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  1. Meh, disagree with the need for "star power" - goals, yes - star power, no. Star power would help with drawing crowds, which we have no trouble with. Seems Hart is moving towards smaller, speedy forwards, so not sure how well Hume would fit into that given he's 36 and likely lost a step over the years.
  2. Schaale is a graduating senior, so wasn’t eligible for the U Sports draft.
  3. I’ve heard he is very keen to stay, but haven’t heard if that will be the case.
  4. Schaale just scored the wining goal in extra time in the AUS Final, so seems he’s doing pretty well. Also heard he’s been in chats with the Wanderers for a return next year.
  5. Apparently this was more likely Skublak than Simmons. Heard Duane Rollins source is **** for the Simmons comment. I guess he just didn’t fit the preferred system in Hart’s eyes - although we seemed a better team with him in the squad. Langwa I understand.
  6. Elliot Simmons release was a club decision apparently. A little disappointed as I thought he played really well for us and made the whole squad better when he was on the field. Hart talked about players pricing themselves out of a contract at the Q&A, so perhaps this is an example of that. Sure the younger players saw guys like Perea and Williams making quite a bit more and contributing less, then felt a little undervalued.
  7. Gives me Goosebumps. That first home match with Forge is unforgettable.
  8. Elton John has never played RB, so can imagine how difficult that decision really was. I'd throw Sukunda there instead - Bona has solidified his spot at RB and Sukunda doesn't offer the same offensive upside as Garcia or Guti on the RW.
  9. I think the story was the bigger hype - unknown insurance salesmen playing senior soccer in Moncton comes through to boss open trials in Halifax. He was very effective in his defined role (shadowing Bekker) during the first match at Wanderers Ground. Other than that, he can't fill the same role as Rampersad, Simmons, and John as his distribution isn't up to par, so has been frozen out of the midfield.
  10. I endorse this statement. Off topic, but Halifax did try to sign him prior to his move to TFC.
  11. I love Pacific's stadium. Think it's the best facility the league has and if grass is put in, will be #1 by a mile until Halifax puts in something more permanent. I really hope Halifax City Council see's the benefits of the Wanderers and allows them to build something similar. I absolutely love the Wanderers Grounds, but those bare steel bleachers are cold on my tush in April and May. If we can get something similar for around 10 million, I can't imagine the city not wanting to fund a portion of it. It's been such a positive for the city as a whole that I don't think there would be much public outcry, especially after folks have seen the public costs associated with a CFL team.
  12. Worth noting that Mauro Biello was at this match today. Wonder who he was taking a peek at. Chrisnovic Nsa was playing RB today and had an immense game - wonder if he might get a look for the CMNT. Fun match all together though. Probably one of the most exciting 0-0 draws I've watched. Good showcase for the league on CBC.
  13. Thats probably it though. Going back to school is a no lose situation for him. He's very likely to be invited back at a higher salary next year as I can't see the club foregoing him based on his international status (I think), especially given the performance of some of our other internationals (Williams lately and Guti). Plus, he'll have a degree in his back pocket and I'm sure is/will be bilingual, which I imagine is pretty valuable in Germany. If Oxner pulls ahead as the starter this year, I don't imagine they would use an international spot on a back-up goalkeeper. Perhaps Williams transitions into a coaching role earlier than expected.
  14. Here's the link to purchase tickets for the 2nd leg in the Wanderers section at the special rate. https://fevo.me/wanderers
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