing the pitch so we can enjoy that. Regarding Ayo - I just don't understand Armas' insistence on playing Mullins over him. Even if Ayo is a bit out of shape he's still way more talented and physically gifted than Mullins will ever be.
  21. No mention in this MLSsoccer.com video discussing the top 5 for the #9 role with the USMNT. https://www.mlssoccer.com/video/club-and-country-usmnt-no-9-depth-chart Would definitely be in our top 5 (although behind David, Larin and Cavallini).
  22. I was also wondering about his status. I don't really see him as a guy that would drop down to the CPL. If there are no suitors in MLS I think we've seen the last of him unfortunately.
  23. Based on recent club and CMNT performance Vitoria and Miller should be the starters for the Suriname match. I will be both surprised and scared if Henry gets a start in that match.
  24. More rumours of Larin to Everton or West Ham: http://sportwitness.co.uk/good-offer-needed-convince-club-everton-west-ham-reported-target-will-make-nice-profit-sale/
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