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  1. We've had our eye on the League 1 Ontario schedule since early this summer and circled September 29th on our calendars. Why you may ask? Well, we've dubbed the match between Sigma FC and North Mississauga SC, The Sauga City Derby and think it would be a great opportunity to not only support 2 very important Mississauga based League 1 clubs, but also to help, in a sense, "spread the gospel" of the CanPL to the community. We've been doing our best to get the word out in hopes of getting a fairly large crowd together to take in the game and enjoy some local footie action, so why not put the word out to our fellow Canadian soccer supporters! The details: - Friday September 29th - North Mississauga SC v Sigma FC - Hershey Field 1 - 8:00pm kick off https://m.facebook.com/events/1478194062262997/?ref=bookmarks If you're close by and able to make it, we encourage you to come out and join us! Also, Mods, since I'm a n00b, if I've posted this in an inappropriate place, please feel free to move it
  2. So I met with Peter Kovacs of CASA last night at Canlan Sportsplex in Mississauga while the Canadian players trained for the upcoming match against Mexico. Here's the scoop: The Canada v Mexico game at Hershey is a one off game for a couple of reasons. 1) to make CASA visible and begin promoting arena soccer as well as the MASL team kicking off in 2018. 2) to train the Canadian team to participate in the upcoming arena world cup. That being said, supporting a Canadian selection playing some variety of soccer is fine, and some of our members may be there if they can make it, but this will not be treated as a SCC meet up. We'll be there as part of the (hopefully) larger group there to support Canada. In fact, Peter mentioned that he had also met with some members of Inebriatti (Toronto FC supporters group) about getting involved with this game as well to help provide some atmosphere. A promo code will be provided to Johnny Stancati that will get supporters a ticket to the event for $15. Parking is free. If you're able to make it out, great! You're likely to recognize a few faces on the team. My issue, and it's a big one, is a comment Peter made about the future MASL team. Surprise! It will be named Toronto, and that feels like a slap in the face. I've spoken with a few other heavy hitters within the arena soccer community, Mississauga born and bred, and they too feel that it is a bad look and a missed opportunity. The decision, as it usually is, was made by higher-ups. CASA and the group behind the MASL team have chosen a "name brand" as opposed to building an actual connection to the city they will somehow call home. I get it. Mississauga doesn't have the same brand recognition as Toronto, but as a city, as a community, we're long passed this. For as willfully blind as MLSE has been in the past, even they understood that naming the D-League Raptors after Toronto would be stupid, hence the 905. For them it was to a lesser degree since they are more concerned with developing players than community involvement. Melnyk understood it when he brought the OHL Majors to Mississauga. I'm offended by it and it runs contrary to our groups stated goal of helping Mississauga establish an identity through sport. It's embarrassing in my opinion: a team that plays a strange variation of soccer that will be new to many, playing out of a city it wants to share no connection with, named after a city that likely won't support it. Mind boggling decision. Our main objectives are CanPL and Mississauga. So good luck to them.
  3. I'll be having a meeting with Peter Kovacs of CASA on Monday evening. Hopefully then I can pass along any additional info he might be able to give me. I've got lots of questions. One of which is why ticket prices are so high and why there was no contact or connection with the CSA or Voyageurs before setting it all up. Based on the quick chat I had with him over the phone, they'd like to have a supporters section with "chanting and singing" for the Canada game...but that might be hard if no ones interested in paying 20$ or more to get in. In an email I also made it abundantly clear that a MASL team playing at Hershey and possibly named "Toronto..." is concerning to us, but I stopped short of saying we would not support it as a group. I plan on saying that in person. stay tuned.
  4. Not sure how many people we'll be able to convince to check it out, based on pricing, but we'll likely be there in some form or another. We are also concerned that, if the event itself draws poorly, that there might be a perception of "non-support" for soccer in Sauga.
  5. I'd like to sincerely apologize to both your wife and you for this incident having ever occurred. Alcohol consumption isn't an excuse and I can assure you that it is the first and will most certainly be the last time anything like this happens. Again, I'm terribly sorry. We hope there are no hard feelings.
  6. Hey everyone! Long time no...see? Our very own Rob Ditta was featured in a segment on Northern Starting XI's "Sea-to-Sea Podcast" a few weeks ago. Have a listen to his thoughts on Mississauga, its SG, Can PL and future plans and vision. http://www.northernstartingeleven.com/canada-soccer-sea-to-sea-podcast-season-2-episode-5/
  7. Things have changed significantly since then...in both the city and the general attitude towards soccer.
  8. Sure. I don't disagree with that. But the fact that it wont be developmental in name might go a long way. We wont know until we try, right?
  9. I agree with this wholeheartedly. Mississauga has never had a truly D1 professional team. OHL and D League basketball are great for what they are. I've always felt that people don't come out in droves to support them because of the turn over levels (its junior hockey, so the kids will either get drafted or fall off the radar eventually) and precisely because they are not D1 leagues. The top kids use the team as a stepping stone to get to somewhere else. There no real attachment to the city or the community besides playing in a venue within the city limits. Now, put a professional soccer team that plays in a league that is the top division, somewhere a player can have a career and become an icon, someone kids and adults alike can idolize and feel is representative of their community and personify the city.......basically a team that residents can identify with....well that's a whole new ball game.
  10. Unfortunately putting something downtown may not be feasible. However, that's the beauty of our city. With so many different boroughs that have their own "downtown", it would be possible to put a stadium in almost any spot and have it still be convenient. But I don't disagree with you...a downtown spot would be excellent. Tons of foot traffic, public transport, bars, restaurants, small businesses, parking, accomodations...etc. To be honest though, I'd love a spot in Port Credit
  11. Raptors 905, although important for the city's sporting landscape, is a developmental league team with players hoping for a call up to the Raptors main squad. In theory at least, a Canadian Premier League team will be the top of heap, D1. A player shouldn't feel the need to prove themselves to receive a call up to anything besides the national team. And that is something this city has never had. The proximity to Toronto will always cause us to have "little brother" syndrome whether we like it or not. Its a geographical fact. But to always be relegate ourselves to the sidelines despite our size and developing culture would be a disservice...we have to give it a try at the very least.
  12. Something tells me the CPL will be a mostly gate driven league. TFC barely gets TV viewership despite being carried on major networks. The playoffs notwithstanding, obviously. The most difficult thing, in my opinion, will be determining a proper location for a stadium and getting the citys approval for it. I think when that step is fulfilled, finding an owner or ownership group won't overly difficult.
  13. That's the next step in our plans actually...outreach. We'll be getting in touch with the clubs and leagues in the community to let them know what our ideas are and how their support will benefit all of us in the end should this venture be successful. As a former Erin Mills and North Mississauga player myself, I'd love to reconnect with them specifically, as well as reaching out to Sigma, which I've already done through social media. It's a process. The fun is just getting started!
  14. First things first, nice to meet you all! I think Mississauga is a fantastic city. It's a place I've always been proud to call home. The 6th largest population centre in Canada and a city on the rise, Mississauga is looking to break out of its suburban shell and grow into a city in its own right - outside of Toronto's sphere.I think based on the cultural landscape and because of the fact that no professional teams call Mississauga home, a Canadian Premier League team would be a great opportunity for the city and community to get behind. Soccer goes a long way in creating an identity for a community. It's inclusive, it's cheap, it benefits local businesses...etc. the list goes on and on. The time is now.As far as a stadium is concerned: there isn't one and there aren't plans for one at this point in time. I'm working on changing that. There is only a pop-up boarded pitch in the downtown core for community use that is happening for certain. A step in the right direction but still a very very preliminary one. Discussions with the city are also at an extremely preliminary stage and there should be no mistaking that for "progress" towards a team or a stadium...again, something I'm working on changing. City Councillor's and the league pres have been in contact, and it's our job now to get the word out there and drive the interest way up. The interest is there, the potential is there, now it's time to capitalize!Stay tuned for more and follow along on twitter, facebook and soon, on the web.
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