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    Bbeto reacted to Bison44 in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    They have been talking about PEI since late May.  The teams/players should be ready to go, you've has months to plan this.  You've let MLS beat you to the punch and they are playing in the freakin COVID captial of the world.  GEESSHHH, get it done!!  
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    Bbeto reacted to toontownman in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    It's coming...60-90 days. 
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    Bbeto reacted to Bison44 in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    Where are the pictures of the crowd??And how many of those fans actually paid for the tickets?  HEHEHE.
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    Bbeto reacted to jonovision in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    I'm not ready yet to write off the possibility of playing games with fans in seats in 2020, but we should not be looking to anything happening south of the border as a model for a restart.
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    Bbeto reacted to Rocket Robin in Atlético Ottawa 2020 Season   
    Wow so one year later and no Ottawa Fury.  Remember all those fans 
    who swore there'd never be soccer in the city if there was no continued 
    sanctioning for the USL?    
    USL Championship starts up this weekend with a home and away schedule to play well 
    on ESPN.  The compromise reached is that conferences have been divided
    up into smaller groups.  Fury would have been in the conference 
    containing teams from Pennsylvania and New York state (at least avoiding
    the Florida and other teams from the Covid/southern states). 
    Note there are some crossover games as NYRB II visits Atlanta U 2 in
    I expect the Fury would have not have been allowed to play because of
    cross border restrictions.  This is what's happening at USL League One
    level where Toronto FC II and the league have agreed that the team will
    sit out the season because of quarantine rules.  (Can't isolate two weeks
    with any type of compressed schedule).  
    At least you'll be able to watch Atletico on OneSoccer until there
    are possible home games after their tourney in Victoria or Charlottetown. 
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    Bbeto reacted to mtlsab in CPL new teams speculation   
    What about Sherbrooke?
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    Bbeto reacted to Kent in Players you expect to see in the CPL   
    It wouldn’t hurt for TFC II to call up some potential options, especially for friendlies. What’s the harm in checking in with L1O to see if they will have any kind of a season? What’s the harm in seeing if Saskatchewan wants to have some friendlies against them? I don’t expect these things to pan out, just throwing some long shot ideas out there.
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    Bbeto reacted to Ansem in Players you expect to see in the CPL   
    the whole TFC front office are Americans viewing CPL as a threat to their monopoly so there you.
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    Bbeto reacted to Ansem in Players you expect to see in the CPL   
    The league has nothing to gain business-wise doing this. You can be sure that the 3 MLS teams would use this precedent to apply pressure to get their reserve squads in the league cementing the "2nd rated league below MLS"
    Not that everyone isn't aware of CPL's place on the pecking order but right now, they are being "different" & "independent" of MLS which is the right move.
    Never understood how some can praise the business-focus of MLS and turn around and ask CPL to leave their business interests at the door and just do the right thing.
    TFC II place is helping the Sask Series organizing friendlies or having them with L1O, not serve as a trojan horse to help Manning's narrative.
    Nothing stopping TFC from taking more Canadians to the 1st team and give them minutes in the tournament. CPL shouldn't have the burden of helping out when TFC could do it all along. They could loan some players to CPL clubs
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    Bbeto reacted to maccaliam in Players you expect to see in the CPL   
    I’m struggling to see what the CPL teams would benefit from that type of arrangement.
    Are you by any chance Bill Manning in disguise? 😉
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    Bbeto reacted to ted in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    Hearing rumours it will be at Westhills and season ticket holders may be permitted to attend in limited numbers and under distancing protocols. 
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    Bbeto reacted to Shway in OneSoccer   
    I love seeing active threads, even if I don’t contribute to a specific one - I’ll read and follow. However when a thread is filled with posts that aren’t related to topic or with posts from uncredible sources, it becomes tiresome to see/follow.  So while I’ll agree that actual news is great. The parrot was only repeating(reposting) things that are related to thread topic. 
    Blame onesoccer for their tweets lol.
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    Bbeto reacted to m-g-williams in OneSoccer   
    I was poking around on the Canadian Elite Basketball League site earlier to get some details on their CBC broadcast partnership. In doing so, I stumbled across this little tidbit: 
    "MEDIAPRO Canada has been selected to produce live coverage of all 26 games, supplying all technical facilities, production crew, and transmission services. It will use eight cameras, including two netcams, to deliver live coverage of seven games, including the openers, the semi-finals and the final, for nationwide broadcast on CBC, and will also debut AutomaticTV, the MEDIAPRO Group’s proprietary AI-driven fully automated sports production system, to produce High Definition live multi-camera coverage of 19 games for CBC Gem – marking the first time the technology has been used in Canada. MEDIAPRO Group produces live coverage of more than 12,000 events around the world each year through its 58 offices on four continents.
    In the CEBL Summer Series each club will play the other once in a round robin competition. The team with the worst record will be eliminated and the remaining six will be seeded into a bracket. The third and sixth seeds, and the fourth and fifth seeds, will face each other for the right to advance to the semifinals against the first and second-seeded teams. The title game is set for August 9."   I just assumed that CBC would be producing the content in addition to airing it, but apparently that's not the case. Hopefully this is a good sign for MEDIAPRO and they'll manage to secure similar contracts for leagues like the LHJMQ, OHL and WHL. 
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    Bbeto reacted to Bison44 in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    Mr Parrot droppings, playing the victim again.I should just paste his whinings from last summer in the attendance thread, save everyone the trouble of reading the baloney again. 
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    Bbeto reacted to narduch in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    Stop trying to turn yourself into a victim. 
    Posting news is cool. 
    Posting random Twitter opinions because they support your narrative is borderline trolling. 
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    Bbeto reacted to Bison44 in CPL Playing During the Coronavirus/Covid19 Pandemic   
    Its not so terrible for the teams, everyone go to a nice resort that is probably crying for some business.  It'll be like summer camp,  1 set up for cameras, and cameramen, lock  Platt, Wheeler Dunfield and Larsson in the pressbox for 2 weeks while they brown bag it and sleep in tents, all the testing they want to do will be centralized.  Just have to have some lunchtime/hall moniters to make sure there isnt any fraternizing, panty raids or shennanigans going on after lights out.  Think Meatballs but with grown men.  
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    Bbeto reacted to maccaliam in Pacific FC - 2020 Season Thread   
    Is that break in the pictures on the mug meant to be the hydro pole? That is a great added detail. 😄
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    Bbeto reacted to Unnamed Trialist in CPL new teams speculation   
    I'm not bothered by a name not referring to a place. I like many quite enjoy how the CPL has done things.
    In Spain, in top flight right now, you have Espanyol, Levante, Osasuna, Betis, Real Sociedad, Athletic Club. Although some may have a longer official name, for example for the last decade or more Espanyol is officially Real Club Espanyol de Barcelona. Alavés is a reference to the province of Alaba (Alava), the province where the team from Vitoria is from. So that is a third of Spain top flight.
    In 2nd division there is only one, Numancia, referring to the ancient name of Soria. Rayo Vallecano refers to the neighbourhood of Vallecas in Madrid.
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    Bbeto reacted to Kent in York9 - Season Thread 2020   
    I remember thinking the Raptors had a terrible name. They were named that largely (entirely?) due to Jurassic Park even though that movie has nothing to do with Toronto. I am sure lots of people thought it was a stupid name. But now, about 25 years later nobody thinks twice about it. Give it time and people will move on and it would probably seem weird to want to change to York FC or York Region FC rather than stay with York 9.
    All that being said, I have always liked the York 9 name.
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    Bbeto reacted to red card in CPL new teams speculation   
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    Bbeto reacted to ironcub14 in York9 - Season Thread 2020   
    The reason a North York resident like me goes to a Y9FC game instead of a TFC game, though I have seasons to both, is, 
    1) I want to support the CPL and Canadian soccer
    2) York Lions is far closer to me than BMO
    I'd assume those two reasons would be the two main reasons for most Y9FC SSHs in Toronto or anywhere else outside the York Region. In that case, really, whether you name the club York 9, York United, or York Region, none of it would really matter to most CPL fans in Toronto like us. 
    But how do you get more soccer fans who aren't as hardcore about the CPL to come out? You have to appeal to city pride in that case. And if you want to appeal to the tons and tons of calcio fans in Vaughan, and I see them and talk to them often because I play soccer weekly in Concord, is you have to make sure the name is appealing to them.
    York 9, the 9 does throw a lot of new fans off.  York United, you can't go around trying to market to Serie A fans a club that sounds exactly like Man United, you just can't. The Glazers have ensured that Man U will be considered soulless by non-Man U fans for a very long time.  York Region FC, now at least that sounds like a club that a Vaughan Serie A fan might get behind. 
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    Bbeto reacted to ironcub14 in York9 - Season Thread 2020   
    I live in North York, and I talk Y9 in 5 different online communities at least, here on CSN/Vs, a fb group, a fb group chat, twitter, reddit, discord. In the stands, I usually stand with Gen IX or around them, and I chat Y9 marketing frequently with Ben Z and McNab. 
    Everything I've seen since 2018 tells me that this team is first and foremost, and will always likely be, a Vaughan team. Owners are Vaughan/Concord heavyweights, most supporters are from Woodbridge, Maple, etc, the team has heavy connections to Vaughan Azzurri and OSA, which is HQed in Vaughan, and the initial rumoured new stadium location was Kirby, which is an extension of Maple, and a heavy focus of Vaughan municipal politics.
    Everything about this team tells you it's a Vaughan team. The only reason they called it York 9 instead of AC Vaughan or something was so that they could offer a marketing olive branch to Richmond Hill, Markham, Aurora, Newmarket, and North York. Brennan being so heavily connected to Newmarket especially always seemed to me like a big reason why the club was so focused on Newmarket last year despite it being a decent far drive away from York Lions Stadium.
    I just don't see the club ever moving anywhere south of York Lions, which is literally at the border. I also don't think this club is going to actively try to market that hard to North York or York, even though they should. That's why I think a fair chunk of actual Y9 fans want to see York Region FC, since a fair chunk of them live in Vaughan and want to see the club continue to market to them. York United FC makes sense in many ways, but the Man U connotation is seriously throwing people off, and why you see a lot of fans also against any rebrand.
    Any new name has to be compelling for a potential rebrand. To me, York FC definitely doesn't fit that bill. United, probably not either. York Region FC, maybe. 
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    Bbeto reacted to TGAA_Star in Forge FC Season Thread 2020   
    Can't say as I blame him. But it is like ever since Bekker started playing there, his career has gone through a resurgence.
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    Bbeto reacted to Watchmen in CPL new teams speculation   
    Because the PCSL has shown absolutely no interest in doing so.
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    Bbeto reacted to Mikmacdo in York9 - Season Thread 2020   
    Omg what a signing. Love it. 
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