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  1. My guess is that it is just X dollars worth of equipment to the league/clubs and Y dollars for every jersey sold.
  2. Give Gold, Silver and Bronze medals/trophies to the top three places and wooden spoon to the last place. That is 3 spots to play for and 1 spot to avoid. Should give all 7 or 8 clubs with something to play for near the end of the season. Over the seasons, hopefully a culture will develop of keeping a tally on how many medals and spoons teams have won.
  3. Kick in the teeth for CanPL. A lot of doubts about the league starting to creep in. The low membership numbers, global rights deal with a neophyte company, "talent hunt" to find players...
  4. If it will be a balanced schedule and each team will play another 4 times for 28 rounds of matches, why not just do a 14 round Apetura and 14 round Clausura? Seems far more exciting and interesting and will differentiate the league further from other North American sports by having 2 champions in a season.
  5. Maybe Impcat are angling for the CanPL.
  6. Would be good if there was consistency in the use of CanPL vs CPL. For example website is CanPL.ca yet Twitter name is CPL and handle @CPLsoccer
  7. Think it will be Inaria. Canadian and already outfit several NASL clubs.
  8. In general, I love the concept of Pro/Rel, but I just cannot see it working for the CanPL unless they get to over 32 teams. The geography of Canada is just so great that it would make more sense to divide teams into East-West divisions than a division 1 and a division 2. It's a bit of a catch 22. If the league becomes prosperous, I do not see franchise owners wanting to dilute their stake. If the league is struggling, regionalizing will help reduce costs. Don't see a scenario where Pro/Rel is the answer.
  9. Feel Australia A-League is a good benchmark: Twitter: 143K https://twitter.com/ALeague Facebook: 398K https://www.facebook.com/aleague/ Instagram: 74K https://www.instagram.com/thealeague/ Poland has a similar population to Canada and their top league does: Twitter: 72K https://twitter.com/_Ekstraklasa_ Facebook: 206K https://www.facebook.com/Ekstraklasa.org Instagram: 33K https://www.instagram.com/ekstraklasa_official/ Basically, half of the A-League
  10. Why is the forum called CanPL but all the posts CPL xxx?
  11. I have been to stadiums in Asia like this one (PAT Stadium, Bangkok) where the atmosphere is electric that could easily be built on the cheap. Not sure it would pass Canadian safety standards though
  12. CanPL would probably have loan regulations where players would have to commit for the entire season. If they can be recalled by MLS teams whenever then certainly it gives the impression of CanPL being minor league.
  13. Maybe it's my OCD but they should be consistent in using CPL or CanPL.
  14. Alternate scenario the MLS Canadian clubs could relocate to US city and still maintain ownership, while moving their Canadian team/brand to the CanPL.
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