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  1. Scored both goals in a 2-1 win for York United earlier.
  2. I think the York away section was bigger than the TFC supporters section last night lol. I’m glad the roof slightly covered us.
  3. Idk where my seats are but I assume I’ll be wherever the York section is tonight. Based off form I’d say York are actually better right now but TFC could be extra motivated to win at least something this year. Just keep Soteldo isolated and we’re good lol.
  4. I’ve watched a bit of the last few Montreal games, he scored a nice goal a couple of games ago and his cross led to an own goal today. Another player who’s playing well, yet isn’t in the national team picture due to our depth.
  5. I was just having a similar thought, it’s great that our depth has gotten to the point where some MLS level players are barely on the radar. It’s crazy that guys like ZBG aren’t even making the 23.
  6. Looked great today. The lad must love playing against Barca.
  7. I think Abzi is the most ready of the three to move to a better league next season. It wouldn't hurt if Ferrari and Wright spend another year in the CPL playing good minutes.
  8. Also scored a decent goal yesterday and was involved in the buildup for the 2nd.
  9. Winger for York United Born Aug 20, 2000, from Newmarket, Ontario. As of this post, he has started all 17 games so far this season and has 2 goals, 4 assists this season. He recently signed a contract extension until 2024, more details in this article. https://yorkunitedfc.canpl.ca/article/max-ferrari-signs-contract-extension-until-2024 He has improved so far over the season and looks like he might be a pretty good prospect for the CPL.
  10. I hate Manning so much, he’d be my first to go but unfortunately some idiot just gave him an extension.
  11. I was just gonna say TFC is starting 6, technically 7 Americans tonight. I’m actually hoping we lose this one, then again on the 22nd (where I’ll be in the stands with the York supporters).
  12. Especially when he was being defended by the best defender in the MLS.
  13. I know a draw probably benefits us but man I’d love to see another meltdown
  14. This ref is usually good but how the fuck did El Salvador get away with that much? They're a very unlikable team but I'll still hope they make other teams drop points. Dominant game today as it should have been. A lot of guys have stepped up big the last couple games.
  15. Last week I read there were a lot of Hondurans there early but by the time I got there a little before kickoff, it was almost all Canadians entering the stadium.
  16. You mean he didn’t get sent home for pounding a 12 pack after the US game? I’m so disappointed.
  17. This has probably been posted already but ES started the same lineup two games in a row. Their starters are all gonna be tired, either they rotate or have a bunch of gassed players trying to chase down the ball all game. They’re even more screwed if those rumours about players missing are true at all. I’d assume Atiba, David, and Buchanan all start this one.
  18. I've had so much fun reading all the salty Americans cry online in these past 24 hours.
  19. I realize it will be us, Honduras, and the US fighting for 2nd and 3rd with Honduras dropping points the most ideal thing for us. However, I want Honduras to win against the US because them potentially missing out on two world cups in a row would be the greatest thing ever. Of course we need to start picking up wins ourselves though, the ES game and the home game against Panama next window are must wins.
  20. El Salvador just needs to draw 0-0 with everyone (except us) and we’re good.
  21. Actually feeling more confident with these lineups. Going into this I was going to be happy with a point, it looks more winnable now but I’ll still take that point right now. Reyna and McKennie out is huge. Hopefully Pulisic is rusty as well.
  22. I’m glad they play the US first though. I’d love it if those 3 start against them, get a result, and rest against us.
  23. Good times. Arfield would have been a huge addition for us considering how much we have to rotate but at least Atiba should be good to start against ES.
  24. Random thoughts - Good crowd last night, it was actually my first time ever sitting in the south end at BMO and the view is great when Canada was attacking up close. - The ref sucked ass, nothing super controversial but it looked like every little touch was called a foul on us while Honduras got away with more stuff. The clear simulation really needs to result in yellow cards/retroactive suspensions. Going down holding a body part that wasn't even touched is pathetic. - We did seem to create a lot of good chances, when Davies is isolated with RBs 1v1 he'll basically get in the box almost every time. In general it felt like crosses weren't finding anyone though. I think we were also a bit unlucky that the finishing wasn't quite there, at least David and Larin don't tend to miss those too often. - Kennedy looked really good in the few minutes he was on. Near the end Borjan was trying to move the ball quickly and someone was obstructing him, Scott basically body checked the dude out of the way lol. He needs to start over Miller imo. - After heading into the half down a goal and it feeling like we were somehow going to never going to score, I honestly will take the point. We should have won this one at home but it's too early to overreact considering it's the first game. Plus Honduras is the ultimate CONCACAF shithousery team in the region, I'm sure they'll give Mexico and the States trouble as well.
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