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  1. this is my favourite thread
  2. Right? A 2 second google search on spider web on the elbow= prison sentence tattoo Do better Nike
  3. Could he go to Lille??? THAT might be an interesting loan
  4. I think that Speedy Phonzales would be a GREAT nickname for Davies
  5. Tea leaves, chicken bones and waving a monkey head on a stick...there might be some nudity
  6. I am absolutely blown away by the fact that the Soccer Canada news feed on social media is all about : 1) a 3 minute profile of Jonathan David 2) player of the year who gives a flying ****?? The pinnacle of this sport is the world cup, and once again we are on the verge of missing it! I read about 10 articles on the subject of the release of the men's standings, and they all say the same thing. Canada is in danger of missing world cup qualifying But what they don't say is also the same thing: WHAT ARE WE DOING ABOUT IT?? Do we have a plan? Does anyone even care?? A lot of people on this forum beat on Soccer Canada like a drum. Im not one of those (full disclosure: thought Zambrano was the coach to get us there...still don't have the full story on THAT), but Jesus what is going on over there?? I don't give a **** about Herdman's talk about being ready for 2026, we could send a bunch of senior citizens. what will get people interested in this country as a football power is if we PLAY our way into the world cup. I never really understood what the phrase "deafening silence" meant until recently Should i just pack it in and ignore Canadian soccer till 2026? Would Soccer Canada even give 2 ***** if we all did? Does anyone there even care about making the world cup?? Jesus
  7. im gonna name Andre Dawson for one...admittedly he did have previous knee issues, but its known that the turf at the Big O exacerbated them
  8. if we win on Friday, that will be consecutive wins against the USA. Since our last win was 35 years ago, does anyone know how long it's been since consecutive wins for Canada against the US?
  9. hey Spitfire, since Canada Soccer is taking their sweet time releasing the roster, can you let us know if Liam is getting a call. Hope he can see some minutes this time
  10. Just wanted to get this thread started. Assuming Ottawa Vs will be at the Senate on Bank?
  11. my disappointment over losing Tomori would be quite rapidly forgotten by a win over the US on the 15th
  12. wouldn't mind seeing Liam Millar get a start here. Also kinda curious about Noble Okello.. guy looked like he was towering over a few of the shorter players
  13. how is the concacafgo feed? I'm having issues with it freezing
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