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  1. Akinola in some training photos on the TFC Instagram account. Maybe he'll get into the game against Leon, although I would suspect only as a substitute. https://www.instagram.com/p/CNlBANjJYZq/?igshid=1xrcfd9hovjye
  2. Along as he is fit you bring him against Aruba and Suriname. Bring him in as a substitute against Aruba and have him on the bench for emergency purposes only against Suriname.
  3. Thought he played well for the most part last night against Leon. Has some great wheels. I wouldn't transition him to LB yet, even though he's the traits to excel in that position. He needs more playing time as a winger, hopefully Armas will continue to put him on the field. I like what Deleon brings to the side, but would still rather see Jacob over him, and definitely over Endoh and Gallardo.
  4. The USMNT's ultimate goal with Akinola is to keep him off our squad so we can't get better. With their depth I doubt they have plans to feature him or even call him up frequently. He should see that for himself or have others around him telling him that. With Canada he is likely to be called almost every time we play.
  5. If this were to happen, would it have to be during a transfer window?
  6. It would be great if Bermuda could get Wells, Lambe and Lewis in the lineup against Suriname and pull out a win. They had a comfortable win against Aruba and they've beat Panama in Panama. Maybe, just maybe!
  7. If he is getting calls to the CMNT for WCQ then he probably is rated at a higher level than our best CPL defenders (Zator, Didic, etc.). I feel like a CPL move would be a bit of a disappointment. Another Dutch team or MLS would be ideal.
  8. Apologies if this has been asked already - does anyone know when the replay will be available on OneSoccer?
  9. Would like to see a move for him, at least by this summer. Needs consistent playing time. Could be a good fit at TFC.
  10. Tajon is only player on this team with star potential, maybe Dias. A couple of the other guys will become useful CMNT role players but overall its not a very impressive side. I think we did as well as should be expected with the players available.
  11. I think I saw Bair touch the ball once the whole game, I'm not sure why he's rated. Isn't a playmaker and doesn't seem to read the game well / find the right spaces.
  12. We generally end up scoring less goals then we should in games that we are heavily favoured. 3-0 is my prediction.
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