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  1. Haha
    Dominic94 reacted to CanadaFan123 in Gold Cup 2021   
    I know the USA will still have a very good squad but this just reads pretty funny:
    Alberth Elis (Boavista FC / HON), Alphonso Davies (Bayern Munich / CAN), Hirving Lozano (Napoli / MEX), Sebastian Lletget (LA Galaxy / USA), Keylor Navas (Paris Saint-Germain / CRC) and Leon Bailey (Bayer Leverkusen / JAM) are among the notable inclusions in the lists Sebastian Lletget a notable inclusion LOL
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    Dominic94 reacted to dyslexic nam in Gold Cup 2021   
    Yeah, I assume Adekugbe is just a recognition of the club situation.  
    And I missed the omission of James in my first pass but that one really is baffling.  There must be something behind it because he deserves to be listed on merit, so it has to be some sort of personality clash or something.  
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    Dominic94 reacted to Pottsy3 in Gold Cup 2021   
    Disappointing not to see Manjrekar James. I suppose this signifies some sort of falling out, and unless he hits some undeniable form I doubt we see him again.
    Adekugbe another player from WCQ not included in the side, although I suspect he indicated he wouldn't be coming. 
    No CanPLer's even in the 60 if unfortunate. Although it would probably mean missing 60% of their season with the Canadian regulations on COVID, etc.
  4. Sad
    Dominic94 reacted to canadianbacons in Gold Cup 2021   
    No Adekube but I guess with being in season and a forthcoming transfer its not surprising. Will be good to see Gutierrez at LB and/or Miller/Cornelius at LCB. I have my doubts about Kennedy accepting this call.
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    Dominic94 reacted to Chad_Impact in Gold Cup 2021   
    Yeah I find that weird too, should easily get a shout 
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    Dominic94 reacted to CanadaFan123 in Gold Cup 2021   
    Yeah, that's just bizarre when you look at some of the other names. Even if he's far down the depth chart he played for the Danish champions and in the Greek first division.. played UCL ball and has WCQ and Gold Cup experience with us. How can he not be on a 60 man roster?
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    Dominic94 reacted to Gian-Luca in Gold Cup 2021   
    Surprised by no Edwards 
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    Dominic94 got a reaction from Kadenge in Ayo Akinola   
    I think it’s obvious now that he’s filed the switch and waiting approval. The player has to accept being named in the squad, and let’s be real he did.
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    Dominic94 reacted to jordan in Gold Cup 2021   
    Announced this morning he would be looked at by Amorim during preseason. So maybe a chance with the first team coming. 
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    Dominic94 reacted to dyslexic nam in Gold Cup 2021   
    Some (very) early thoughts: 
    - I don’t know if this is basically a conservative wish list or if we have spoken to these guys.  I suspect it is the former but if it is the latter I would be over the moon.  Even if it is a wish list there is still some good stuff to be gleaned.  
    - Akinola on our roster but not the US has to be a pretty damn solid indication.  Let’s hope this goes through.  

    - similar to Ayo, Singh appears on our list and not T&T’s   Decision made?   If so, let’s get this guy on the field.
    - The inclusion of some other duals is really interesting.  Jebbison and Flores are the two high profile guys.  Really curious if we see either.  
    - No Dias is too bad, but in light of the other inclusions I am not am worried about it.  
    - the young TFC contingent is good to see. Will be good for Nelson, Priso, and Okello (along with Ayo and Singh) to be in this context.  
    - focusing on the lesser know or uncommitted young guns but the inclusion of Davies and David is interesting.  Maybe it is just out of an abundance of spots, but you would think that if we were settled on taking a B team we wouldn’t name those two.    Maybe Herdman agrees with me that the GC is the chance to prep for the Ocho.
    - some other names that jumped out are Vilsaint and Elva.  Not sure what it signifies yet, but good to see the youth movement continue.  
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    Dominic94 reacted to Obinna in Gold Cup 2021   
    The fact that Borjan is missing but Davies and David are included suggests there's an actual chance they are summoned.
    Ditto Arfield. 
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    Dominic94 reacted to Obinna in Gold Cup 2021   
    Not surprised to see Ayomide Bamidele Akinola on our preliminary roster. 
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    Dominic94 reacted to narduch in Gold Cup 2021   
    Akinola not on US 60-man.
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    Dominic94 reacted to jordan in Gold Cup 2021   
    Flores and Jebbison on the preliminary roster.
    Arfield, Paton and Jules Vilsant as well
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    Dominic94 reacted to CanadaFan123 in Gold Cup 2021   
    Based on Herdman's interview on OneSoccer last night it sounds like we're taking an "A" squad. He didn't outright say it but lots of talk about getting games together .. mentioned that we didn't get many friendlies and we've been playing low tier teams. 
    I could still see us missing David and Davies though. In the roles they play and with their quality I'm not overly concerned with them missing this and it adversely affecting us come WCQ. 
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    Dominic94 reacted to SpecialK in Gold Cup 2021   
    Players I want to see
    St. Clair
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    Dominic94 reacted to El Diego in Justin Smith   
    Don't show his dad the 60 man Gold Cup list
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    Dominic94 reacted to jordan in Justin Smith   
    He already stated he would be interested in playing for Canada so there is that.
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    Dominic94 reacted to Corazon in Justin Smith   
    Is this sarcasm???  You couldn't ask for a better country for a dual national to be tied to.  France has arguably the deepest player pool in the world.  This guy is no where near France, nor will he likely ever be.  Assuming he starts getting first team minutes, I would expect Canada to be all over him and I doubt he would have to consider holding out for long either.
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    Dominic94 reacted to Atlantic in Justin Smith   
    The odds of him ever playing for France are less than 1% 
    Edit: In fact, I would probably say it’s more like less than .01% 
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    Dominic94 reacted to toontownman in Justin Smith   
    Let the dual back and forth panic, hope and despair begin. See you in 15 pages.
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    Dominic94 reacted to jordan in Justin Smith   
    Mom and dad moved there from Quebec I believe.
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    Dominic94 reacted to Macksam in Justin Smith   
    Looks like he was born and raised in France and played his youth in Paris. 
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    Dominic94 reacted to narduch in Justin Smith   
    His manager was David's manager last season. 
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    Dominic94 reacted to Northvansteve in Justin Smith   
    Creating a stand-alone thread for Justin Smith. (Apologies if there already is one - I couldn't find it.)
    Class of 2003. Central Mid. Officially signed with Nice today. 
    Potential Gold Cup call up? 
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