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  1. His twitter handle is Robbo69, it’s been a tough week
  2. pacific fc macron concept by some guy named Xavier
  3. Sponsor and manufacturers are different things, people
  4. Al and El sounds very similar, therefore is a pun. A pun is a play on words, hopefully you knew that. Classique is a French word, the equivalent of "El" in French is "Le" and replacing "le" with "al does not make a pun.
  5. It's a play on El Classico. Al Classique makes no sense in any language whatsoever
  6. It's weird. To me as an islander it is all part of Metro Vancouver, or "the mainland"/"lower mainland" for us. When I moved to Burnaby for school I told all my Vancouver friends I lived in Van and they were like "no you live in BURNABY". Lower Mainland is an odd place.
  7. Put an ocean ontop of a fire? not gonna be a very effective bonfire
  8. Correct. i played against him as a teen so I’ve followed his career quite a bit.
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