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  1. I know we got a bunch of TFC fans here but come on he was horrible out there. Yes I know the CSA and TFC is pushing him to be the next great one but honestly he should be put on loan to a CPL club for a full year or two.
  2. GOD I am excited !!!! Davies on the left , Larin/Cavallini ( whoever is hot at the time ) and David in the middle and Corbeanu on the right . Plus Hoilett is a great X player. He could be starting or great off the bench. I hope they keep 5 subs Corbeanu will be playing in the premier league next year for sure! Mark my words.
  3. Why.... just because 🤣
  4. Both Paton and him should be part of the gold cup
  5. Nuno is leaving so who cares what he thinks. Theo is talented and skilled. Go out there young man and kick ass. Just embarrass them. We need more players like you! This is the problem with the program and us Canadian fans. We have been losing for so long, we forgot what kicking the shit out of somebody looks like. We want to win but only by 2 goals and by headers from corner kicks. Do we criticize Crosby for doing a lacrosse move in a hockey game NO. Why because he is expected to embarrass the opponent. I can’t wait for us to play Honduras with our A squad! Remember everyone 8-1 !
  6. I’m not gonna debate with you because there is so much Proof that he was close to signing on. His brother came out and said so. Cristante has been to Canada more times than some players we have right now haha. His twitter account even has a Canada flag on it. His a proud of being part Canadian.
  7. I want to know more about Cristante. The rest we all know about and Herdman is the golden boy of CSA. It’s actually really sick how much control and herdman ass kissers they have there. Was the CSA that incompetent or sabotage or is OZ lying ? If they got Cristante at that time that would really change view of the program even more and now ! Omg God I pray FIFA changes the rules again hahaha.
  8. Wow Oz really throws Reed under the bus has a huge Herdman lover. Well basically the whole CSA. He wanted to fire Gale and all the coaches and change the whole youth program. He was shocked about no games before gold cup , that scrimmage before was a scramble. Before he got there players didn’t care about winning. He wanted more “ young immigrant players”. CSA is all about paid to pay. He didn’t want to do it there way. 30 mins after firing they hire Herdman. Summary hahah . Sign up for the articles, it’s amazing reads.
  9. So finally I paid and read the whole thing. Sounds like CSA officials didn’t follow up with Cristante to file the paperwork for him to switch over. Because he would have to do his One time switch.
  10. I am surprised no one is talking about this. Like Rollins, or other Canadian soccer media or pobcasts.
  11. Let’s put it this way no relevant men’s program in the world Would have hired Herdman if he just came from the women’s team like he did with Canada. He saw his only opportunity.
  12. They weren’t that happen when Herdman screw us vs Mexico
  13. I can’t prove anything but during that time frame it really sounded like it was Game of Thrones at the CSA. Herdman had his supporters and minor success. He saw that the men’s team turned the page had some real talent, put a gun the head of the board who are bunch of old university profs. Also I really think Jason De Vos played a huge role because once Herdman got hired he was added to the coaching staff and basically Herdman took his old job. I do think Oz wanted to spend money and do something huge and the CSA wasn’t haven’t it. Right away he said we need to play the big boys and r
  14. The Gold Cup would be perfect to call up a player like him. Mix him in with some vets and MLS/European B players.
  15. 100% it just no one reports on it or ask the CSA tough questions. Finally an interview into the mess. I do find it interesting John leaves The CPL and boom right now this interview happens. I bet if he stayed at the CPL this interview doesn’t happen.
  16. I wonder that too. Things don’t add up
  17. The thing with That Portugal trip he met with Ferreira. Remember I’m pretty sure Eustaquio, was still in 2nd division and with youth Portugal team( I could be wrong). Also he already knew Canada was an option because he brother played for Canada. And there was video with him in Canada gear before he signed on. I know Oz did heavily pursue Bryan, I even remember watching an Atalanta and he was there watching, they showed OZ on TV. there was definitely some weird stuff what happened
  18. I wish we had better football Journalists. So they can really get down to the bottom of this.
  19. Saw this on Twitter. If thats true ....
  20. I do find it interesting nobody is talking about the Oz interview. Maybe that’s the real reason why John left CPL because he was afraid of back lash from the CSA and CPL. CSA mafia 🤣
  21. https://www.worldfootball.net/player_summary/daniel-jebbison/
  22. They should just loan him out to a CPL team, let him rip it up and get his confidence back. Ottawa would be a great option.
  23. https://youtu.be/gi7Qrmds5nM great interview with Lord Victor. Potential eight CONCACAF spots for the World Cup 2026! Holy !!!
  24. I would be really shocked if T&T doesn’t call him up. He didn’t look out of place out there.
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