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    Bbeto reacted to Dicdan in 2020 Premiere Ligue de Soccer du Quebec   
    sep 12th
    OSU Force 6 - 1 CS Saint Hubert
    CS Longueuil 1 - 3 AS Blainville
    sep 13th
    Celtix du Haut-Richelieu 3 - 2 CS Fabrose
    1st AS Blainville..........................16 pts
    2nd OSU Force............................14 pts
    3rd Celtix du Haut-Richelieu.......12 pts
    4th CS Saint Hubert....................07 pts
    5th CS Longueuil........................06 pts
    6th CS Fabrose...........................03 pts
    top scorers
    7 goals
    S. Salter (ASB)
    S. Karajovanovic (OSU)
    4 goals
    C. D. Martel (STH)
    C. Artaillou (CHR)
    3 goals
    N. Bertrand (ASB)
    G. Bitar (OSU)
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    Bbeto reacted to Dicdan in 2020 Premiere Ligue de Soccer du Quebec   
    aug 29th
    OSU Force 2 - 0 Celtix du Haut-Richelieu
    aug 30th
    CS Fabrose 0 - 2 CS Longueuil
    CS Saint Hubert 1 - 5 AS Blainville
    1st AS Blainville.........................10 pts
    2nd Celtix du Haut-Richelieu.....09 pts
    3rd OSU Force............................08 pts
    4th CS Saint Hubert...................07 pts
    5th CS Longueuil.......................03 pts
    6th CS Fabrose..........................03 pts
    top scorers
    4 goals
    C. D. Martiel (STH)
    S. Salter (ASB)
    3 goals
    S. Karajovanovic (OSU) 
    C. Artaillou (CHR)
    2 goals
    D. Assaf (OSU)
    G. Lazure (STH)
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    Bbeto reacted to dyslexic nam in Valour FC Season Thread 2020 2.0   
    Tell that to Ledgerwood, Edgar, DeJong, Bekker, Haber, etc
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    Bbeto reacted to Ansem in Valour FC Season Thread 2020 2.0   
    You're obviously missing the point and the bigger picture
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    Bbeto reacted to RS in 2020 Voyageurs Cup Format   
    It's not on the MLS brass to schedule the Voyageurs Cup final. The CSA needs to step up and set a date.
    Why this wasn't done when the Island Games and MLS Canadian phase were first known is a mystery.
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    Bbeto reacted to Unnamed Trialist in Island Games - Best Canadians?   
    Aparicio has stepped up in a big way, with those free kicks and IMO more mature than last season. 
    Agree about Chung. 
    Oddly the only keeper you could really laud in the entire tournament is Oxner--am I wrong? I think, oddly, that Carducci has not been a real standout, not like last season. Oxner has progressed very well from amateur and university to this level of pro. 
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    Bbeto reacted to dyslexic nam in CPL Division II - Pro/Rel discussion   
    But MLS is also far below the top leagues, yet it gets supported.  Fans in those markets are already demonstrating a capacity to support a league that is undeniably not top tier.  If they were as elitist as you claim, why support MLS, which is easily a third tier league in the global footy superstructure?  Sure CPL would be a step down, but the difference between CPL and MLS is less (IMO)than the difference between MLS and EPL/La Liga/Bundesliga/Serie A.  So I fail to see why CPL couldn’t draw solid crowds if they were the top tier of live footy available locally - much like MLS is now.  
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    Bbeto reacted to Ansem in CPL Division II - Pro/Rel discussion   
    There's nothing in the statute specifying the number of years. FIFA have the freedom to interpret their own rules however they want.
    CONCACAF's handling of Ottawa Fury sets the precedent as they do not recognized the exemption #3 (see below) as valid to grant them further sanction. 
    Just like the Fury, the 3 MLS clubs are using #3 as justification to be exempted which will no longer be valid once they are up for renewal.
    #1 would be their best bet but CSA, CONCACAF and FIFA must all agree to it... tough because CONCACAF wants to raise the profile of their Champions League and cross-border leagues aren't helpful - that's a reason why UEFA are so against a Super League and other Confederation would not like CONCACAF making such a decision that would go against their interest.
    Montagliani hints at this during the Onesoccer interview regarding MLS-MX merger question.
    Theses are the exemptions recognized as "exceptional circumstances"
    (1) clubs that are in close proximity to another member’s territory and have been long-standing members of the other league 

    (2) clubs that have moved because of political conflict or civil war in their homes countries

    (3) clubs located in member associations where there isn’t currently a professional league, 
    (4) clubs in disputed territories
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    Bbeto reacted to Ansem in CPL Division II - Pro/Rel discussion   
    They'd lose becausw this wouldn't go to court. At best the CAS but as most sport organizations, they are free to interpret their own rules and courts usually don't challenge that.
    From an entertainment point of view, we are getting the best of both worlds but FIFA doesn't care about that and deep down, the CSA might start to be over it.
    Yes, there's a lot of misunderstanding of sanctioning issues and the nature of the single entity structure of MLS.
    The league holds all the contracts and IPs. While Montreal and Vancouver predates MLS, TFC doesn't. Most likely, ownership would have to sell back their MLS shares and vice-versa and lose all the players + name & logos.
    If they choose to stay in the soccer business in Canada, CPL becomes the only option. They would have to rebuild their squads from scratch and rebrand everything. Possible that Montréal and Vancouver could try to keep their brand/buying the IP back but MLS are under no obligation to play ball.
    As for academies, does status quo really work though? Yes, they produce players but how many of them actually gets meaningful minutes in MLS? It's just so weird the way they use it and even Saputo sees it as a money loser while Bologna's makes him money. 
    If used the right way, their academies would definately give them an obvious edge in CPL and they might actually get more sold elsewhere by actually playing them.
    Do the people from Belgium or Turkey laments that their rosters are below La Liga? Fans are still passionate and looks forward to Champions League. Why not here?
    I'll never understand this belief that we can't do anything without the US.
    Canadians that are very good will still found themselves in MLS or Europe.
    Yes we have Canadians getting minutes in MLS but how many and how are they impacting the Canadian program overall?
    Why can't those infrastructure, programs and resources be invested in Canadian soccer instead? I get the U23 league but many US fans don't think it will make that much of a difference with all those green cards and TAM-GAM-DP scheming allowing clubs to not play young americans? To me, it's another dead end for our players - different name. Why would it work better for us than it is for them?
    After 13 years of MLS, how many Olympics, Hex or World Cup did we qualify for?
    How many Gold Cups semifinals?
    How many U20 World Cup?
    Results don't support that claims. Are we in it just to "participate" or to actually win? The US system is made for Americans, not for us and "trickle down" benefits will never be sufficient to allow us to go the extra step.
    That’s my opinion.
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    Bbeto reacted to _Roberto_ in PARITY - does the CPL need it?   
    "The widespread introduction of salary caps across European Leagues would almost certainly guarantee the formation of a European Super League."
    (3 Canadian clubs in MLS -- 8 Canadian clubs in CPL. Instead of 11 Canadian clubs in one league.)
    "Salary caps are a simplistic solution for a complex problem, and they won’t work".
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    Bbeto reacted to SthMelbRed in PARITY - does the CPL need it?   
    There is no 'Salary Cap vs Free Spending'. It's 'League vs No League'. Whatever delusions the forum's resident mental patient may spew forth, that's the bottom line. Without a salary cap, there is no league. In 20 years, when the league has a dozen clubs that are all firmly rooted in their home communities, we might be able to discuss different models, maybe.
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    Bbeto reacted to dyslexic nam in Pics from the Island Games   
    So not a player or a coach but I was chatting with a guy and noticed he had a CPL mask. I asked him where he got it. 
    “Oh, I am the commissioner of the league”.
    Turns out I was talking shop with David Clanachan.  Ha.  

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    Bbeto reacted to Kent in Match Thread: Island Games - August 29, 2020 - HFX Wanderers v York 9   
    Are the drink breaks mandated for all games regardless of weather?
    Also, why aren’t the drink breaks timed to line up with when I need another beer?
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    Bbeto reacted to Big_M in Match Thread: Island Games - August 27, 2020 - Atletico Ottawa v Cavalry   
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    Bbeto reacted to Stouffvillain in Island Games - Best Canadians?   
    Not saying he's getting into the CMNT picture but if we're talking best Canadians this season Joseph Di Chiara has to be in the discussion. 
    Taken out of the strict defensive midfielder role and allowed to be more of a box to box player he's been everything in the midfield for Y9 this season. He's played every minute thus far, is leading the team in goals, he creates chances, holds to ball well and passes the ball with accuracy.  In taking on more of an offensive role he hasn't slouched on the defensive end either leading in multiple defensive categories.
    As it stands right now Di Chiara should be in the discussion for Island Games MVP.
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    Bbeto reacted to narduch in Match Thread: Island Games - August 27, 2020 - Atletico Ottawa v Cavalry   
    0-0 at the half.
    It is super windy.
    They had stopped the match at one point to honor BLM.
    I believe all players in the league where on the field kneeling during the anthem.
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    Bbeto reacted to toontownman in Match Thread: Island Games - August 26, 2020 - Edmonton v HFX Wanderers   
    That is how to score. Quality break and finish. 
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    Bbeto reacted to Shway in Match Thread: Island Games - August 26, 2020 - York 9 v Forge   
    I’ve been impressed with Di Chiaras overall play in the league so far. Definitely one of the best CDMs 
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    Bbeto reacted to narduch in Match Thread: Island Games - August 26, 2020 - York 9 v Forge   
    CPL is always interesting 
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    Bbeto reacted to gator in Match Thread: Island Games - August 22, 2020 - Forge v Pacific   
    A decent half of football with both teams creating some good chances, hopefully more to come!
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    Bbeto reacted to Macksam in Match Thread: Island Games - August 19, 2020 - Atletico Ottawa v Valour   
    We didn't see much of him at Y9 last year. I only remember him at the league opener in Tim Horton's field last year and I thought he had some grit and guile about him the last 15 or so minutes he played. I'm glad he found a new home. 
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    Bbeto reacted to Fullback in Match Thread: Island Games - August 20, 2020 - Edmonton v Cavalry   
    Farsi is such a talented player and I hadn't even heard of him until a week ago
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    Bbeto reacted to toontownman in Match Thread: Island Games - August 19, 2020 - HFX Wanderers v Forge   
    Timbits in the officials dressing room?
    What a shame. That has likely killed the game for Halifax. 
    One of the worst calls I think I have ever seen. Ever? Over dramatic? I dont think so?
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    Bbeto reacted to Trois Reds in Match Thread: Island Games - August 19, 2020 - Atletico Ottawa v Valour   
    Couldn't say this much last year but Valour fully deserves this lead.
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    Bbeto reacted to jonovision in Match Thread: Island Games - August 19, 2020 - Atletico Ottawa v Valour   
    "The Aird up there".
    I just can't deal with Wheeler any more.
    A nice moment from Cebara, which was good to see after his dreadful performance last match.
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