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  1. A bubble within a bubble Well done CPL for committing to safety
  2. The MLS gets it They return before the MLB Love the idea of a World Cup format featuring all 26 teams
  3. I do hope Ottawa builds a new team soon Fury fans deserve it
  4. Soccer can't grow if the games are not easily accessible The abandonment of Premier League AND UEFA Champions League by TSN and Sportsnet is terrifying for the growth of the game in Canada
  5. it’s great that TFC can draw 23,000+ while Hamilton drew 17,000+ down the road More than 40,000 people went to watch soccer in Southern Ontario today
  6. I'm guessing they have more crews/equipment available in Toronto and Halifax
  7. the CanPL is in good hands because MEDIAPRO handles the biggest game in the world
  8. I think the fact that a major car manufacturer is supporting soccer in Canada is a positive
  9. I'm curious if there are discussions in the Rogers boardroom about getting CPL on Sportsnet
  10. this was a very good first impression and press conference from Marc dos Santos
  11. This is a bad decision from Ottawa and the will lose many fans Canada’s Capital should have a team in the CPL
  12. Excited about the United 2026 World Cup but then I thought about tickets. Its gonna be Super Bowl/World Series prices on steroids
  13. It’s meeting a mixed response in the Edmonton supporter community. Personally I think it would be ok but would need to be done right. Which would be difficult. But it could result in a very nice soccer specific stadium for Edmonton
  14. So CSB the equivalent of SUM. A good strong move for the business of the sport in Canada
  15. Herdman had turned down the England Women’s Team job? This is how CSA kept him?
  16. Truly amazing what millions and millions of dollars spent over a decade can do
  17. I think one of the best ways to show the Faths our appreciation and encouragement to try CPL is to continue to support the club. At the top level may still be gone but the academy is here still
  18. MLS agrees to sell Precourt a new franchise in Austin for the exact amount that Fisher and the Columbus Partnership buy the Crew from Precourt
  19. This is what happened with AEG and the Quakes years ago
  20. If the NASL is going to cease to exist then I'm glad FC Edmonton will go to the CPL. Having an established club with an established team is going to help the CPL a lot
  21. A TV deal with Sportsnet and DAZN Canada would be huge for the CPL
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