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  1. A Haiti match would have been interesting......
  2. Successful tournament. They qualified. CR victory was good. The U.S. losses are expected. Haiti was very impressive in this.
  3. Why are all players from the three Academies?
  4. FC Gatineau (PLSQ) 1 OSU (League One) 1 Friendly this afternoon. Was a good game. Mutual respect between both teams.
  5. The league seems to have a lot of international players.
  6. What was the score between FC Gatineau and the FURY last time they played each other in a friendly?
  7. They will continue to be a .500 or less team with their vision.
  8. I'm gonna be honest here ,boys...I'm not convinced that Davies is that much better than this guy.
  9. Similar to Jonathan David, pretty sure he did not start playing organized soccer until the age of 10. His father is a very sound coach which helped immensely.
  10. He trained with Sochaux 2 I believe which is approx. 5th tier in France.
  11. Newbie here to international football, how much would someone get paid to play in a Hungary 3rd tier league? Croatia 3rd tier? Thanks.
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