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  1. I love Pacific's stadium. Think it's the best facility the league has and if grass is put in, will be #1 by a mile until Halifax puts in something more permanent. I really hope Halifax City Council see's the benefits of the Wanderers and allows them to build something similar. I absolutely love the Wanderers Grounds, but those bare steel bleachers are cold on my tush in April and May. If we can get something similar for around 10 million, I can't imagine the city not wanting to fund a portion of it. It's been such a positive for the city as a whole that I don't think there would be much public outcry, especially after folks have seen the public costs associated with a CFL team.
  2. Worth noting that Mauro Biello was at this match today. Wonder who he was taking a peek at. Chrisnovic Nsa was playing RB today and had an immense game - wonder if he might get a look for the CMNT. Fun match all together though. Probably one of the most exciting 0-0 draws I've watched. Good showcase for the league on CBC.
  3. Thats probably it though. Going back to school is a no lose situation for him. He's very likely to be invited back at a higher salary next year as I can't see the club foregoing him based on his international status (I think), especially given the performance of some of our other internationals (Williams lately and Guti). Plus, he'll have a degree in his back pocket and I'm sure is/will be bilingual, which I imagine is pretty valuable in Germany. If Oxner pulls ahead as the starter this year, I don't imagine they would use an international spot on a back-up goalkeeper. Perhaps Williams transitions into a coaching role earlier than expected.
  4. Here's the link to purchase tickets for the 2nd leg in the Wanderers section at the special rate. https://fevo.me/wanderers
  5. I'll be there. I think there is an away section. Contact David Finlayson with the Wanderers and he can set you up. I haven't gotten tickets yet, but will be doing so shortly. I think they reserved 250 seats and Langwa and Sukunda said they could fill half with family and friends. Ticket cost is $24, but I think they're usually in the $35 range. I've heard tale of some pre-game festivities too, but not 100% sure of the details.
  6. Wanderers Grounds is usually at or near capacity every game, but last night felt like the grounds held 15,000 as opposed to 6,200. Privateers 1882 reached a whole nother level and the main stand was really into it as well. I've been buzzing since last night. Have to admit I'm falling more in love with this club every day - not good for my stress levels. Too bad about the loss though - the ref left a lot to be desired and I felt like we deserved more. Looking forward to the away day trip though. York Lions and Spruce Meadows looked packed as well and both clubs did CPL proud! What a night for Canadian club soccer!
  7. Awesome! thanks for the heads up! and good points - we fully intend to be garbed out, so likely not a good look for anyone for us to join the SG haha. Another point though - we intend to have quite a few beverages, but don't want our slightly reduced decision making to impact kids and families. Are there any other sections we should avoid? I have kids and don't want to be the idiot in the crowd that taints the experience for the little ones. I've heard tell that the Privateers SG are organizing something though, so hopefully that all comes through and we have a nice little support for Halifax.
  8. Do the Fury have an away supporters section? Or is it fine to just sit with the Fury supporters? Booked flights already for the 2nd leg on July 24 and just trying to figure out seating options.
  9. Anyone have any insight on ticketing for Fury home matches? Thinking of doing an away day for the 2nd leg on July 24.
  10. The attendance at last week's Valour - Wanderers 1st leg in Halifax was apparently 3,854. I'm pleasantly surprised, as my high end guess was 2,500. This wasn't included in the season ticket package, so the numbers weren't boosted by that. Weather wasn't that great and the start time was **** (6:15 local), so maybe folks picked up tickets with the intention of going, but didn't venture out to the grounds?
  11. They followed my trek through Spain a couple years ago. 1 week in Logrono and 4 days in San Sebastian - gorgeous region. I tried to get my brother-in-laws family in Logrono to attend the match and support Canada as they live about a 10 min walk to the stadium, but it was too short notice. Watched the match and agree with UT - controlled the 2nd half, but the decisiveness in the box limited Canada. We seemed a bit rushed to get shots off and didn't take that extra second to consider options.
  12. Had a look back at the highlights and definitely looks lower than it felt in person. Agree with all your points as well - had a bit of trouble convincing my wife that I needed to pay extra for this game. Hopefully once the importance of the Voyaguers Cup is better understood by the general fan base, we’ll get better attendance. Brought a non-soccer buddy to the match tonight and had to explain the context of this match and the concept of away goals a few times. He’s been loving the matches so far though.
  13. Definitely not the crowd we’re used too, but thought we still had a decent showing from what I could tell in the stands. I’d guess around 2500. Privateers did a great job again, especially considering their reduced numbers. Main stand felt about half full.
  14. I think he's cover for both right now as I've heard they're on the bench with slight knocks. He's made some howlers on the defensive side, but other than that has been relatively steady.
  15. I'm not sure about other local news sources, but it's been bare bones in the Herald lately. I'd say the Hurricanes get more coverage through them than the Wanderers. I feel as though the majority of media coverage for the club comes from the local morning shows. I'm probably not the most informed on local news though, so I could be completely wrong and talking out of my ass.
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