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  1. I was also wondering why OS was left off the roster but I think I read somewhere that the Canada Coaches wanted her to focus on an upcoming u-17 tournament ( and I presume not miss too much school - but I can't find a link to the article and my memory is very shoddy).
  2. Anybody know who the announcer is that did the play by play for the Cameroon vs Netherlands game? I've heard him a couple of times and he is just amazing. Just enough information, impartial, pronounces everybody's name right (it seems). Really enjoyable to listen to.
  3. Looks like TSN 3 is broadcasting the game at 4:30pm EST
  4. Decent article looking at the growth of women's soccer https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/soccer/article-womens-soccer-gets-another-big-boost-with-record-smashing-crowd-in/
  5. Maybe with Sportsnet and TSN losing broadcast rights to EPL for the next 3 seasons, maybe they will cover some women's soccer? (not holding breath) ETA: I emailed DAZN late last year to see if they were planning on showing any Women's soccer and they said no. They do carry Pac-10 women's soccer though.
  6. Here are the potential bidders: ZURICH — FIFA says nine soccer federations are interested in hosting the 2023 Women’s World Cup including South Korea, which could jointly bid with North Korea. Brazil and South Africa are in the contest, suggesting underused stadiums built to host the 2014 and 2010 World Cups could be picked. Other contenders are Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Colombia, Japan and New Zealand. South Korean officials said this month that FIFA approached them to explore a joint bid with North Korea. Potential candidates have until April 16 to register to bid, then until Oct. 4 to submit bid books. FIFA now includes a human rights evaluation when assessing World Cup bidders. The 37-member FIFA Council will pick the host in March next year. The next Women’s World Cup is played June 7-July 7 in France. from: https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/korean-plan-among-9-possible-bids-2023-womens-world-cup/
  7. 61,000 fans for a Spanish Women's League game, https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/spanish-womens-league-sets-attendance-record-club-game/
  8. Sounds like PSG according to the Canadian Press
  9. Any idea who the divisive player is? "While many talked of the Matildas being thick as thieves, more than one player said one of their teammates was regarded as problematic by her peers. It was claimed that while Stajcic was super demanding of everyone else in his squad, this player seemed to abide by another set of rules. It was also alleged that the player refused to turn up to team meetings, would walk out of video sessions and yet was frequently selected in starting line-ups."
  10. I assume that she could never play NCAA though once she has played professionally? I would guess that a full scholarship to Stanford for 4 years would be worth $US 50-60 thousand per year?
  11. Looks like Huitema is skipping college and turning pro: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/soccer/article-canadian-teenager-jordyn-huitema-opts-to-forgo-college-and-start-pro/ sportsnet is carrying the same article
  12. Have to say I love the interviews and the sneak peaks that Canada Soccer is putting on their twitter and IG feeds. Good quality productions.
  13. Can anyone explain to me the purpose of the closed door training game? (Do the games have different sub rules, less pressure because there are no crowds, etc)? And how closed door is it? Do videos of the 'games' surface afterwards generally? Curious
  14. A bit surprised that some of the players in contention for top spot in their position in CONCACAF weren't invited to the camp? https://www.concacaf.com/en/awards
  15. Sportsnet is reporting some friendly action before the Algarve Cup: "Kenneth Heiner-Moller’s fifth-ranked Canadian team will open 2019 with two matches in Spain, starting with a closed-door training match against No. 18 Switzerland on Jan. 17 before an international friendly match Jan. 22 against No. 13 Norway in La Manga." https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/canada-play-tune-games-europe-ahead-womens-world-cup/
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