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    BenFisk'sBiggestFan got a reaction from hamiltonfan in Ryan Telfer   
    I do agree with your post. I think overall, he still needs to show his physical abilities and skills like he has. But I also think he has more time than you give him. There are late bloomers in Soccer, and Telfer strikes me as someone who could be one.
     People are always talking about how players need to be fully developed at 24 years old. That just isn’t true. Players may not be prospects anymore but they can still improve durastically. Usually, skill and athleticism stop developing at age 23. But those are the most impressive things in Telfer’s game. What Telfer needs to improve upon is his mental game, passing, and defending ability. Those things continue to develop all throughout a players career. I can think of many examples Of players who stopped physical and skill development but still greatly improved: Osorio, Morgan, and even players like Iniesta who continued to improve into thier twenties and thirties.
    I still think Telfer can make it as a regular in the MLS, especially since he is almost completely untouched in a professional environment. He needs practice and good coaching now. Thankfully, I think TFC realizes that.
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    BenFisk'sBiggestFan got a reaction from Free kick in TFC 2019 Season   
    Osorio has never played well on the wing. He isn’t a winger. There are plenty of problems way bigger than Osorio right now. 
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    BenFisk'sBiggestFan reacted to BuzzAndSting in CPL TV Contract   
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    BenFisk'sBiggestFan reacted to Dominic94 in Maxime Crépeau   
    Montreal gifted Vancouver a starting goalie, I don’t think you can fault him on any VW goals against, he’s faced like 4 PK’s already.
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    BenFisk'sBiggestFan got a reaction from yothat in FC Edmonton launch/2019 offseason thread   
    I believe Dukuly is only 18 or 19 right now. He was signed quite young previously. This last year he played at NAIT along side David Doe. Nait won the ACAC and finished 4th at nationals. Still an extremely talented player, but with only so many attacking positions open I think he just lost out to a couple of younger talents in Tsegaye and Amanda. 
    I know Paulus really values speed, strength, and Technicality in his wingers. Amanda and Tsegaye really fit that system. I personally see Dukuly more as an AM even though he hasn’t played there often. He is very technical and a very good dribbler, but smaller and not as athletic. Probably the most “tricky” in a one on one situation, but could really struggle to beat out a strong pro fullback. Needs to work on his passing, and his work ethic and determination aren’t as high as Doe, Tsegaye, and Amanda. I would compare Dukuly more to Tabla as a player, very similar mentally and in style. On the other hand, Amanda is more like Millar, and Tsegaye is similar to Akindele.
    I think Dukuly is a little unlucky to miss out, but I don’t think his chance is gone. I think we will see more of him in the next couple years at least. I am not sure what the league’s position is on bringing academy players up for a couple games, but if it allowed I am sure we will see Dukuly on the bench this year.
    i’m not an insider by any means, but judging by what Paulus has said about the other players, it seems they surprised his in the last year and kinda pushed Dukuly a bit down in the pecking order. He will be back soon I’m sure.
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    BenFisk'sBiggestFan reacted to Stryker911 in Vancouver Whitecaps 2019 Season   
    No matter how much you dislike Henry, there is no way that should have been a penalty. Bad call.
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    BenFisk'sBiggestFan reacted to Grizzly in Mark-Anthony Kaye   
    That is his second goal of the season both headers off corners. Canada hasn't been very good on scoring from set plays for a long time so it could be valuable having someone like him in the box on corners and free kicks.
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    BenFisk'sBiggestFan reacted to king1010 in Doneil Henry   
    Its clear to you but not to the handful of above posters. Therefore in no way is it as clear cut as you make it out to be. 
    Pausing at 1:30 the ball looks to hit dead centre of his chest, as others have mentioned above. Had it hit his arm you’d see much more recoil given the velocity of the shot. Also the ball explodes in the other direction most likely as a result of hitting a solid object such as his chest. Had it hit his arm you’d have seen the ball lose velocity versus explode 20 yards in the opposite direction. 
    The footage is anything but clear and concise. 
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    BenFisk'sBiggestFan reacted to Kent in Doneil Henry   
    His arm doesn't even fling back at all. I know he is a strong dude, but you would expect some amount of recoil if the ball hit his arm. Definitely no "clear and obvious" handball there. I've said it before and I'll say it again. VAR doesn't solve any more problems than it creates.
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    BenFisk'sBiggestFan reacted to king1010 in Doneil Henry   
    To be fair thats a tough call against Henry. I watched the replay half a dozen times and it appears to hit his sternum. 
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    BenFisk'sBiggestFan got a reaction from toontownman in FC Edmonton launch/2019 offseason thread   
    They look like they need a bit of work on their finishing. But otherwise they look like quite the fun team to watch.
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    BenFisk'sBiggestFan got a reaction from apbsmith in Gold Cup 2019   
    I have to say that Liam Millar and Talba really should get the call up. I don't think we need a backup for left back because both Davies and Kaye can play there. 
    I also don't think we need 6 players at center mid. Multiple players can play each position in the midfield including David and Tabla being able to drop into a more offensive mid role. 
    So for me we only need 7 defenders and 5 midfield, which allows us to bring both Tabla and Millar.
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    BenFisk'sBiggestFan reacted to Kadenge in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    Kovac declares Davies fit for selection this weekend ?
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    BenFisk'sBiggestFan reacted to spitfire in Gold Cup 2019   
    Why on earth would you take 8 defenders and only 3 wingers??
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    BenFisk'sBiggestFan got a reaction from Bbeto in Doneil Henry   
    It’s very North American to love loud and egotistical players. I think it mostly stems from the American sports like Basketball, Football, Baseball. Those sports usually make 1 specific player the “star” because those sports allow one single player to completely win a game by themselves. So naturally confidence, even to the point of being narcissistic, trumps being a team player.
    I think Canadians typically value the team as a whole more than Americans, but unfortunately when it comes to soccer, we are still quite American in thinking. Everyone wants to see the “star” do something.
    As I talk about this I realize that I am sounding like some egotistical fan now, which is kinda ironic. As people get more used to soccer, they will start to get more “sophisticated” in their knowledge and start to notice more in the game. I think we have a long time until that happens though if it ever does.
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    BenFisk'sBiggestFan reacted to Alex in Gold Cup 2019   
    Put the hammer down. Our best lineup can have several variations. Insert Larin for Cavallini, switch out a centre back, start Osorio instead of Hutchinson, etc. Several lineups can still be our A squad, that shows our depth. There’s no reason why we can’t draw México. Even if we finish second, there’s no guarantee Costa Rica win their group, Haiti could and we draw them in the quarters. This year will be exciting with the schedule so far, I just want some friendlies in June and I’ll be on cloud 9!
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    BenFisk'sBiggestFan got a reaction from Shway in Gold Cup 2019   
    I think we need to trust a couple of our "backup" players to get a result in one of the group stage games. In my opinion it should be against Martinique. I know they aren't a bad team, but our MLS players should be able to beat them. Assuming our starting midfield is Arfield, Hutch, and Oso, a trio of Piette, Kaye, and Oso or Arfield should be able to beat them.
    We have enough depth in every position that we could honestly have our top 18 players play 2 games each in the group stage. We should be able to secure second spot with that rotation. We need players fresh for the knockouts. I know that we may not get there, but if we want to be a top team then we need to play like one.
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    BenFisk'sBiggestFan got a reaction from mpg_29 in FC Edmonton launch/2019 offseason thread   
    They look like they need a bit of work on their finishing. But otherwise they look like quite the fun team to watch.
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    BenFisk'sBiggestFan reacted to mpg_29 in CPL TV Contract   
    There's definitely a bit less incentive for more casual fans but if you are fan of a specific club and want to watch all of their games...you have no choice but to get OneSoccer.
    Also if you are an international viewer OneSoccer is probably still your only option for the foreseeable future.
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    BenFisk'sBiggestFan reacted to Blackjack15 in CPL TV Contract   
    Probably just those 20 games will be available and for people who like what they're seeing they can sign up and pay the subscription plan that one soccer reveals. Since they are broadcasting their own game through media pro and then putting it on CBC they will have lots commercials, features, interviews, etc about CPL on their website or social media for "casual fans" to find out more 
    To see the other 78 league games + Canadian Championship, they will have to pay. But you're showing the audience a piece of the puzzle for free, if Canadians fall in love with it,will be a huge success
    Great Iniciative ??
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    BenFisk'sBiggestFan reacted to nas in CPL Stadium Thread   
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    BenFisk'sBiggestFan reacted to mpg_29 in CPL TV Contract   
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    BenFisk'sBiggestFan reacted to Gian-Luca in Gold Cup 2019   
    No VAR at the Gold Cup but extra-time returns and new rules are implemented:
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    BenFisk'sBiggestFan reacted to king1010 in Gold Cup 2019   
    Dont we not get fifa points against martinique?
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    BenFisk'sBiggestFan reacted to apbsmith in Gold Cup 2019   
    Nice draw USA lol....Canada/Mexico/Costa Rica all on one side of the bracket.
    I'm sorry, but when only two teams advance from 1 group... two teams from the same group should not stay on the same side of the bracket, simply awful.
    Would never happen in World Cup or Euro's etc. etc and should not be happening in our region either, it's embarra$$ing.
    Anyways vent over, I actually like playing Mexico at altitude, will be great experience. On paper, if all things go as I predict, we should also cross over to get a match vs Costa Rica. All that I like :).
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