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  1. The Regina Red Sox aren't the ones paying for the renders, and most of their contribution to the $5 million down. That's LSSE.
  2. https://regina.ctvnews.ca/regina-red-sox-pitch-plan-for-new-baseball-stadium-on-dewdney-ave-1.5378036 Living Skies Sports and Entertainment are looking to build a 3500 seat baseball stadium in Regina with the local WCBL summer league team.
  3. https://regina.ctvnews.ca/regina-red-sox-pitch-plan-for-new-baseball-stadium-on-dewdney-ave-1.5378036 Living Sky Sports and Entertainment is working with the WCBL's Regina Red Sox in efforts towards building a 3500 seat stadium just north of downtown. Costs estimated at 20 to 25 million depending on amenities.
  4. As a Regina fan, this makes me happy. Although I would expect they are very early stages in talks.
  5. The glitches and freezing today are driving me nuts (v.1.0.10). No audio, or no ability to change volume levels.
  6. in my list of upcoming games in the app, it doesn't list any of the May 4th games.
  7. First time signing up for a service like this. Loving it so far!
  8. CP Rail sold most of its rail yard operation to the City of Regina. It has been proposed by the City that this area would be ideal for condos, a movie theatre, perhaps a new central library due to its location immediately north of downtown. It was the initial suggested site for mosaic stadium, before CP hung on to a small portion making it too small. Perfect location along Regina's bar district with a proposed pedestrian link to downtown, but Belan seemed to give up on Regina early in the process.
  9. guessing attendance around 9-10,000 based on rough counts of the ticketmaster map.
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