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  1. Kaye is an excellent playmaker and deserves to start. He isn't a sub.
  2. Twelve players on the bench. I count 6 Canucks: AJH, Tabla, Shome, Choinière, ZBG, Yao.
  3. Why on earth have soccer leagues in some countries not suspended their season?
  4. Je parlais de Saint-Jean de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador (St. John’s). En anglais, Saint-Jean du Nouveau-Brunswick s’appelle Saint John.
  5. I hope he features regularly, but the Impact have 5 other wingers: Piatti, Okwonkwo, Browne, Bayiha, and Lappalainen. Choinière has also played fairly often as a winger.
  6. I would go with Mathieu Choinière instead of Verhoeven, although both are very good choices, and Carducci as the keeper if he is young enough. Pantemis hasn’t been playing at all.
  7. Why not an MLS team? Canadians would actually be able to see him play.
  8. Kaye should start ahead of Osorio, but it’s very close.
  9. En effet. Un pas dans la bonne direction.
  10. And Piette for Eustaquio if need be. Midfield definitely looking really good!
  11. Yes, I noticed he got beat a few times. In the quarter final match I think Herdman will start Brault-Guillard at RB if we go with 2 FBs.
  12. Crépeau deserves to play one game. If he doesn’t play against Cuba, he probably won’t get to play at all.
  13. Realistically, Cuba is a semi-minnow. I would start Crépeau against Cuba and save Borjan for Costa Rica or Haïti.
  14. Yes, if they retain the apertura/clausura format they should balance the seasons. But if the spring season champion were assured of hosting the final, what incentive, other than pride, would that team have to try to win the summer/fall season?
  15. I agree with the one-game final, but I think it should be hosted by the summer/fall champion. An 18-game season is more difficult to win than a 10-game season, and the spring champion would have incentive to try to win the summer/fall season as well.
  16. As far as I know, Le Bourhis and N'sa are both natural CBs.
  17. Yohan Le Bourhis - 2000 - Montréal Impact Academy.
  18. You're still probably getting a pretty good deal compared to the ticket prices of most of the other CPL teams.
  19. In Quebec City, the stadium at Laval University is the one most suitable for a CPL team. It’s called Stade TELUS–Université Laval and it can seat a little less than 13,000 people. It has an artificial turf playing field lined for gridiron football. I have attended many Laval Rouge et Or gridiron football games there. There is enough room to install a 115 yard x 75 yard soccer field without removing the running track, but a soccer field 115 yards long would encroach on the gridiron end zones, which consist of red-coloured turf. Ideally the current turf would have to be replaced. There’s a nice little stadium at Collège F.X. Garneau, which seats about 2,000 people and has a grandstand on one side. The artificial turf there is lined for gridiron football. There is also Stade CANAC, in Quebec City’s lower town, where the Québec Capitales professional baseball team plays. It seats a little less than 5,000 people and has an artificial turf playing field. It’s designed for baseball.
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