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  1. Honestly I just want a camp or two and build from there. You gonna start some where. Or maybe use the money to hire an manager or some people with vision and ideas. You gonna spend money to make money. With having one of best young players in world, the gold medal and the hype with team. We Should be able to get at least a few new sponsors would you think ? I understand money can be difficult to get. But we are at a time where we have a golden generation and we need to use that to build for the future. Yes some of you are right we are gonna lose players and gain players. But in my view and I like to think others are the same. Everything that should done , needs to be done to get these players in playing for Canada. About a quarter ( Hutch, Hoilett, Arfield, Vitoria, Osorio, any player that’s in the 29-30 range now) of our roster will not or might not be around for 2026, we need these young talented players. Also playing for Canada and winning for Canada will improve soccer in this country on the amateur side and on the pro side. someone on here should put together a youth team full 23, so we can see the talent.
  2. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1106360/fifa-hands-out-more-than-45-million
  3. I am truly sorry, my frustration got the better of me and yes you and I don’t like each other and don’t agree, but I shouldn’t have called you a name. If I hurt your feelings I am sorry. We are all Canadian Soccer fans and supporters. I can be better.
  4. FIFA was and is still giving out massive loans and grants to federations, plus not for profits and others were given support from the Canadian government. On top of that sponsorship money.
  5. Maybe you should come up with some thing that’s productive and adds to the conversation and not just defend at all cost and be the unofficial mouthpiece kiss ass of the CSA. I swear you haven’t criticize the CSA not even once since I’ve been on here, in all their lunacy. Honestly you’re just a coward
  6. I don’t speak the language but maybe someone here does
  7. https://youtu.be/0JrdmyjGHwY
  8. https://youtu.be/wJhTd83rpyE
  9. The CSA white knight comes out of hiding. Go jump in the Ottawa River. aren’t you sick of so many really good Canadian players playing for youth teams for other countries because we don’t hold any camps and friendlies. please explain why it’s an ignorant post? There is so many ways for the CSA to get the money needed for these camps but they don’t and they won’t hire a experience manager, they hired Olivieri …. Don’t you think these really good young talent players should be playing for Canada and playing against tough competition?
  10. Again we need a youth program ASAP! Cheap ass CSA
  11. Anyhoo back to the topic at hand! Arfield and rangers play Lyon this Thursday! Can’t wait to see his quality!
  12. Great Job ! Thank you for voting !!! Stay tuned for the next poll time
  13. No I believe England and France poach, steal , lure however you want to put players from other countries especially from African ones. I just wanted to deleted because I was tired of reading the crap about it.
  14. 94 members voted !!! Amazing !!!! Let’s make over 100 - poll will close at 9 pm est
  15. Here I’ll make everyone happy and delete the post.
  16. People can interpret what they want
  17. He probably disagreed with someone or something
  18. Some people are going crazy over a simple word as in steal. Relax guys and girls, it’s just a word.
  19. You should ask those African countries how they feel. https://theundefeated.com/features/france-2018-fifa-world-cup-last-standing-african-team/ For YEARS France has used players from their former and current French colonies. So no it’s not ignorant. It’s ignorant to think that’s still not happening.
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