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  1. Ballou Tabla should of got called up for the WCQ vs Honduras & El Salvador so many useless people were called up like jamar Dixon
  2. does anyone think when CanPL is about to start there will be open tryouts?
  3. Hopefully they won't let him be lazy during games
  4. Agree Mavinga Moor Henry And hagglund , Zavaleta on the bench
  5. I would've like to see him back at TFC
  6. He will get a chance to play champions league
  7. I Wanted to see Santa Tecla Vs Toronto FC cause my mom is from tecla
  8. That was one of the few mistakes Octavio made not giving Osorio more minutes other mistakes were replacing Edwards with Larin And starting him over Cavallini also not giving Ricketts more minutes
  9. Atiba Bradley,Vazquez in the midfield would be crazy lol I think Atiba Hutchinson would be complementary in style to Vazquez and Micheal Bradley cuz Atiba can cover ground, wins the ball back and rarely gives it away.
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