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    Bbeto reacted to m-g-williams in CPL new teams speculation   
    . . . having regional bus travel divisions and a mix of pro- and semi-pro contracts still sounds a lot less like a D1 League and a lot more like the regional D3 Leagues in ON, QC and BC (with some obvious adjustments). Expanding it and slapping Canadian branding on the whole thing with a Memorial Cup type tournament at the end would really just make this a CHL-type equivalent, à la the Easton Report.
    I get that you have serious concerns about how/if CPL will work, but if you're really more comfortable with a D3-type scenario than D1, just call a spade a spade and say it. Otherwise, we're going to keep having the same endless debates because your starting point seems fundamentally different from everyone else's.
    And not to sound like a broken record, but while I get that we *all* (myself 100% included) just want to finally know how this is all going to unfold - when, where, how many, how much money - until there are more formal announcements made, I really don't see the point in getting so riled up over speculation and theory. Ninety-five percent of these discussions are going to be moot soon enough, and it's not like we're the ones calling the shots. So why not just wait and see how things unfold . . . in the next 60-90 days?
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    Bbeto reacted to BringBackTheBlizzard in CPL new teams speculation   
    Not really. The problem with L1O is that there is no hope whatsoever of all those GTA youth clubs ever drawing a crowd and they are getting in because of the clout they hold in OSA terms rather than what they genuinely have to offer in pro soccer terms. It's a local amateur league masquerading as something it's not. To do something that might actually sustain some modest pro level contracts, I would focus initially on smaller cities somewhat distant from the three MLS markets like London and Victoria where teams like FC London and the Victoria Highlanders have been able to draw into four figures in a PDL context in the not so distant past as a way to build up a fully domestic D3 beneath USL and MLS. Halifax's Wanderers Ground pop-up plan would be ideal for something like this, basically, rather than the CFL stadia in Hamilton and Winnipeg.
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    Bbeto reacted to Bison44 in CPL new teams speculation   
    "A CanPL launch would almost certainly be more like what happened with FC Edmonton and the Ottawa Fury, which was a recipe in both cases for acres of empty seats (when CFL sized stadia are used) and seven figure financial losses." BBTB
    BBTB: you are using Ottawa and Edmonton as examples of the kind of failure that the CPL is probably heading for.  But those teams both launched into the american system and an american league.  Isnt that one of your main arguments on this, that we dont have to reinvent the wheel and we can have more teams in Canada within the exisiting american frameworks/structure with much less risk/hassle??  FCE couldnt make a go of it, Ottawa had to drop down a division and strike up a partnership with Montreal and 2 out of the 3 CDN farm team USL sides went under, and even more insulting, Vancouver thought it was better to use a US team as a USL affliate.  How does the recent failures of our teams within the american system (except for our 3 biggest markets in the marquee american league) suggest that pro soccer will spread to any new areas in Canada??  Will the people of Alberta, the praires, the martimes just have to accept that we will never have any kind of decent soccer?  MLS isnt putting another team in Canada, I am not sure the USL even wants any more CDN clubs.  Where do we go from here if we dont try and start our own league?  
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    Bbeto reacted to Complete Homer in CPL new teams speculation   
    Ignoring inflation, if CPL's spending is actually reaching what has been reported by Milton, the average CPL salary will be in line with MLS' average salary the year TFC entered MLS. If people were fine with that level, they will be fine with CPL. Teams competing with MLS teams in Surrey and GTA may have issues, but quality shouldn't be a deciding factor in the majority of markets IMO 
    Granted, a decade of inflation is still quite a bit, but it's still a useful a useful way to frame it to people
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    Bbeto reacted to Club Linesman in La'vere Corbin-Ong   
    Even Malaysia plays two games during this window. The CSA really needs to get their **** together and figure out how to get the men’s team two games a window. Bring on the League of Nations and let’s play 2 even if we are only scheduled for one!  
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    Bbeto reacted to gator in CPL new teams speculation   
    Of course the league will be below MLS quality at the beginning, I'm not sure how many of you watched MLS when it first started, it was very low quality, basically a notch above NCAA!
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    Bbeto reacted to deschamp86 in CPL new teams speculation   
    In fairness there are probably a lot of people in MLS markets who have this same conversation about MLS quality being below a number of European leagues, and refuse to attend MLS games
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    Bbeto reacted to Ansem in CPL new teams speculation   
    Pessimism free here.
    Somewhere in Saskatoon...
    Joe: Hey want to go see the CPL game between Sasktoon vs Halifax?
    Bob: Nah, man... the level of play is below MLS, so I'll stay home and do nothing...
    Joe: Yeah, I hear you...

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    Bbeto reacted to Kurt-MTL in CPL new teams speculation   
    Fair point but I would argue that Canada does not need another 20 years of experimenting/floundering with big-name hasbeens as the foundation is already there now. Soccer is well and truly a successful spectator sport in Canada (thanks in no small part to MLS) and I believe the fans are sophisticated and knowledgeable enough to support clubs that invest in young, good quality players and put forward a professionalized, polished product (good stadiums, no football lines, etc). 
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    Bbeto reacted to Alex D in CPL new teams speculation   
    So sacrifice the perception of the league in order to add 1 reserve team and 2 clubs getting 5 free players? 
    This argument keeps growing more silly with time. 
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    Bbeto reacted to Complete Homer in CPL General   
    Redirecting to productive things...
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    Bbeto reacted to dbailey62 in CPL General   
    I think the CPL will have to earn that. We'll definitely be two or three notches below MLS and/or Liga MX for many years to come, both on the field and in the stands. Just because we are recognized as D1 in Canada by Soccer Canada, we have to be realistic. Give it five or ten years. Right now, we're just a paper league. Hopefully by this time next year we'll be into our first season and we can start to prove ourselves to the naysayers! 

    It will take time.
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    Bbeto reacted to BringBackTheBlizzard in Not Repeating History   
    Dale Barnes paints a very rosy picture of the condition that the CSL was in by 1990 that is more than a little bit self-serving. From what I've been told over the years the London Lasers who entered that year thought they were doing badly with crowds in the hundreds until they had been once around the league for away games and realized it was nothing out of the ordinary elsewhere as well despite the announced numbers that they had seen prior to joining the league due to teams falsifying their attendance and were left feeling they had been misled into investing in something that the people at the top must have already known was well and truly circling the drain by that point. I am no fan of the CSA but they no doubt would have seen the levy request as the thin end of the wedge on what the demands would be in future to help keep the league afloat and would have been reluctant to subsidize something that was struggling so badly to attract crowds to the extent that it could be viewed as a financial black hole from their main income source.
    Not sure that's really true when inflation rates and changes to cost of living are factored in, and the way that formerly well paid union jobs in manufacturing pre-NAFTA have been replaced by a short-term contract gig economy is taken into account. What's more important is that interest in soccer is stronger now than it was 30 years ago, because the registration boom has happened amongst the formerly at times somewhat hostile Stephen Harper "old stock" demographic, you no longer need to watch Graham Leggat and co on TSN on a Saturday morning or tune into Toronto's multicultural channel to get your soccer fix and that means the younger generation has grown up with soccer as easy to access as baseball and the CFL, and MLS has managed to do what the NASL couldn't by finding a stable economic model for D1 soccer in North America.
    The problem with operating with no big names at a significantly lower budget level than MLS is that people, if anything, are actually less likely to watch local semi-pro soccer now than used to be the case if L1O and PLSQ is compared with the 70s and early 80s era NSL given there are so many other entertainment options available now and it's not clear yet that the quality of soccer than CanPL would provide initially would be much higher than that if the focus is going to be mainly on domestic players that can't cut it in MLS or in top leagues over in Europe and on some Marco Velez and Dan Gargan level imports. There isn't a vast untapped pool of pro level quality Canadian players that are being ignored by other leagues at the moment, so crowds of 6000 to 8000 looks very optimistic as a break even, because if there's one lesson to be learned from the CSL era it is that you can't fool lots of people into believing that semi-pro level soccer is worth paying to watch by pretending you have a coast-to-coast D1 level league when you really don't in playing standards terms. In London, Ont. in 1990, Lasers crowds went from 2700 to 200 in the space of two games, because people showed up once, collectively came to the assessment that "this is crap" and most never came back.
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    Bbeto reacted to longlugan in CPL new teams speculation   
    Honestly...very very few people give a **** what you think.
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    Bbeto reacted to HfxCeltic in CPL new teams speculation   
    The one thing that Sandor touches on I really agree with is the notion of "preaching to the new church" and really trying to be inclusive in who the supporters group are reaching out too. I've seen it a bit in Halifax where folks are on the football vs. soccer argument and it really has the potential to alienate a potential fan who does not feel welcome because they're a "casual" or aren't as knowledgeable about "football". The CPL isn't going to succeed if you're not reaching out to and attracting folks who may have never watched a game in their lives, but are interested in the prospect of a new option for live professional sports in their community. Language and messaging have a huge potential to influence how successful this whole thing is.
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    Bbeto reacted to dbailey62 in CPL General   
    Agreed! We can't fall into the insular trap. We need to go beyond our comfortable boundaries.  
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    Bbeto reacted to Rheo in CPL General   
    Well written plea to think outside the soccer bubble
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    Bbeto reacted to Bison44 in SOCCER INTEREST IN YOUR COMMUNITY   
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    Bbeto reacted to Kent in SOCCER INTEREST IN YOUR COMMUNITY   
    That has nothing to do with what I posted. Unless I misunderstood and you are not only against the CPL, but all leagues, regional, amateur and youth included.
    I tried to have a discussion with you, and tried to hear your side for what we should be focusing on instead of the CPL, but clearly that didn’t work. I am done.
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    Bbeto reacted to canta15 in Lucas Cavallini   
    If we don’t call up Cavallini for this when the Mexican league is down for the break it would be an idiotic decision. I’m tired of the “let the player settle down” approach. Our team chemistry is God awful because we always want to let our best players “develop” their club careers by staying back. 
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    Bbeto reacted to MtlMario in CPL new teams speculation   
    Definite NO to American teams in CPL.
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    Bbeto reacted to ChrisinOrleans in CPL new teams speculation   
    Honestly, what is the point of letting in American teams to a league that is designed to be ‘Canadian’? Does this not remove the entire driving economic incentive for investors (a national league not in competition with NASL and USL).
    I’d prefer we just use American leagues and infrastructure if we’re going to have US-based team in the CanPL, since the entire idea of having “our own infrastructure, by us, for us” would be entirely defeated by having 15 – 20% of the entire league be based in another country at launch.
    Either this league will be Canadian, or it won’t. If it’s not, let's rename it USL-North and stop pretending that it's going to be about Canada, our ability to have a national league, and develop our own infrastructure.   
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    Bbeto reacted to Bison44 in SOCCER INTEREST IN YOUR COMMUNITY   
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    Bbeto reacted to Bison44 in SOCCER INTEREST IN YOUR COMMUNITY   
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    Bbeto reacted to toontownman in SOCCER INTEREST IN YOUR COMMUNITY   
    But it's been 4 hours. Call a paramedic.
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