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    Bbeto reacted to Stouffvillain in York9 - Season Thread 2020   
    Mr. Baldasarra has used his contacts to get some league sponsorship for this tournament.  I've noticed quite a few builders/developer sponsorship that wasn't there last year.
    Trinistar/Starlane, Premier Ceramics, History Hill/Treasure Hill
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    Bbeto reacted to CanadianSoccerFan in Match Thread: Island Games - August 18, 2020 - Pacific v York 9   
    This game is being shown in the US on FS2
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    Bbeto got a reaction from ironcub14 in Match Thread: Island Games - August 15, 2020 - York 9 v Atletico Ottawa   
    Today Max Ferrari is the best. Great player!
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    Bbeto reacted to CanadaFan123 in 2020 CPL Island Games   
    Any of the 3 MLS teams is going to have a tough time in the V Cup final against these two as well. They're just not like anything you would find in MLS ... they're like facing a good League Two side.  No supreme talents but very equal, hard working and play effective football.
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    Bbeto reacted to CanadaFan123 in 2020 CPL Island Games   
    It's early but already Forge and Cavalry look like they're on a collision course to battle it out for this championship. Both clubs have a core/culture that is unmatched by the other 6 clubs - these teams don't like to lose and they've added good pieces. Man for man I wouldn't even say either club is the most talented in the league but they have a drive and cohesiveness that will push them to the top.
    Haber to Cavalry was a nice piece of business. He underachieved last season but coming into the Cavalry culture I think he's going to thrive. Just a year ago he was the most coveted forward in the league and they've probably got him for cheap as a result of an off year. Farsi looks like a stud as well.
    Same goes for Forge with Babouli, Sabak and Tissot.
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    Bbeto reacted to Macksam in CPL General   
    From a strictly GTA perspective, I think it's just the popular thing to do. This is more of a psychological thing than anything else. The vast majority of the population here are sheepish normies that will tag along and follow the masses....TFC despite MLS not being great quality in itself, The Blue Jays despite the vast majority of people in the Rogers Center thinking how boring this **** actually is.....unless the team is good and in the playoffs, etc.
    I have encountered a few people, the brainwashed and the complacent, people who will chuckle and say "I'm not going to support that," when I tell them about Y9 and the CPL. These are the type of guys that will just look down or shrug their shoulders, awkwardly laugh off with no retort when I question why they support, often times financially, teams owned by organizations that they despise in Bell and Rogers, companies they ***** and complain about on a regular basis.
    Sometimes....these guys tend to be huge soccer fans and when they say something like "MLS is better quality [than CPL], CMNT sucks," or other braindead, low IQ ****, and I ask them how do you expect the country to improve? They again, just stay silent and look down on the ground or shrug their shoulders. It's like their conditioning into following mainstream MLSE garbage is so strong, so ingrained in them that no level of critical thinking can break them out of it.
    The brainwashed masses gobble up their reality based upon what they see in the mainstream media, which is how MLS kind of matters and CPL does not, it's not even in their consciousness. 
    What we need to do is get more people to question their reality, question the bull **** around them, get them to realize big corporations like bell and rogers, who fund the media, fund the so called sports teams that they support, are lying to them....convince them to break their conditioning, and then....we can consider the idea of achieving massive critical support for our club Y9.
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    Bbeto reacted to dyslexic nam in CPL General   
    I’m not sure why you start you post by suggesting it isn’t just about football (or other sport) snobs. The whole rest of your post are examples of precisely what I would consider sport snobs.  Won’t watch CFL because it isn’t NFL?  Won’t watch junior hockey because it isn’t NHL?   To me, that is exactly what it means to be a sports snob. 
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    Bbeto reacted to Bison44 in CPL General   
    Hells bells if you are a fan you can find something interesting in damn near every game.  Look at junior hockey or college B-ball and Football, they are almost as popular as the higher quality/standard pro games.  i think with so many choices for soccer it is a matter of taste and for snobbery by many.  You cant possibly follow all the leagues and pick your fav, support it and **** on the others, HAHA.  For me I am already satisfied with season 2.  Seeing that Wight kid knock in a goal at 16 and local hero Sanoh score in PEI...you are not going to get that same feeling watching some European league even if the game is quicker and the passes crisper.  Cant wait for more games and maybe even a Valour win....  
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    Bbeto reacted to Cheeta in CPL Team of the Week   
    I don't know.  Would have a hard time arguing against any of those players being considered, least from the matches I saw.  Except maybe Henry.  Must have missed a save or two.
    Me, not him.  I guess.   
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    Bbeto reacted to Mikmacdo in Match Thread: Island Games - August 16, 2020 - Forge v Edmonton   
    one game after most the players havent played in 9 months lets not praise or **** on players already. 
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    Bbeto reacted to Unnamed Trialist in Match Thread: Island Games - August 15, 2020 - HFX Wanderers v Pacific   
    I was humming and hawing about subscribing, but must say that the play today was good, and I found seeing the Canadian youth great. CPL is really amazing. 
    Have to say as well that ref was quite good, I have no idea who she is but was very sharp, I think she controlled the match very well. 
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    Bbeto reacted to red card in York9 - Season Thread 2020   
    Best tifo in CPL so far. Fight for the Region.
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    Bbeto reacted to FC_Hali in Match Thread: Island Games - August 15, 2020 - HFX Wanderers v Pacific   
    Much higher quality than the Ottawa-York game earlier. Once HFX’s pressing midfield trio gassed out, you could really see Pacific’s quality in midfield take over. Looking forward to watching both of these teams continue; several bright spots on both sides. 
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    Bbeto reacted to dyslexic nam in OneSoccer   
    I like the idea of it but it seems like the graphics could be improved.  
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    Bbeto reacted to toontownman in OneSoccer   
    @Markoaleks - agree. The future looks bright if we can just get around covid.
    We need a period of grace for sure. There are going to be kinks in all facets of the league on and off the pitch. It will take time to grow and improve.
    It should not stop people being constructive in criticism of where and how they can improve and letting both the league and one soccer know. In my opinion. Expectations need to be realistic though and feedback needs to be given rather than incessant whining and not trying to help. Not saying that is or isnt happening.
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    Bbeto reacted to shorty in Match Thread: Island Games - August 15, 2020 - HFX Wanderers v Pacific   
    Classic Canadian tournament. It's going to come down to a coin flip. 
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    Bbeto got a reaction from Ams1984 in Match Thread: Island Games - August 15, 2020 - York 9 v Atletico Ottawa   
    Today Max Ferrari is the best. Great player!
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    Bbeto reacted to Gian-Luca in Match Thread: Island Games - August 15, 2020 - York 9 v Atletico Ottawa   
    Kapor has been impressive so far for Ottawa, definitely brings some toughness at the back. Nice to see him play after all these years of hearing about him from European matches.
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    Bbeto reacted to toontownman in Match Thread: Island Games - August 15, 2020 - York 9 v Atletico Ottawa   
    Pretty disappointed about Petrasso and Manella. Less surprised Petrasso is injured again. I hope he is back for the next game and it is not another year of frustration. 
    Arnone as DM, interesting. Line up still looks strong. 
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    Bbeto reacted to Sébastien in Match Thread: Island Games - August 15, 2020 - York 9 v Atletico Ottawa   
    National Acadian Day AND the Ottleti opener? What a perfect day coming up!
    No idea what to expect of this team, but frankly, just having an Ottawa club play any soccer is more than what I expected 8 months ago today.
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    Bbeto reacted to Ams1984 in Match Thread: Island Games - August 13, 2020 - Forge v Cavalry   
    Pretty good game so far. Forge is growing into it now. 
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    Bbeto reacted to dyslexic nam in Match Thread: Island Games - August 13, 2020 - Forge v Cavalry   
    I know they are ironing out the kinks rep the graphics but the virtual stadium looks pretty good IMO.  
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    Bbeto reacted to Ansem in OneSoccer   
    Different type of announcement 
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    Bbeto reacted to Ansem in Quebec City CPL   
    TONS of information to share about this article from this magazine. Since everything is in French, I'll gladly summarize the the main points.
    Jean Gandubert, Former President and Director-President of Quebec Soccer Federation and former Adviser to the Federal Sport Ministry. He is now the Strategic Advisor to the investors being the liaison between them and the Regional Association, CSA and CONCACAF Pierre Marchand, Soccer Quebec President  
    Who are the Investors
    Confidential but they have VERY deep pockets and capable of covering the losses of others due to the pandemic (not sure what he means by that, but take away is RICH!)
    The ownership seems to be a mix of individuals and companies They have been talking with the league since summer 2019 but talks have slowed down due to the pandemic Talks have already happened between the investors and Quebec City mayor  
    The goal is the construction of a new soccer specific stadium smaller than Laval University stadium which has been deemed too big and would look empty with a bad atmosphere which is vital for Quebec City to work There's been no information given to city departments for building a stadium yet.  
    CPL Women's League
    CPL are interested in a Women's League but the focus is to develop/grow the current league at the moment. Eva Havaris, Vice-President of the league operations and strategic VP at CSB (according to LinkedIn) is said to be aiming for that league to become a reality  
    Future of the PLSQ?
    CPL wants to acquire PLSQ like it did League 1 Ontario  
    Provincial Leagues or Regional Leagues?
    Provincial leagues had seemed to be the destination for CPL reserve teams but the NEW goal is to have 3 minor leagues in Canada (East, West & Central) just like the CHL and like the CSA wanted in their previous strategic plan PLSQ's structure will be completely revamped to integrate this model Plans are already underway to lead towards a merge PLSQ-L10 league for as soon as 2021 (COVID slowed down the talks) The format and league structure to be determined. There should be a "co-commissioner" for Quebec to reflect the French contribution Soccer Quebec President would not be involved in the league but would like to make sure that teams have Quebec players and teams are mostly under 23. Discussions have already taken place and it seems everyone agrees with these conditions. Moving towards the model of a developmental league is vital to attract young promising players pointing out that Montreal Impact never loaned anyone to PLSQ due to the league being too low in quality and structure The goal would be to add Atlantic Canada teams to this "Eastern League" but Quebec-Ontario is the priority Clubs will have to fit this structure financially and have the proper infrastructure using the word "professional" (This might mean that not all L10 or PLSQ teams might make this league at launch) Confirmation that BC are working towards a league  
    Foreign investors?
    Other Quebec markets including Montreal are being explored, no investors have been revealed Altetico Madrid's arrival has changed the landscape. There will be attempts to try and leverage interest from French clubs in investing in CPL via the FFF CPL is currently trying to get European investments into the league, not necessarily for Quebec but he mentioned Toronto as a possibility  
    You guys are welcome! 🙂
    Tips accepted 🤑
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    Bbeto reacted to Mikmacdo in York9 - Season Thread 2020   
    Call me crazy but I dont see much squad rotation unless they wrap up a top 4 spot fairly early. I am sure they will use the 5 subs each game though. 
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