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  1. Great to hear they will be updating it for the 2020 season as well!
  2. A preseason warmup for Liga MX teams vs MLS B/C teams
  3. Anyone know the concession prices at THF? I'm sure they will make some good money off that regardless of free tickets.
  4. So we don't have to deal with the 240p streams with no production quality that we see with other american leagues? Huge win for the league. Broadcast quality influences how "professional" people will see the league. Hopefully some of the TV broadcasters will buy some games now that they don't have to produce it themselves.
  5. Stadion Breite - FC Schaffhausen (Switzerland) - Capacity 7,300 Stockhorn Arena - FC Thun (Switzerland) - 10,000 I hope if CPL gets established and some clubs look to build something more permanent we get stadiums that are more enclosed. I personally don't like the setup of places like DSG Park in Colorado because of the one open end and little coverage for the stands.
  6. Everyone is going to talk about Davies, but Rusty has been great today. His passing and vision is night and day compared to last year.
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