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    Grandbloke reacted to dyslexic nam in Match Thread: Island Games - August 13, 2020 - Forge v Cavalry   
    Fun fact: my team won the first division play-offs on that field (a bunch of years ago).  
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    Grandbloke got a reaction from Shway in Stephen Eustaquio   
    Kaye is an excellent playmaker and deserves to start. He isn't a sub.
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    Grandbloke reacted to Bertuzzi44 in Ayo Akinola   
    It wouldn't be a Canadian soccer forum without at least one 30+ page thread wrangling about a Canada eligible player currently in another nation's setup 😄
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    Grandbloke reacted to dyslexic nam in Ayo Akinola   
    Agree to disagree I guess (and it appears you are disagreeing with lots of folks on here) because in my mind this is precisely what a player is doing if they choose to rep another country that they have pretty minimal ties to.  It is different if their country doesn’t want them - and we have both gained players and lost players in these circumstances (Arfield and Teffler are examples of both).  I view that situation very differently.   But if your country - the one you grew up in and the one you developed your soccer skills in - calls you to play for the national team, you absolutely are turning your back on them if you make a calculated decision to play for someone else. Call it ridiculous and judge me all you want, but I still believe in national pride and loyalty to one’s country. And yes, that is true even in something as mundane as kicking a little ball around a field.  
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    Grandbloke reacted to Bison44 in Ayo Akinola   
    Who's on their high horse??  If you choose to help anther nation, bring glory to their program, win trophies for them etc I think that does say something about how much or what kind of CDN you are.  Is he entitled to do it?? Sure, it could mean a better life for him, more money opportunity etc sure, and everyone can do it if they want.  But dont pretend it makes him the same as a guy who reps canada, chooses to try and make the canadian team better, tries to win for canada, supports our program and by doing so gives back to the game in his country.   
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    Grandbloke reacted to Obinna in Richmond "Richie" Laryea   
    Small sample size but I really like Laryea more at left back. Putting in crosses on the right is not his strength, so might as well have him stretch the field on the left and cut in on his right foot? We saw that in his goal and boy was it ever a beauty.
    If Richie can stick it out on the left and put in more performances like that, we may have a real possibility to switch him there for the national team and go with Brault-Guillard on the right, allowing Davies to push further up field. If ZBG struggles, or you simply want to change tactics, we can take him off, drop Davies to left back, and push Laryea over to right back. 
    Getting ahead of myself perhaps, but this could help us save on a roster spot. Let me explain. 
    By having Richie on the left, and having Davies in the squad, we really don't need to burn a roster spot on a back up left back. We would be covered. If that's not enough depth for you, make sure you call Miller. Kamal gives us depth at left back and left center back. Kaye can play there too in an emergency.
    This would be bad news for Adekugbe and Morgan.
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    Grandbloke reacted to Ruffian in Richmond "Richie" Laryea   
    If he gets more time playing left back that actually makes him a more dynamic option for CMNT.  We may be short on LBs or might need a switch due to injury in the middle of the game where a player like this would be very useful.
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    Grandbloke reacted to Ivan in Montreal Impact 2020 Season   
    Impact sign homegrown players Keesan Ferdinand and Tomas Giraldo to pro deals.  Both played for the U17WC team in Brazil last year.
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    Grandbloke reacted to Ed_S in Lucas Cavallini   
    I think Theo Bair would be an obvious choice to move up from that B squad tag.
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    Grandbloke reacted to Bertuzzi44 in Lucas Cavallini   
    I'm hoping for success for the Whitecaps, not because I'm really a fan, but because I want MDS to do well. He's one of the few managers who actively gives Canadians a chance. He has given opportunities to Crepeau, Cornelius, Bair, brought Ricketts back and may be signing Cav. 
    I hope MDS can do well and continue to give Canadians playing time.
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    Grandbloke reacted to Chad_Impact in Anthony Jackson-Hamel   
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    Grandbloke reacted to baulderdash77 in Lucas Cavallini   
    Do we know if he’s on a DP contract?  I assume he is.
    I’m never going to complain about top Canadian players getting paid in Canada.  I think it’s good for both the player and country’s pool to be honest.
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    Grandbloke reacted to Ozzie_the_parrot in Lucas Cavallini   
    MLS is improving as the years pass, so that's not as much of a concern as it used to be. Having some of our top CMNT players in high media profile starting roles in MLS playing in front of Canadian fans in a Canadian city is exactly what we need to grow our sport and get more of our top athletes to choose soccer as their pathway to fame and fortune as teenagers.
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    Grandbloke reacted to Watchmen in Maxime Crépeau   
    To get this thread back on track:
    Borjan plays for a big team in a smaller league where the only real challenge is the Champions League, where the team has been shelled recently.  Further, in 2 of his last 3 big games for Canada (Haiti, US away) he's given up horrific goals at crucial times. I thank him for everything he's given to Canada, for stepping in at a time when we had no one coming through the system and as bad as things have been at times they'd be so much worse without him and some of the huge performances he had.
    Crepeau plays for a smaller (or at least cheaper) team in a better league and put up strong numbers behind a porous defense.  It's time to see what he can do at the international level behind the full national team.
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    Grandbloke got a reaction from Ivanovski94 in CPL new teams speculation   
    Capacity at CEPSUM is 5,100.
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    Grandbloke got a reaction from johnyb in CPL new teams speculation   
    Capacity at CEPSUM is 5,100.
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    Grandbloke reacted to Bison44 in Match Thread: November 2, 2019 - Cavalry FC v Forge FC - Finals - 2nd Leg   
    Dont even try to compare the NHL's 2 month long playoff ordeal to a 1vs 2 season ending faceoff. There is nothing wrong with a regular season that separates the cream (top 2 or 3) and cedes them for a short man to man finish.  If you want to be the man you have to beat the man...WOOOOOOO!!!  How many times in the european leagues. is the champion decided 3-4 weeks before the season is over??  I'm sorry but the champ is the guy who wins the last game of the season.  
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    Grandbloke reacted to SoccMan in CPL League Future Format and Table Structure   
    If I’m not mistaken these two finals games were the best attended games apart from the CPL first game in Hamilton which was free. Moreover, just the atmosphere in the two stadiums and the fan engagement seemed to be better than any other games all season. This is what playoffs usually bring and sets it apart from regular season games. Teams with players who have experience playing under pressure and who have players that don’t fold under pressure are the teams that usually win. The beauty of playoffs is that there is no tomorrow the margin of error are drastically diminished. There is a reason why a lot of leagues in Europe now use playoffs to determine promotion into the next level. Watch any promotion playoffs and there is no comparison to watching a regular season game. If your truly a great team and finished first overall in the regular season then prove in the playoffs as well where the pressure is really on.
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    Grandbloke reacted to Ams1984 in CPL League Future Format and Table Structure   
    Full marks for creative though, but this idea is not for me, sorry. No need to reinvent the wheel here. Single table from April to September, 4 team ‘playoffs’ in October. Fourth place was accessible to just about every team right up until the end of memory serves... this would’ve kept everyone interested because there would still be something to fight for. It also has the benefit of being simple and easy to understand. 
    I was previously against playoffs, but having experienced my club finishing in third and yet finding the end of the season to be academic, I’ve changed my mind. 
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    Grandbloke reacted to Winnipeg Fury in Match Thread: November 2, 2019 - Cavalry FC v Forge FC - Finals - 2nd Leg   
    A great first season for CPL.  Impressed with the on-field product.  Far better than first year CSL back in 87, although the ref's were probably worse.  Probably on par or close to first year MLS in terms of quality.
    Well done to both Cavalry and Forge.  Huge upsets vs Whitecaps and great play in CONCACAF.  They put the rest of us to shame.
    I doubt there's an owner in the league that doesn't want expanded play-offs and I think most fans will also want it.  It would have meant the other 5 teams were in it until the bitter end.  Everyone wins, ......fans, ownership and players.
    All I want now is to hear about expansion.  It would be nice to have an 8th team for 2020, but if it doesn't work, so be it.  I can live with that if they are announcing additional clubs for 2021.
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    Grandbloke got a reaction from Stanley in Match Thread: November 2, 2019 - Cavalry FC v Forge FC - Finals - 2nd Leg   
    I would too.  Single season, 2-leg semifinals and a one game final.
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    Grandbloke got a reaction from Ams1984 in Match Thread: November 2, 2019 - Cavalry FC v Forge FC - Finals - 2nd Leg   
    I would too.  Single season, 2-leg semifinals and a one game final.
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    Grandbloke reacted to Macksam in Match Thread: November 2, 2019 - Cavalry FC v Forge FC - Finals - 2nd Leg   
    I agree, next season four team playoffs (home and away) with a one off final going to the team with the highest points. 
    I disagree with the unsatisfying part though, I found the last ten minutes as captivating as any Champion's League tie I have ever seen. 
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    Grandbloke reacted to dyslexic nam in Match Thread: November 2, 2019 - Cavalry FC v Forge FC - Finals - 2nd Leg   
    I would def support an expanded playoff format.  
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    Grandbloke reacted to Shortdutchcanuck in Samuel Piette (we haven't seen the best of him yet!)   
    My brother, a very casual Canadian soccer fan, kept asking my who that guy was.  Not Davies.  Not David.  Samuel Piette.  That guy is destroying everything in the midfield, he kept saying.
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