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    Bbeto reacted to Ansem in CPL new teams speculation   
    Quebec City seems to have a very serious ownership group with soccer people, 2021 looks likely
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    Bbeto reacted to CanadaFan123 in CPL General   
    I would take anything out of China with a grain of salt but even that is giving them too much credit.  Their lack of transparency is what got the world in this mess to begin with.  Not to mention the numerous other atrocities occurring in their country on a daily basis that go unchecked.  
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    Bbeto reacted to Unnamed Trialist in CPL General   
    People are just ignoring that different countries have totally different curves in terms of the increase of cases, deaths, and % of infected getting over the virus.
    You cannot just imitate certain actions, like cancelling flights or sporting events, on a global scale, as if everyone was in the same conditions. 
    It actually makes sense that matches were behind closed doors in France yesterday, but not in the UK, because France is further along the apparently typical growth curve of the virus than the UK.
    It does seem that from the first deaths to exponential growth and peaking you are talking about a month to 5 weeks. However, some actions have been taken in Canada for prevention that are far ahead of virtually all other countries, and the experiences of countries in a worse state might provide some lessons. Not to mention possible health solutions emerging just these weeks. So it is possible that cases and deaths do not start to leap up exponentially in Canada in the next 10-21 days, that the curve will top out earlier and flatten more quickly. You just do not know.
    It is of course radically irresponsible and blatantly political to ban flights to the US from so many countries in the EU, but to allow the UK, which is 7th in terms of cases and fourth worse in terms of deaths in Europe. The UK has a higher incidence per capita than Portugal, for example. So if you are going to take measures, make them consistent and avoid political pandering.
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    Bbeto reacted to youllneverwalkalone in CPL new teams speculation   
    Ok. Tell me more from your perch in London. There is severe disenchantment with the Whitecaps. The season ticket base has dropped from 14kish to 8kish. The stadium has zero atmosphere. The onfield product is ****. There were literally rapists and white supremacists working at the club that took a fan revolt to get out.
    All people want here is a nice outdoor stadium to drink a few beers in summer. There are literally thousands of people who want to do this together and very few of them live in Langley with the hockey moms and dads in their suburban homes. Put a 10k ground like anywhere in Scotland on the site at Swangard and you will fill it. You don't need a sheik or a Russian to figure it out.
    Langley would be a much worse version of Westhills and that assumes they do everything as well as Pacific FC, which is unlikely. Wednesday night match? If you could get 2k I'd eat the ******* parrot off your shoulder. All the kids need to be in bed and mom would rather watch Greys Anatomy.
    Halifax is the way forward for this league. Anything less to increase the number of clubs is a total waste of time. If you have a 2nd Division have all the Langley's you want. Otherwise **** off.
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    Bbeto reacted to JamboAl in CPL new teams speculation   
    Eventually and with enough numbers, yes. I don’t think that’s a good idea now.
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    Bbeto reacted to Bison44 in 2020 Kit thread   
    Have you seen any Forge games??
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    Bbeto reacted to Unnamed Trialist in Pacific FC - 2020 Season Thread   
    He doesn't even as much as suggest beers, what a guy!
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    Bbeto reacted to Kent in CPL new teams speculation   
    If Saskatoon and Quebec City are added next, and of course no existing teams fold, that would be awesome. We would have 7 provinces represented in the league. The CFL maximum they have ever had is 6 (I am not counting American states), and the old CSL maxed out at 5 in any given season, and had 6 provinces represented if you include all the teams they ever had.
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    Bbeto reacted to CanadaFan123 in CPL new teams speculation   
    You've made two posts that have been positive contributions in the last week.  Well done sir.
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    Bbeto reacted to gigi riva in CPL new teams speculation   
    Quebec City and Saskatoon if true would be good , I would like to see another team in the East coast like Moncton  
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    Bbeto reacted to ted in Pacific FC - 2020 Season Thread   
    It would be sensible you would think, but it would require a change in attitude from last year. In 2019 the Caps were pissed at Pacific for "poaching" so many players they felt "belonged" to them.  

    This is actually a good effect of the league BTW. The MLS clubs had too much power over players and with the CanPL actually creating a bit of competition to sign players the MLS teams will have to sign for longer deals which IMO is good all around.
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    Bbeto reacted to toontownman in Cavalry FC Season Thread 2020   
    Eustaquio too. Should have been a big part of Cavalrys midfield and brings a lot of experience. I expect he was more than frustrated with how last year went. Hope he and Serban are back, not sure on Northover. 
    With the trialists there are a couple of interesting names. I expected more of Furlano. Interested to see if they pick him up. 
    Adekugbe back according to the tweet and the info below which is good news for Cavalry and the league. 
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    Bbeto reacted to MM3/MM2/MM in Former CanPL Players   
    Emery Welshman scores and goes 86 minutes on Tuesday for Bnei Sakhnin in a 3-0 win.  His 2nd of the season for them.
    Adam Mitter plays his first game in Indonesia with PERSIRAJA BANDA ACEH in a 0-0 tie, over 20,000 announced as attendance.  Some of these guys are real nomads, play soccer and see the world.
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    Bbeto reacted to Unnamed Trialist in CPL General   
    It's actually no 1 in a few other countries (Lithuania, and if you scoff you'll really put your foot in it) and clear no 2 in maybe 20-30 countries. Or more. 
    However the point is that the US leagues are THE first division for certain sports. Even where you're mistaken you are also right, in that those leagues gather world talent in those sports. Basketball precisely is where the gap is narrowing, i large part because other countries develop bb players the way they do footballers. But it is not like footie, where the world top flight player pool can be found in maybe 7-10 leagues (not including MLS) and spread over maybe 80 countries,with the US down near the tail. 
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    Bbeto reacted to red card in CPL General   
    And MLS tv ratings were down YoY in 2019. MLS on Spanish tv has also higher average ratings than English tv.
    But I don't believe Spanish networks are going to be paying up for MLS rights when liga MX gets 4-5x more along with some other leagues and national team matches.
    Plus MLS playoff ratings were lower than regular season ratings in 2019. This shows MLS doesn’t have a solid foundation of hardcore fans. 
    With 40%- 50%+ of MLS teams making the playoffs means the regular season isn't as compelling to watch as the Euro league matches. The quality in the bottom half is also poor which means only hard core locals are only watching. No relegation means no need to watch to worry about facing the true agony of defeat. 
    The saving grace has been that MLS rights are bundled with US & Mexican national team rights via SUM. So they have been subsidizing MLS. 
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    Bbeto reacted to IAmPappy in CPL General   
    I know that this is a CPL thread, and that it's "kit reveal night", so forgive the tangent ...
    There is no such things as too many football clubs 😀, but I know you meant "too many clubs at the same level". As you pointed out, in the US context, it's just a matter of implementing hierarchy, for both clubs and players. The roadblock is USSF/SUM/MLS, but that's a cluster too deep to get into here. The US is just too populous with too many markets to have a single 30-40 team league. The best solution I've seen was proposed by Daniel Workman and Chris Kivlehan. Check them out on Twitter. Basically, they propose four regional D1 leagues, with a Champions League-style domestic competition on top for the playoff fans. See picture below, and again, apologies for the tangent. 
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    Bbeto reacted to dyslexic nam in 2020 Kit thread   
    I like them.  All of them. I think the league and Macron have done really well -  especially for a fledgling league of our scope and scale. 
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    Bbeto reacted to narduch in 2020 Kit thread   
    Don't think this was posted
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    Bbeto reacted to Macksam in 2020 Kit thread   
    Valour's is tremendous 
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    Bbeto reacted to mtlsab in Atlético Ottawa 2020 Season   
    He told me he would like to sign in Ottawa. The problem is that he counts as an itnernational player since is PR isnt fixed.
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    Bbeto reacted to Unnamed Trialist in CPL General   
    Exactly, a country not even in the top 20 of producing football talent with a 30-team league. It's fundamental disrespect to the fans.
    In all the powerful leagues in the world there are top markets in 2nd and 3rd tier. They do not all have to be in top flight. They have to work for it. You have a balanced schedule and time to take cups and international competition seriously. 
    If MLS were in 2 tiers, say a first division with 18 teams, top flight would be much better and 2nd would be like 2nd everywhere, a sort of dire punishment with a just a bit of sparkle. 
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    Bbeto reacted to ted in Pacific FC - 2020 Season Thread   
    Fixed that for you.

    Cap or no cap, teams have a limit on what they are willing and/or able to pay in salaries. 
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    Bbeto reacted to toontownman in Saskatoon CanPL   
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    Bbeto reacted to Ingham in York9 - Season Thread 2020   
    Come on hermano... you're better than that.
    Playing for Alianza is a bigger task than any club in the CanPL. Not only that but he was a backup at best. With less pressure and no toxic media like Peru's constantly attacking him, he will have a better time. Not only that but a lot of players that have joined CPL have had poor scoring records in their own leagues before joining. Look at Gattas. Prime example.
    He's gonna do well here. Trust me.
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    Bbeto reacted to Ams1984 in York9 - Season Thread 2020   
    I don’t get this... what’s wrong with signing a guy and trying to rehabilitate his career? Plenty of clubs sign players that haven’t quite planned out, but that they think show talent or potential. Maybe with a new club and a new chance, this guy can fulfill his potential. If that’s the case, York 9 will have signed a good player without much of a cash outlay compared to the alternative. 
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