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  1. https://www.liga-drei.de/carl-zeiss-jena-testet-stanese/ According to this article, Stanese is on trial for the 3.Liga team FC Carl Zeiss Jena.
  2. Denmark Manjrekar James on the bench for Midtjylland against Brondby. He probably isn’t gonna play but if I remember correctly It’s the first time in a while that he made the 18.
  3. For me right now it’s between Laryea and ZBG. I would like to see Cordova play with the CMNT before placing him above those two. Unless he starts tearing it up with Zwickau, I wouldn’t call him.
  4. Larin scored the 3rd goal of his team. He seems on a good run.
  5. You forgot the defensive midfielder, in this scenario probably Atiba, Piette or Eustaquio.
  6. Belgium Cyle Larin starts and scored (45+4 minute) for ZW against Eupen. The wait is over.
  7. Harry Paton is a player I think deserve a look for this team. He is getting minutes for Ross County in the Scottish Premiership. He started today for the first time in the league and played 90 minutes in a 2-1 win. He seems to be highly rated by his manager : https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/ross-county/1822905/paton-staking-claim-for-staggies-midfield-berth-says-kettlewell/amp/
  8. Harry Paton starts for Ross County against St Mirren in the Scottish Premiership.
  9. I didn’t knew he was close to attend a camp with the U.S. before Toulon. Happy that didn’t happen...
  10. I think it’s not a negative move for him given Garde’s comments.
  11. Having watched the game I find Garde’s comments really unfair. While he wasn’t amazing by any means, you can’t blame him for the goals scored. One of them was a penalty (that he didn’t concede himself) and the other was on a corner. I would have to rewatch the game to analyse his defensive work but the Impact’s problems are bigger than Tabla.
  12. I think we should take Paulus's comments with a grain of salt. He always talks up his players like they are world class but actions speaks louder than words, he says that Mortotsi is the best passer in the CPL but has only played him 4 times. I'm not saying that he is a bad player but I wouldn't take anything that this coach says really seriously.
  13. https://mobile.twitter.com/_marcuzzi/status/1158078133788184579 According to Arcadio Marcuzzi, the Withecaps are trying to acquire AJH from the Impact.
  14. Belgium Zohran Bassong on the bench for Cercle Bruges against KV Ostende. Cyle Larin started and played the whole game for ZW against Standard de Liège in a 4-0 loss. His team picked up a red card in the 47th minute.
  15. Bayiha is not a defender. Maybe he can play at right back but is primary position is on the right wing. That’s where he played this year for the Impact.
  16. Piette, Diallo, Browne, Urruti and Cabrera are starters this year. ZBG, Camacho, Choiniere and Krolicki have played good minutes this year. Only Diop and Kinumbe aren’t seeing regular gametime. Plus Taider, Shome and Azira came on. It was not Montreal’s A-team but they where a lot of regulars in the XI.
  17. Jems Geffrard played at the centre back position last night for Haiti, he plays in USL but came up with the Impact academy. He is from Canada so he would probably be happy to come back here.
  18. I completely agree, at club level ZBG as also been pretty good and consistent with the Impact. I really think that Herdman sees him as the starting right back right now and he is gonna be there for the rest of the tournament.
  19. Also, Herdman as seen him first hand on a couple of occasions (Toulon, u-20) so he clearly knows him well. He may be his personnal project for this Gold Cup.
  20. He just had his best season to date in Scotland, his career seems to be going on an upward trajectory and he is still under contract with a big club there. I don’t see why he would come back even if he still plays in the Championship next year. In one or two year if his career stalls the CPL will still be there for him.
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