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  1. So what are we really on here talking about then?
  2. Alright so no need to call each other names. Just having a good old argument??
  3. Was just wondering why we can't aspire to be like the top leagues in the world. But I do understand the league isn't here yet, also. And what I mean by that is none of the top 5 leagues have playoffs nor do they lack a pro/rel system.
  4. Never said that. I'm on here to understand what I'm so "uninformed" about.
  5. No, like I said I'm just passionate about this stuff. I didn't bring up my experiences to show I was above anyone, just to show my point of view. What I was was trying to get at is there is a lot of Canadian talent who go abroad for opportunities and are waiting to be able to play on home soil in a league similar to the greatest leagues across the world.
  6. Fair enough. Sorry if I came out that way, just pretty passionate about this stuff and just wanted a good old debate.
  7. LOL I can't believe your'e settling to compare our future league to the MLS and Liga MX! Wait so TFC is a success? I understand that soccer is a business, it just has to be done right. Hence why Canada is waaaaay behind my friends.
  8. How do playoffs draw attention? And that's the whole problem with North American soccer... teams don't have to win! So of course its easy for people to throw money. They look at the sport as a business, rather than the future of our sport/national team. Pro/rel promotes teams to stay in the league thus making it competitive. Which actually explains why playoffs are an inevitability.
  9. I understand that but that team is not properly rewarded. It's all about the MLS Cup, not the Supporter's Shield... I wonder how many fans actually know of the Supporter's Shield lol
  10. So let's make it up to us! Us "casual" fans shouldn't care about going to a play-off game just for a beer and to have a good time but to support a league with quality and hopefully someday produce for our national team.
  11. What's so unrealistic? North American soccer/ideology is 100 years behind the rest of the world anyway so i don't blame you...
  12. See there is the problem. Do we care about the quality of our league or about "revenue" and what the fans want to see? Playoffs aren't anything more than a money grab anyway. So lets just take out the regular season entirely?
  13. Personally, if the CanPL is to compete with the world's leagues and be taken seriously, it MUST contain some sort of relegation to promote the idea of winning. So where would teams be relegated to and promoted from? A CanPL2 (second division). Also, NO play-offs! One team should be rewarded for their performances and consistency throughout the season, just like the rest of the world.
  14. A general discussion of the Canadian Premier League.
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