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  1. After the 2 losses vs Celtic the last 2 weeks by a combined 0-9, Rangers gonna need a lot more than Scott Arfield to compete
  2. Just wait till he finds out Mexico is involved: "This is why we need THE WALL! I just found out Mexico has attached themselves to OUR bid! Just like all the rapists and drug dealers streaming over our borders! #MAGA"
  3. You mean they just found they have to replace the artificial pitch at BC Place? Yeah, no, this is about something else.
  4. I believe the fact that his dad is English was a much bigger factor in his decision than anything the CSA did/didn't do. It's definitely illegal to wear bedsheets and hate OH in this country. I shall report ted to the authorities right away!
  5. Meh, I'm not concerned by what Herdman says or doesn't say. What really matters is how well the team performs on his watch and his ability to get dual nationals to play for us.
  6. I wonder what Jason De Vos thinks of all of this
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