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    HochelagaFC reacted to Ansem in Players you expect to see in the CPL   
    With CPL having a 6-7 months hiatus, he might as well be there and try getting noticed by a stronger club / league
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    HochelagaFC reacted to Bdog in Tyler Attardo   
    Obviously he was better off staying in the CPL but it might not be all that bad if he gets a lot of playing time. It looks like there are 34 games this season and it just started, if he was with Valour he'd have like a 7 month off season instead.
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    HochelagaFC reacted to dyslexic nam in Nana Attakora   
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    HochelagaFC reacted to Trois Reds in Dominik Yankov   
    Look at the team, not the league.
    Ludogorets has won the Bulgarian league ever since it was promoted. 9 years now. It has played in the Champion's League twice, and only once didn't make it out of the group stage in Europa League. Bigger European teams notice their players.
    Yankov started and scored for Ludogorets last game. He's 20 years old and can play for Canada. I'd be excited.
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    HochelagaFC reacted to Obinna in Canadian Dual Nationals   
    ZBG was carrying a knock. Remember Shome was also played at RB while they were waiting for his fitness to improve. Now he is fully recovered and is a full time starter. 
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    HochelagaFC reacted to Corazon in Mo Farsi   
    ZBG has more than 9 professional appearances but still less than Godinho.
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    HochelagaFC reacted to Unnamed Trialist in Island Games - Best Canadians?   
    Aparicio has stepped up in a big way, with those free kicks and IMO more mature than last season. 
    Agree about Chung. 
    Oddly the only keeper you could really laud in the entire tournament is Oxner--am I wrong? I think, oddly, that Carducci has not been a real standout, not like last season. Oxner has progressed very well from amateur and university to this level of pro. 
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    HochelagaFC reacted to Obinna in Michael Baldisimo   
    I think you need to re-evaluate your definition of "hipster".
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    HochelagaFC reacted to shorty in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    In a nutshell:
    Yes, politics interweaves everything, but if you’re at a party and people are discussing a movie they really enjoyed, and you interject a known-to-be controversial topic that was in fact related to the movie but at a not natural point in the conversation—you’re not reading the room, and you will be generally seen as a dick. And perhaps unfairly, other than the not reading the room part.  Politics is inescapably part of soccer, but this is a forum where we can all start new threads (hopefully not with titles in all caps...). If you’re going to make a comment about COVID or immigration, etc etc. and posting it would be a sharp turn, maybe take it to a new thread. You could even invite people over to it without derailing the current one. 
    Just a thought. 
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    HochelagaFC reacted to El Hombre in General Discussion on CMNT   
    The fact of the matter is that if you want to see more of Davies undressing Semedo like he did on Friday, it is much more likely that he will get chances to do that from a LW position than from a LB position with Canada.
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    HochelagaFC reacted to red card in 2020 CPL Island Games   
    Trying to separate politics from sport is living in fantasy land. It's always been there but people were not aware or the inclusion of it was considered acceptable to their worldview.
    In terms of CPL, the PEI government gave them $1 million+ , required government health protocols and matches are being played in a tax payer funded university pitch.
    All of the clubs represent cities/regions which are political entities and many of them play in home stadiums built by governments and thereby funded by taxpayers. Players live in the community at least during the season and many of them face various "political" issues regularly. If you want to build proper team culture, you'll need the players to bring their whole self to the workplace. 
    And given this forum, most of us are supporting the league because it is a Canadian org giving playing time to Canadians since a certain foreign based league has "political" rules unfavourable to Canadians. And some of these CPL players may advance to represent another political construct called Canada.
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    HochelagaFC reacted to Bertuzzi44 in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    For me easily LW. 
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    HochelagaFC reacted to toontownman in General Discussion on CMNT   
    Thanks for posting marcus and all the best this season.
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    HochelagaFC reacted to maccaliam in Match Thread: Island Games - August 13, 2020 - Forge v Cavalry   
    Wheeler is the worst part of this whole production. 
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    HochelagaFC reacted to Gian-Luca in Match Thread: Island Games - August 13, 2020 - Forge v Cavalry   
    "Novak! Yesvak!"??
    Someone needs to tell Wheeler he isn't as witty as he seems to think he is
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    HochelagaFC reacted to jordan in Harry Paton   
    Team of the week honours in the SPFL this week
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    HochelagaFC reacted to narduch in 2020 CPL Island Games   
    I think they went totally overboard on that front.
    They better have the on demand games up way faster now.
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    HochelagaFC reacted to BradMack in OneSoccer   
    I know everyone is kind of ticked off by the new Subcription fee for The Island Games. But you've gotta love what OneSoccer is doing here. The investment is real and meaningful. DAZN is a better value for sure, but having Sharmen, Forrest, Larson, Dunfield, etc all come on board is a major win for OneSoccer and it shows they're actually building something people should care about. DAZN has the Premier league and Champions league, and a bunch of other leagues that are top notch but if they losts the rights next year to either of the big two, they're just Bein Sports.
    For me the Canadian National team and CPL are more important to me, and I love that some of the guys I grew up with covering this stuff will continue to do so on OneSoccer. 
    The next step is to win some rights battles on meaningful leagues. Target #1 has to be the Bundesliga, which is up for grabs this year. Scotland and Italy would be nice but are currently spoken for. 
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    HochelagaFC reacted to Trois Reds in Stephen Eustaquio   
    He'll force one onto the bench. 😉
    I was reading somewhere that in the next two years, if Canada gets to the Octo, we'll be playing between 23-27 meaningful games, including the Gold Cup. We'll need all of our midfielders to be able to slot in and out at times, and depending on club fixtures we may not have certain players. Kaye will probably start some games, and not others.  I think he is definitely a good choice as a starter, but I also think that what I've seen of Eustaqio over the last while means he could also start.
    Personally, the fact that we can name seven or eight midfielders as potential starters over the next two years gives me a lot of confidence that Canada can get to Qatar. We have depth.
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    HochelagaFC reacted to dyslexic nam in Stephen Eustaquio   
    The problem is that we now have a lot of those guys.  In just central mid roles (both attacking and defensive) we have Arfield, Kaye, Hutch (if he returns), Piette, Eustaquio and Oso all making legit claims for a starting role.  The question isn’t whether or not Kaye is excellent - it is how many of those guys he forces into the bench.  
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    HochelagaFC reacted to Shway in Stephen Eustaquio   
    - No arfield, based on my opinion. 
    - Hutch if he wants to play can switch out Kaye. 
    - RCB is up for grabs. 
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    HochelagaFC reacted to Unnamed Trialist in New away kits...   
    Wow, some of the reactions. Because the graphic design standard in Canada is a really high level, come on. 
    People put up with pathetic design day in day out, wear cookie cutter clothes from the racks at big box stores, then they do a shirt for a 10 game tournament that is radically different than anything ever seen, at an unnecessary development cost, ensuring it'll be an amazingly specific commemoration shirt for a very unusual season, and people are raging, it's all fire and brimstone.
    You are not even going to get to wear one of these to a game, you dopes.
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    HochelagaFC reacted to El Hombre in Players you expect to see in the CPL   
    Only if he's not considered a domestic player.
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    HochelagaFC reacted to CanadaFan123 in Let's talk Penalty Kicks   
    I don't want Cavallini touching a PK again for Canada.  He scored a paneka against Dominica first off... not really impressive against a Sunday league keeper. Then he bullied his way into taking a PK against Cuba and wasn't even close. I could be wrong but I think he's also missed a few at club level.
    If it were today my 5 would be: David, Hutchinson, Davies, Vitoria, Arfield
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    HochelagaFC reacted to CanadaFan123 in The Importance of Ricardo José Araújo Ferreira   
    He would have to be a moron frankly to not commit to Canada (if we even want him). He had his "dream" of playing for his family's country and he'll never be back. He has played just 69 professional games as a soon to be 28 year old... by comparison Alphonso Davies had played 70 matches for Vancouver prior to his 18th birthday (not including USL matches). Doneil Henry who is injury prone as well has played 165 pro matches. 
    Now he has a chance to play a big part with Canada's golden generation and a guaranteed World Cup (if he holds up).
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