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  1. The drafting system would be from Canadian universities and colleges. I know at the beginning of the league, there wouldn't be a drafting system but what about in the future?
  2. I think some animal names can work but I agree. I like the Hammers more than Steelers to be honest.
  3. In Major League Soccer new teams are starting to name themselves like British clubs such as Atlanta United and Minnesota United so my question is do you want to see that in the CPL?
  4. I only support two clubs which are FC Bayern and my closest Canadian Premier League club when they exist
  5. Do you think that the Ottawa Fury will join the Canadian Premier League or do you think a new club will be created or Ottawa will not have a team in the CPL at all?
  6. I tend to spread things around, I will watch mostly Bundesliga and then some EPL, La Liga, Serie A and rarely Ligue 1 I honestly have to feel for Borussia Dortmund fans right now because of Reus' injury ;(
  7. I am located in the Ottawa region.
  8. Out of all of these I think Umbro would be a realistic option for making kits.
  9. Thank you for the warm welcomes, this seems like a great community
  10. Sadly not, I really would like to go soon but I'm young and in school so it limits me I was in attendance for the FIFA Women's World Cup in Ottawa though!
  11. Hello, I'm a new user here as I made my account just now. Before, I would usually read posts without an account but I decided I'd like to join the conversation of Canadian soccer. My favourite european club is FC Bayern Munchen and the national teams I support are Canada and Germany because of my German heritage.
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