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  1. I'm sure we have Marc Dos Santos to thank for that. And props to MAK for having enough ambition to leave Toronto in order to keep progressing. Something other young Canadians in MLS should take note of. Next thing you realize is you're 26, your breakout year was 2 years ago, and you're still a bench player. Right AJH?
  2. Neither Shome, Choinière, ZBG nor Bayiha are in. You'll get to see Piette. And Choinière is usually subbed in at some point. https://twitter.com/impactmontreal/status/1117096197062373379
  3. Came back with a good performance against DC tuesday. Went the full 90.
  4. Piette is a pure #6, you sit him in front of your backline. Kaye plays higher up the pitch. Different roles and qualities. I dont see the point in comparing both, really. You definitely need players like Piette breathing down forwards necks. And the kid knows how to use his body.
  5. Was there a post game press conference? I cant find one anywhere.
  6. After a tough year with Montreal Impact, best wishes to him in the CPL. Has the potential to be their best player on the right side.
  7. It's obvious you people havent followed Bayern and Coman the last 3 years because you probably wouldn't all be so high on him. Yeah he's fast and skillfull, but look at his history of injuries since he's joined Bayern, he's been very frustrating. The fact that he hasn't been able to push old Ribéry out of the lineup these past years speaks a lot. Imo, we were better with Douglas Costa. And Ribéry is not gone yet, he's been hinting at staying another year. I dont know what the Bayern brass really think about it. Gnabry just signed an extension, he's been by far the best attacking pla
  8. The only thing Coman has proven since at Bayern is that he has serious fitness issues and is always injured.
  9. Davies should be getting Flimsey Coman's minutes. The guy doesnt have the physical capacity to play. You think he'll injure himself everytime he crosses the ball. As a Bayern fan it makes no sense to keep playing him when we have a better player like Davies on the bench, who has similar qualities but also has strenght, more grit and can win balls back. For those of you who dont like Kovac, well he wasnt Bayerns first choice, and with how the team is playing, it's very likely they replace him this summer.
  10. Grabbed a couple. We're flying in for the day, and thrilled to be with the Voyageurs!
  11. They wrote we were playing against French Guinea. I just checked and they since have corrected one of their two references to French Guinea. lol https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_Guinea
  12. Guyz! African countries are playing in the Concacaf League of Nations now! *facepalm* https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/03/12/canada-name-march-squad-need-win-qualify-gold-cup
  13. I'd take Mathieu Choinière instead of Will Johnson, on basis of quality/age, the opponent we're facing, and similar profiles to WJ already on the bench.
  14. I'm not the biggest Ballou fan, but i'd pick him before Akindele for sure. Akindele will be 30 in 2022.
  15. I don't really mind the minimalist design. Looks like my Nike Chile 2016 jersey (the one they had when they won Copa América Centenario) minus the blue stripes on the side and around the neck. More like the 2018 one, actually. There also might be more detail woven-in that we can't see because of the pic quality, though.
  16. If he can overcome his injury issues he would be a great addition to any CPL roster. Tremendous upside to this kid.
  17. Eustaquio is a DM, who can also play as an 8.
  18. And on the second goal https://twitter.com/NiltonJorge/status/1099496690850111488
  19. So Ribery's not with the team because of the birth of his child, Muller is suspended, Coman has a knock, and Robben is still injured... could we be seeing a few minutes of Davies against Liverpool? I'd think not, because of the level of implication he ha had so far, but the wings are thin right now so it remains a possibility. Edit: Correction, Ribery has now joined the team.
  20. Bayern Pokal cup matchday! I had this day marked as Davies getting his first start day. Let's see if he gets it. Game starts around 2:30 pm ET
  21. Just putting this here so people understand the hype isnt just coming from hopeful canadian supporters. "Earlier this year, German journalist Christoph Biermann published a book titled Matchplan. In it, Biermann pointed out that Davies was, statistically, the most likely prospect in the world to become a superstar in the mold of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. The book was a major succes in Germany and put Davies on the map among clubs in the Bundesliga." https://www.prosoccerusa.com/vancouver-whitecaps-fc/alphonso-davies-completes-historic-transfer-to-bayern-munich/
  22. There's always a winter break in Bundesliga, they wont be playing from end of December till end of January. Davies will get some extra time to prepare and get used to his teammates. I'd expect to see him subbed in for the first few games when they're back, maybe even a start in the Pokal cup come February, if things go well.
  23. The point I was making is that you cant compare Bayern Munich, whos last biggest $$ signing was Arturo Vidal at 40M back in 2015, and reckless teams like Real Madrid, like you were doing. And no, the "top 8 teams" dont necessarely manage their rosters the same way. He wont go to the reserves. He will be loaned out if he can't make the first team, but he'll get a serious shot as soon as he's available. Bayern always give a real shot to their young players, especially if they actually paid for them instead of just signing them on a free from another Bundesliga team. The old wingers are
  24. He had also said he wanted to bring a team to Montreal, Laval or Quebec, when he was at the Montreal GotGame trials, video interview here: https://twitter.com/ItsSoccerHere/status/1052286616398647296 Personally I think the Cepsum makes the most sense in the size and availability of the venue and the emplacement; close to a metro station, on a big university campus in a very multicultural area.
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