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    Dominic94 reacted to Unnamed Trialist in Marco Bustos   
    It's funny how every thread on this board that refers to the Whitecaps ends up basically concluding they should play with nobody on the field, for the sake of Canadian soccer.
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    Dominic94 reacted to SthMelbRed in Marco Bustos   
    I'm glad that Bustos is doing really well at Pacific. I really wish that Robinson had seen fit to use him in his proper position when he was breaking through with the 'Caps. He should have been serving as Morales' apprentice. However, Robbo only saw a smaller, attacking player and automatically thought, 'he's a winger.' That being said, I'm not in favour of the 'Caps bringing him back in purely on the basis that Kam Habibullah plays a similar game, but has way more upside. I'd rather Bustos get a shot somewhere else and Kam gets the minutes in Vancouver.
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    Dominic94 reacted to Corazon in Marcelo Flores called 'Canadian prodigy'   
    It means very little in the grand scheme of things, especially when considering his father Ruben was employed by Ontario soccer and worked throughout Southwestern Ontario for years.  However, Ruben recently replied to Canada Soccer's tweet asking fans for their Top 5 favourite Gold Cup Players of all time.  He replied with his top 5
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    Dominic94 reacted to saintjoes in Lowell Wright   
    First time watching him today and wow, i can't believe there's not more hype around here for Wright. Nothing flashy today but his defensive positioning is David-esk and he shows impressive natural strength and balance to shoulder roll defenders like Larin does. Add well timed runs and all kinds of other superior technical ability. And he's a 2003..! Assuming he's got the right attitude I'd say he's got what it takes to be a top top prospect for us in short order. Hopefully we don't have to wait for a European transfer rumour before appreciating some of these exciting young CPL kids more
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    Dominic94 reacted to BearcatSA in Vancouver Whitecaps 2021 Season   
    Cavallini to Rayo Vallecano transfer rumour and still no official word on the supposed signing of the Scottish guy; Cornelius moved on; even the esports guy gets canned for telling an opponent online to top himself. 
    And the team sucks.
    What a sh*tshow.
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    Dominic94 reacted to Yoginess in Tajon Buchanan   
    Finally got around to watching the game from Sunday. He looked so great out there. Really happy for him that he got a chance to stand out!
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    Dominic94 reacted to CanadaFan123 in Tajon Buchanan   
    It does feel like it doesn’t it? He’s confident as ever right now and now the door is open for him. He needs to grab this.
    I saw someone post on Twitter that Buchanan plays like he believes he’s the best player in MLS ... that’s what we need. 
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    Dominic94 reacted to Macksam in Tajon Buchanan   
    It's time bro.
    This is your tournament. 
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    Dominic94 reacted to Obinna in Tajon Buchanan   
    If we are talking about wingbacks I want Laryea starting in the big games with Tajon coming off the bench if we are needing a goal.
    For the lesser games I want Tajon starting in order to get experience.
    I also want ZBG to be getting reps. I know it's hard for him, but he needs to be rewarded now and then. He definitely took his chance well in June. Literally couldn't have done more and still didn't get a call to the Gold Cup. 
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    Dominic94 reacted to Shway in Derek Cornelius   
    Whitecaps are shite, and have been shite -is fair assessment. It looks good when they bring in all these Canadians, it's horrible when the team has zero identity, and the players suffer.

    If you can name a CB that has been good for Whitecaps, you're bullshitting yourself. So for me it's a slap in the face that they haven't given him more minutes considering who's been playing in front of him. 
    Maybe the Whitecaps can start thinking about giving their homegrowns like Facchineri some opportunities.
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    Dominic94 reacted to Shway in Derek Cornelius   
    hallelujah, he's free!
    Now go kill it!
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    Dominic94 reacted to Pottsy3 in Canadian Dual Nationals 2.0 Edition, Chase for the 5 stars   
    Crepeau didn't get consistent MLS minutes until age 25. If he can become a starter in the A League, I think it's worth exploring. He would likely jump Leutwiler on the depth chart immediately and be added to the group of Crepeau, St Clair, Pantemis, Carducci and Hasal that should get calls over the next decade (assuming Borjan has a few years left too).
    Cristante is probably kicking himself knowing that he had to spend yesterday being subbed on against England in a Euro Final as opposed to starting against non-FIFA nation Martinique in the Gold Cup.
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    Dominic94 reacted to Olympique_de_Marseille in GC: Canada vs Martinique - Sunday, July 11th, 6:30pm Eastern / 3:30pm Pacific Kansas City   
    If you had told me in January 2020,
    "There's going to be a global pandemic from that COVID 19 thing that's presently in Wuhan and the #CanMNT won't play for the next 14 months"
    I would have said, "I believe you".
    But if you had told me,
    "The #CanMNT will play a Gold Cup match in 2021 and will receive 6 yellow cards and Henry won't be one of them"
    I would have said, "You're a crazy person".
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    Dominic94 reacted to El Hombre in GC: Canada vs Martinique - Sunday, July 11th, 6:30pm Eastern / 3:30pm Pacific Kansas City   
    Wheels calling for a VAR check after a scramble.  God that man's a national treasure.
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    Dominic94 reacted to dyslexic nam in GC: Canada vs Martinique - Sunday, July 11th, 6:30pm Eastern / 3:30pm Pacific Kansas City   
    Ref is already showing that he will be a piece of shit.  
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    Dominic94 reacted to ghostknownunknown in GC: Canada vs Martinique - Sunday, July 11th, 6:30pm Eastern / 3:30pm Pacific Kansas City   
    Wild guess at the lineup:
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    Dominic94 reacted to An Observer in Justin Smith   
    If he can get consistent minutes in Ligue 1, he’s got to be in contention for us as we have no one playing at that level in our CBs.  Of course, that is a big if, I think he’s more likely for the 2026 cycle than this one.
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    Dominic94 reacted to yothat2 in Dieu-Merci Michel   
    I think this might be the kid from the Fc Edmonton academy that Jeff Paulus wanted to bring to the island games last year. spent the pre-season training with Alan Koch and Fced.  Should be in great fitness. 
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    Dominic94 reacted to reggietfc in Gold Cup 2021   
    a side note,,,alvarez now cap tied to mex not the us.
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    Dominic94 reacted to SpecialK in Gold Cup 2021   
    I am happy TSN is writing an article about Canada and the Gold cup. But this what I can’t stand and sick of, why does it have be all about Herdman. It’s bullshit! Why is herdman the poster boy of Canada soccer?

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    Dominic94 reacted to Macksam in Gold Cup 2021   
    We should call Bustos. Watching the game right now and he's playing like my display pic out there.
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    Dominic94 reacted to El Hombre in Gold Cup 2021   
    That I'm not happy about.  Really haven't seen anything from him to understand why the staff is so high on him.  
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    Dominic94 reacted to El Hombre in Gold Cup 2021   
    I don't understand what the mystery is here.  Herdman clearly let his core choose whether to participate in the Gold Cup.  David stayed with Lille, Borjan went back to prep with his team etc.  This means that the players that were in camp wanted to be in camp, which is why the whole discussion of whether to call Davies or not was non-sensical.  He obviously wanted to be there until he turned his ankle.
    Now Kennedy feeling the club pressure?  Okay, leave him with the team.  I'm personally not happy about that but whatever.  The starting 11 is going to change significantly over the next 8 months.  Might as well get as many of those 12-23 position players some game time with the core that's still there.
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    Dominic94 reacted to Floortom in Gold Cup 2021   
    Sturring called in to replace Kenendy
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