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  1. 1 hour ago, Kyle_The_Hill said:

    The sweet spot for potential March friendlies, where a win is manageable and the amount of points gained would be impactful.




    Greece and Cyprus would be a good pair. minimal travel from one to the other and both are winnable games.

  2. 40 minutes ago, jordan said:

    He was interviewed at half time of the Rangers game(maybe the same in other games), mentioned he loved to Belgium around 17 years old

    Same interview as was posted above. It’s running at halftime of all Europa League games today on DAZN.

  3. 8 minutes ago, Bdog said:

    I’m avoiding spoilers here so I haven’t looked at the new comments, is this game not on DAZN for some reason? I only see the other games from today. 

    It was on DAZN, it was one of those “double ups” where they show one game and another right after on the same “channel” (for lack of a better term)

  4. I wonder what the US talking (tweeting) heads will have to say when we beat them in Orlando. Will they think 2 losses are a fluke or will they admit we are up and coming in Concacaf? I’m thinking it’s the former.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Kadenge said:

    Most people are cutting cable and turning to streaming. Have you tried DAZN? It's way cheaper than getting a TSN pkg with the cable cos.

    I’m a big proponent of DAZN, I haven’t cut the cord on cable yet and I’m a big sports fan but I find myself watching more of DAZN than Sportsnet and TSN. Good content and the yearly price is reasonable.

  6. Tonight was my first National team game live and in person.

    great experience, the place was rocking.

    not a bad performance from anyone on our side.

    we looked confident from the get go.

    I’ll admit I had a “oh crap” moment when I saw Fraser coming on for MAK,  but the kid played very well and deserves credit for coming on in a tough situation.

    Piette was MOTM for me, 

    lets get the next one in November!

  7. 14 hours ago, Yoginess said:

    I’d be down with that. Would love if it was to a league that was on DAZN or something easy to watch

    So England or Italy since DAZN stopped showing Bein Sports and their coverage on France and Spain.

  8. 56 minutes ago, SkuseisLoose said:

    So spitfire said there was going to be a loan move for Liam a couple weeks ago but now the transfer window is drawing closed. Has the loan move fallen through or will it be announced soon? 

    Liverpool is working on getting loans for several of the young guys, I’m sure something will be done with Liam soon.

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