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  1. Nashville and Charlotte are great expansion cities for MLS. Fills out the South and the youth soccer programs in the Carolinas and Tenessee are ridiculously full of talent. Austin will be Atlanta level successful but right below that will be Nashville.
  2. 1. The Argos didn't get forced out of the NFL and put in the CFL. They weren't playing Peyton Manning and the Broncos one year and then not. 2. The Argonauts 'survive' because it's over 100 years old and by handouts from generous owners and revenues from Sask and Calgary. 3. Look at how the CFL teams in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto are doing the past 5 years.
  3. Dude - TFC's payroll this year will be $28m US and growing. After our World Cup it will be between $40m to $50m - that's because of the exploding TV, Radio, Digital, Sponsorship and Ticket Revenue in big American cities as its all shared with Toronto. When MLS expansion is done they will have 36 D1 clubs minimum so unless Canada's population is 'upgraded' by about 250m people there's not a chance TFC ever moves.
  4. I know the conversation has moved on but this needs a response. Do you actually believe that 27k people are going to show up at BMO Field after CONCACAF has forced TFC to play in the CPL.? A TFC that has just been forced to cut 90% of their payroll, dismissed all their staff, mothballed the academy and fans losing a chance to watch guys like Zlatan and Rooney. If they got 2700 fans to show up it would only be because York 9 sent 2k. People who think TFC could survive in the CPL are delusional.
  5. USL clubs get a cut of expansion fees plus exit fees for teams going to MLS (FC Cincy approx $15m followed by Sacremento, Carolina and Phoenix in the future). MLS clubs do not get a cut of expansion fees.
  6. Legally the only way the CSA could withhold sanctioning from Ottawa is to also withdraw sanctioning from TFC, TFCII, Whitecaps and Impact in the same year. Denying one club access to play in a USSF league while sanctioning 3 others would bankrupt the CSA if the Fury ever took them to court.
  7. Bez and Manning both said in the press conference today that there were multiple teams in for him. That's after he signed the extension. Are you suggesting Bez still wants to get rid of Oso?
  8. The most he could make as a TAM player is $1.5m. Given what VV, VDW and Mavinga got my guess is he's going to make $1.1m. And no I don't think he would have gotten more in another league.
  9. Calgary's location is perfect. The biggest communities in Calgary are being built in the SE and Spruce Meadows is close to Okotoks.
  10. Not sure you want to play the 'if' game for Wednesday's match. TFC could have scored 8 on the Caps if they took their chances. Vancouver was never going to come close to beating them.
  11. Late round weekend matches for VC wouldn't bother MLS clubs at all. The dates would be known before league and CCL schedules are released so it would have no effect.
  12. Bono is miles better than Irwin. For every brain cramp he has he makes 10 great saves (see last years playoffs). And he's young and improving.
  13. Agree for the most part but Zlatan hasn't destroyed anything. He's had one good game. The rest he's been dreck.
  14. MLS has been helping USL with loans not only for players but others aspects like front office, marketing, grounds crew and academy set-up as well. There's already been open dialogue between CPL and TFC staff. It's the only way to push soccer forward in this country. Do people really think the CPL came up with the CSB without talking to Kathy Carter & Don Garber at SUM.?
  15. Ummm no. Quintero always starts well at a new club then he fades and his teammates turn on him because he's an idiot. Piatti is much better than Quintero and Giovinco is miles better. He's the 2nd best player in the history of MLS and just was named CCL MVP.. He's only in a slump because 80% of TFC is injured or playing out of position.
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