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    Dominic94 got a reaction from TFC2017 in Antoine Coupland   
    As long as these kind of kids are found and not missed by a pro club we’re trending in the right direction.
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    Dominic94 got a reaction from Macksam in Fikayo Tomori   
    Honestly he’s not wrong, Belgium got good fast.
    With a half Canadian league and more teams coming, it means more places and minutes for CDN players. 
    Another team means 1k minutes for a U21 player, the whole limit is similar to the German setup and look at fast and well that worked. 
    Theres actually a lot of good prospects with the MLS teams that we know about but they just aren’t playing, if they had a chance at regular minutes, where would we be ?
    theres talent that we haven’t yet found and when they get minutes they’ll grow. We just have to give chances so yes this could happen fast.
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    Dominic94 reacted to Obinna in September 2019 Squad - CNL Group Stage   
    Good to know both of these guys are at least on the bubble. CPL serving it's purpose thus far. 
    If I were Telfer I would stick around and wait just a bit longer before jumping ship.
    Had he not been considered at all, I would have bounced if I were him, but clearly he is not too far away. He's in the mix.
    As for Borges, at his age it's only a matter of time if he keeps playing well. Should definitely feature for Olympic qualifying.
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    Dominic94 reacted to spitfire in September 2019 Squad - CNL Group Stage   
    A very good  balance roster good to see some deserving faces added ...
     Liam obviously is disappointed but is honoured and thankful for his appearance up to now but understands he  must put his head down and work even harder to get back in the squad. It’s part of the journey the ups and downs of football  He was in the wider squad...
    No denying that Tesho has earned his call up with how he has performed this season. no complaints about the roster 
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    Dominic94 reacted to Chad_Impact in September 2019 Squad - CNL Group Stage   
    Why call up a guy like Wotherspoon over Borges or Camargo...
    Other than that, I like seeing Laryea, Cordova, Adekugbe and Tesho called in
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    Dominic94 reacted to canta15 in September 2019 Squad - CNL Group Stage   
    Carducci first CPL player in a game roster for us
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    Dominic94 reacted to spitfire in Liam Millar   
    Did well in a tough physical game. Now he’s had 2 starts and a sub appearance in his first three games for a total of 230 mins so far a good start to his loan 
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    Dominic94 reacted to Northvansteve in Georges Mukumbilwa   
    Finally signs homegrown MLS contract with the Whitecaps: https://www.whitecapsfc.com/post/2019/08/23/wfc-sign-mukumbilwa
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    Dominic94 reacted to Obinna in Jonathan David   
    I can see David winning Belgium League player of the year. 
    I am glad he has stayed with Gent. He is quickly becoming their best player. Once he experiences being the bonafide star of his club, he can move on.
    We need players to develop that way. Most of our best players past and present are/were role players. The last star of Canada to be the star of their club was Dwayne DeRosario. David will be the next one.
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    Dominic94 reacted to ted in 2019 Canadian Premier League Attendance   
    Yeah, kinda ridiculous to declare a club dead that is currently building the best training facility ever seen on the Island, maybe even BC.
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    Dominic94 reacted to Reign in Aribim Pepple   
    So to give you a run down on his last few weeks. He came off the bench of Calgary Foothills men’s team and scored. He went on to score 5 goals in the final 5 USL2 games of the season. He was then called in to camp for the Canada U17 squad. He was then signed by Cavalry FC, and today a day after the announcement he was the youngest player in CPL history to play in the league. What a timeline for the young man. 
    As far as his play today, he did not look out of place. Was pretty damn impressed. He is built like Davies. Tall and Muscular already at 16. Going to battle with a CB like Schaale is no easy task and he did well.
    Lets keep our eyes on this kid! He definitely looks like he could be a star.
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    Dominic94 reacted to Unnamed Trialist in Herdman new head coach   
    Right on, brother.
    If Herdman had gotten us past Haiti and we'd fallen with dignity against Mexico, nobody would have posted his comments about tiers. He could have said that Moldavia was in there with France and  no one would have cared.
    The real problem is that he is not a good football coach, and on top of that is a goof.
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    Dominic94 got a reaction from Obinna in The Importance of Alphonso Davies   
    I want to see him play lol, forgot they lost Robben and Ribery.
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    Dominic94 got a reaction from BearcatSA in General Discussion on CMNT   
    Would explain why he’s not playing. 
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    Dominic94 reacted to yomurphy1 in CanPL in fifa series   
    This is so important. I familiarized myself with the CNMNT through FIFA World Cup 2006 the game and was radicalized by the 2007 Gold Cup Semi-Final. I don't care about Canadian soccer if not for video games. 
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    Dominic94 reacted to Norrin Radd in Cyle Larin   
    David plays for Gent. Thanks to David and the Pozuelo transfer I can now tell the two team apart. Apparently Genk is the one I don't like.
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    Dominic94 reacted to Reign in Liam Millar   
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    Dominic94 reacted to Lofty in Expectations exceeded   
    This just goes to show many good Canadian players there were just crying out for an opportunity.
    How long will it be until CPL produces its first full Canadian international? Another milestone I am looking forward to.
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    Dominic94 reacted to lazlo_80 in Expectations exceeded   
    There's a billion threads dedicated to attendance or Ottawa fury blah blah blah
    but as far as on the field perfomance goes it's hard not to think this league has delivered and then some. If someone told me before this thing started that they'd beat MLS competition and advance in Concacaf League in the FIRST YEAR I would've been blown away.
    No matter what happens the rest of the season, my expectations have already been exceeded by the level of play from this newborn league.
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    Dominic94 reacted to CanadaFan123 in Jonathan David   
    Indeed, however they'll owe solidarity payments to his youth club.  That Ottawa club is about to get a serious cash windfall.  Maybe they can be the new CPL team?  
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    Dominic94 reacted to El Hombre in Concacaf U15 Championship (2019)   
    We just beat Mexico 2-0.
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    Dominic94 reacted to Blackdude in Concacaf U15 Championship (2019)   
    Hugo Mbongue Mbongue and Jean-Aniel Assi with the goals.
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    Dominic94 reacted to BCM in Tristan Borges   
    Just a few years ago the developmental contract was around $12,500. Minimum salary was terrible and now it's just decent (try living on it in NYC). Investment banks pay much more, and young managerial schemes pay on par - longer shelf life. Every year you have MLS players that walk away to do something else, for more money.
    Chicago Fire lost a damn good player at the end of last year, Brandon Vincent at age 24, who walked away to do something else. Fire lost Christian Dean to retirement at age 25 too, who wasn't a rising star but should have been heading in the prime of his career. TFCs general manager Ali Curtis was one too, who left for an investment banking career.
    You don't see MLB or NHL players just up and leave at 24 and 25 years old, but happens every single year to MLS teams.
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    Dominic94 reacted to deschamp86 in Tristan Borges   
    When TFC first started in 2007 then minimum was I think about $13,000. Even a few years ago it was less than $50,000. It has come a long way since
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    Dominic94 reacted to Reign in Tristan Borges   
    I don’t believe this. My understanding is the minimum for a regular mls player is 70K salary in 2019. 24 and younger he minimum is 56k. They are consistently rising. Keep in mind the cost of living is cheaper in the USA on average then it is Canada. Then of course these are minimum wages for players who are most likely prospects, bench warmers, etc.... which means they are borderline pros or they should see their wage increase as they develop. I don’t think a MLS wage would be turned down by many semi pro players. 
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