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  1. SBI Soccer has Matt Constant as the last pick in round 1 of their mock draft. https://sbisoccer.com/2021/01/sbis-2021-mls-mock-draft-version-1-0 Unfortunately, the draft is mostly meaningless now with very few picks actually holding down roster picks, nevermind having a significant impact. Hopefully Constant or the other Canadians are an exception (like Johnston last year).
  2. Exciting news for Pasher. Definitely has earned the move up. Should have been called into the Jan. camp instead of Shaff, who didn't play much at all this year.
  3. Really hope the positive case is not Ayo, would be such a lost opportunity to get him "into the squad".
  4. Very impressive run on the first goal, you can tell he's got the hunger to score as many goals as possible. A lot of players wouldn't have been aggressive enough to get to that spot for the tap in.
  5. Does Davies have some time to spare? Maybe he can do some swaying with the likelihood of a WC in 2026.
  6. Apologies for not reading previous pages that might state the answer to this question - but does he have to file a switch to represent Canada?
  7. Ferreira on the bench for SC Farense but did not get subbed on.
  8. Merry Christmas CMNT fans! Happy with all of selections and impressed to see that some of the fence-sitters will be in camp. Would agree that Baldisimo is one of the few snubs. I think he earned a spot, but there are too many other CDMs on the camp roster that are on the same level or higher (Piette, Fraser, Okello, Priso). Also of note that neither Tabla or Tiebert is on the roster. Probably Herdman just wanting to get in some new faces in the fringe slots. Isn't James on a break in January?
  9. Can't see Akinola accepting a Canadian call-up in this camp if we are playing the US. He's not going to agree to playing against the team he just suited up for a month prior. If he's really undecided he could refuse both call ups but my prediction is that he'll be training with the Americans.
  10. I think at least one of the Canadians available will get selected, with Miller and Cornelius probably most likely. It would be great if they selected Clement Diop (not an Impact fan), so that potentially Pantemis could become the starter.
  11. Signed with Calvary FC: https://canpl.ca/article/cavalry-fc-signs-canadian-born-forward-ahinga-selemani Represented the U.S. at youth levels, including U-17, U-18, and U-20, but has jumped around the pro ranks. Perhaps this can be a springboard to a higher level.
  12. Interview with Nick Bontis from halftime of the Forge game the other night: https://www.tsn.ca/video/canada-soccer-president-outlines-desire-to-bring-nwsl-franchise-to-canada~2090256 At 5:45 of video he mentions the the MNT will not go into WCQ games in March without "meaningful competition" beforehand. This is all pending approval from health officials so I can't say I'm too optimistic of games taking place.
  13. He's making a strong case to be at least the #2. Right now I would rank him higher than Crepeau because he's healthy and putting in some good performances, while Crepeau has been injured.
  14. Does anyone have any insights on the potential of Jebbison? Solid performance for a 2003 playing U23.
  15. Noticed that Richey came on for the last 9 minutes of the TFC game again FCC. A backup on one of the worst teams in MLS doesn't warrant much attention, but if he were ever to get a chance to be the starter that might change a bit.
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