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  1. I got an extra one, case you are looking still!!!... PM right away!!!
  2. Got an extra ticket, looking to give away for Tues. match. If interested pm me or consequently e-mail me at canmntperueligible@outlook.com! 😉. We discuss price there! Until Tues. folks and let's kick some butt, lmfao!!!!!💪🏿
  3. We got Busti dude, in Juventus youth!
  4. Exactly!!...Based on his IG account it seems he is in fact in Québec again and like you and many other fellow V's I wonder what's gonna happen with him after this announcement and given there is no guarantee Côte D'Ivoire will make it to 2 consecutive WCs, u really gotta wonder...At least know he knows there is a high likelihood of playing in a WC as one of the host nations...Will this be a motivator as you mention that will make him reconsider and sway our way?????... Interestingly, Herdman brought him up in his conversations in Sportsnet yesterday in the Sid & Tim sh
  5. I personally think we can win it all!!! Or make final at least . ..I know many in here are gonna rant at me!!!
  6. Will the CSA be providing a stream?... If not anybody knows where one can find a stream whether it's the PLSQ OR League 1 Ontario site or any other source?
  7. Absolutely agree @Dominic94, it does suck, too damn closed from making it and that typical mental breakdown expected from young inexperienced players put an end to any dream of a magical run in this tourney... All in all, a great performance and we left a great impression, I bet many in here myself included did not expect us to get the results that we did... Man, in all honesty I was even a little fearful we were gonna finish bottom last and battle for the 11th and 12th spot instead of 5th & 6th (which pretty much is for the nations that barely miss out on the semis)... I was quite impress
  8. I'm sure u mean club wise based on the info I see above, right?
  9. I figured it would'be been Busti, still perplexes me why on the Twitter feed he's coming up with the Italian flag ??
  10. Will he be of benefit to the CANMNT at least for this tourney?
  11. He listed Diego and at the bottom as a side note mentioned Cristian, technically not on the list.
  12. Glen Muenkatt???....Cristian Gutiérrez???...Zakaria Abdi????
  13. He did, I can confirm that as well to Bison who was asking about him!... OK game, slip in his only counter chance he had, lmfao
  14. I think you can answer this for me Rocket Robin... DO you have any word on Zakaria Abdi's whereabouts?... Haven't seen him in one game for TFC II, is he on loan to TFC III perhaps or rather injured????... From some posts in IG, I see he was involved in the Adidas Genrations Cup for one of the TFC youth teams...No other news on him since
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