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  1. Great season. Not the ending they wanted but they battled and fought admirably especially after going down two.
  2. When I was at York we were known as the Yeomen. Always liked that name but alas it wasn't inclusive. I get that. I have always thought (from a Canadian perspective) that the ideal is not for Canada to send their elite athletes away to complete their schooling and athletic development. Good to read that there are some changes being made, or considered, to the funds allocated to University athletics.
  3. In the first half, at full strength UCLA simply had too much talent for SJSU to handle. The game was over by the end of the first half. UCLA combined very well in the final third. Mace popping up on the left. Sanchez Fleming and Viillacourta all over the middle and Sheehan bombing down the right just to name a few. They were making very good runs off the ball, the passing was on point and their finishing was clinical for the most part. Fleming played well pulling the strings in the middle of the park and making runs from deep. The goal she scored with her head was a great team and individual effort. I felt early on that SJSU didnt really have anything going forward that would or could trouble the UCLA backline. Faulknor was converted to a defender in the national program. As a youth player she was very comfortable playing up top with her back to goal.
  4. Other than JF and UCLA I am excited about another first round match up. Texas Tech v. Princeton. Both squads starting keepers' are Canadian and very good! Marissa Zuchetto (So)/Mississauga, ON for Texas Tech and Natalie Grossi (Jr)/Woodbridge, ON. Other news: Sarah Stratigakis (So) Michigan/Woodbridge ON and Devon Kerr (Jr) Ohio State/GTA were selected to 2018 Big Ten All Tournament Team!! Kerr switched to the States internationally and seems to be highly regarded in their system!
  5. ^^ Yes I thought Carle played well as well. I also thought Carle and Faulknor had a real good battle out wide, taking each other on throughout that FSU match! They know each other pretty well... LMU basically sat back and tried to clog the box throughout the game. It was just way too much pressure for them to absorb for a whole match. Going forward I feel that UCLA still has to find a way to get a little more savvy in the final third. As Forgedias suggested less individual play and more combination's, in and around the box is the ideal. In the second half, for a spell, it seemed that they would just give the ball to Haile Mace and watch her run at LMU hahahaha They do have some good set pieces on corners tho. . Fleming scored on the same set play that UCLA missed against Florida. It was a great finish!
  6. Interesting! I wish her the best of luck in this new challenge.
  7. Played and coached ball all my life. I know the distiction between reckless and dirty. Respectfully I disagree. Watch the foul again and look at the placement of her knee as well.
  8. Played and coached ball all my life. I know the distiction between reckless and dirty. Respectfully I disagree. Watch the foul again and look at the placement of her knee as well.
  9. This is exactly how Kennedy Faulknor suffered a severe concussion almost two years ago now.(Concacaf u17) She was unable to play for 18 months. The same dirty nasty and vile play by the very same Haitian team. This is no coincidence or accident. It is deliberate, dangerous and it is evil. This incident occurred yesterday in the U20 Concacaf semi-finals Haiti v USA
  10. This is going to be our first true test at this tourney. I feel that how well we are able to play in Mexico's final third could be a huge factor. We need to play in the final on Sunday!!! The other semi is one of those games that the longer it stays tied the better Haiti will feel and the pressure on the US will mount. The first team to score will be a huge factor. Haiti tends to play like a wet blanket and in the past has resorted to persistent fouling which can disrupt their opponents rhythm. They also have shown mental fragility. I think generally the US is tougher mentally than they are physically at this tourney. I'm looking forward to both semis!!
  11. Mondesir is one of the best players at this tournament.
  12. BOOM! https://www.canadasoccer.com/canada-soccer-announces-kadeisha-buchanan-wins-second-canadian-player-of-the-year-award-p161314
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