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  1. Here’s hoping Jamaica can keep up their form into next window
  2. Is he still on a developmental contract? Might be getting a pro deal soon if so
  3. David's night is done as he gets replaced by Weah
  4. Same can be said for a scary amount of the guys. Johnston, Buchanan and Miller are all in the same boat
  5. I’m ready to get my heart broken again. But that midfield for CR doesn’t look too great
  6. Anyone wanna translate? seems like a introverted guy which is cool
  7. We need to protect Phonzie’s legs first and for most. Let Pasher do it, I have faith in a B/B+ team.
  8. this may have already been asked but are there away goals?
  9. I'm expecting a 433 with Larin on the right but a 442 makes a lot of sense too and the 3atb concept looks gnarly
  10. Hope so too but it'll be hard when they get attacked heavily against a mid-season Leon team. Hope the kids don't get battered
  11. I’m more worried that we only have 2 centre backs and Cornelius already has a yellow. Otherwise I love watching some Canada again
  12. I feel like Davies it’s probably already the most Decorated player to ever play for Canada but who would second be?
  13. They don't if you were eligible for the country you want to switch too at the time of your cap I believe. Auro's only hope is having a Canadian grandparent.
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