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    Dominic94 reacted to PiedPilko in Stephen Eustaquio   
    I'm just curious... has anyone seen a situation like this before? There's another Portugueese media outlet saying Eustaquio (and his teammate Costa) to Porto is confirmed for the summer, and we've seen a ton of these through the year. But on the other hand, you've got the club chairman and Mauro himself saying no discussions have taken place whatsoever. I get they have an interest in raising his price, but I don't understand how their stories could be so far apart with no comments from anyone.
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    Dominic94 reacted to Shway in Matthew Baldisimo   
    I always find it funny when this get's mentioned. I'm sure he won't be captain of the team.
    And I'm 1000% sure he's more Filipino than Scott is Canadian. 
    The Philippines have got the opportunity to take a few Canadian internationals in Chung, Aidan Daniels, Metcalfe and Raposo.
    Michael is the only one I see with a clear path to CMNT. 
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    Dominic94 reacted to Olympique_de_Marseille in Matthew Baldisimo   
    Has filed his one-time-switch for the Philippines.
    Doesn't speak the language and has never been to the country!
    Now that his U23/U24 chances are over, it would have been very difficult for him to break into the senior #CanMNT side. Best of luck to him.
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    Dominic94 reacted to Cheeta in 2021 CPL Season General News   
    I'm having a hard time imagining any region of Canada remaining in any sort of lock down/under stern measures once the majority of the USA returns to whatever passes for normal down there.  Not suggesting such measures aren't necessary, just calling it like I see it.   I think for a lot of people Battle Fatigue is rapidly setting in and certain past policies are becoming increasingly unsustainable.   
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    Dominic94 reacted to red card in 2021 CPL Season General News   
    Globe article states 6 provinces have verbally approved back to play protocols for CFL. But Ontario & BC haven't yet. 
    Lisa MacLeod, Ontario’s Minister of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries said she expects the CFL to meet the required protocols and the August 5th start date seems do able.
    But she also said having people in the stands seems ambitious but her rationale is weak. She said it depends on vax supply (shouldn't be an issue as of next month) and rapid antigen tests (which Ontario has had for a while but haven't really deployed them).
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    Dominic94 reacted to Ruffian in Forge FC Season Thread 2021   
    That is a nice addition!
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    Dominic94 got a reaction from johnyb in James Pantemis   
    Cleans the sheet, maybe earns more time.
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    Dominic94 reacted to Big_M in TFC 2021 Season   
    boy it goes quiet when Michael Bradley scores the winner and assists the second
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    Dominic94 reacted to Chad_Impact in Montreal MLS Team 2021 Season   
    Yeah Nancy really does seem like the real deal, hoping this continues 🤞
    The one wish I have is Waterman over Struna. Waterman can make some defensive mistakes but if you can offset those his ball playing ability really shines.
    Also: Sunusi Ibrahim looks like he can be quite the player
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    Dominic94 reacted to Bison44 in Montreal MLS Team 2021 Season   
    And Nancy knows how to make subs!  He has Henry beat by a mile.  
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    Dominic94 reacted to Acid-Tone in Montreal MLS Team 2021 Season   
    Top of the Eastern conference! 
    They got a big road win, Pantemis gets the shutout, and they're looking like a much better team than they ever did under Henry!
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    Dominic94 reacted to Ansem in CPL General   
    However, they spend their salaries so inefficiently. I agree with you only if they drop their DP, TAM, GAM, ZAM, BAM and other whatever scheme.
    Otherwise, yes they will catch up to mid level Liga MX but stay out of reach of the top clubs who have no spending restrictions
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    Dominic94 reacted to baulderdash77 in Ralph Priso   
    He’s playing quite poised for an 18 year old. Having a young player like that who’s already got into 7 games so far for TFC this early in a season hasn’t happened in a while.
    He certainly looks like he’s ready as an MLS quality player.
    I’d like to see TFC move away from Bradley and Delgado this after this season.  Bradley is clearly in decline and Delgado is ok but clearly will never become more than what he is at this point.
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    Dominic94 reacted to ag futbol in Ralph Priso   
    I think his passing is generally good. He has a decent mix of cutting passes between the lines and spraying the ball wide. In attacking situations, he needs to be a little more incisive but hopefully that comes with time. 

    From game-to-game you do see a bit of inconsistency so I can see why the comment was made but I would chalk that up to a bit of inexperience and some other factors.
    Overall, I think this kid is doing well and is quietly one of our better prospects in his year. 
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    Dominic94 got a reaction from Ruffian in James Pantemis   
    Cleans the sheet, maybe earns more time.
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    Dominic94 got a reaction from Ivan in James Pantemis   
    Cleans the sheet, maybe earns more time.
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    Dominic94 got a reaction from Bison44 in James Pantemis   
    INDEED THEY MUST, Diop to TFC !!!
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    Dominic94 got a reaction from toontownman in Vancouver Whitecaps 2021 Season   
    They didn’t deserve a L tonight but couldn’t score. They would be scary with a proper 10, even without I think playoffs should happen. Would like to see more KH30 and MB.
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    Dominic94 reacted to ghostknownunknown in James Pantemis   
    Getting his first start of the year tonight. 
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    Dominic94 got a reaction from Bison44 in Dayne St. Clair   
    Luck was all he needed to take the spot and now it’s his. 
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    Dominic94 reacted to Gian-Luca in Dayne St. Clair   
    Miller got lucky on a few occasions where he should have handled the ball much cleaner but wasn't punished for it. Vancouver shot everything straight at him. Don't think goalkeeping was a factor in this match but since they got the clean sheet, it won't matter and he'll hold on to the starting spot for now. Helps that Minnesota didn't give up the continual 2-0's against the keeper like they did in their previous matches (or Vancouver didn't create them, take your pick).
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    Dominic94 reacted to Shway in Lucas Cavallini   
    I love how Cavallini plays. His stature, his brolic-ness, his willingness to put his body on the line, and his ability to get on the end of things to score. 

    But he lacks pace, he lacks mobility/agility, he lacks 1v1 abilities, he lacks the ability to create something out of nothing. Hes been struggling as being the loan striker as well. Reason why I think he’s the perfect super sub atm if we are chasing a game or closing out a game.
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    Dominic94 reacted to Watchmen in Vancouver Whitecaps 2021 Season   
    I was surprised Cornelius didn't get the start, just for some mid-week squad rotation.  Having said that, he wasn't good when he did come on at the half.  Really lost his man on the goal, and had a few other poor turnovers.
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    Dominic94 reacted to Watchmen in Vancouver Whitecaps 2021 Season   
    Don't expect Adnan for at least another month and a half. 
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    Dominic94 got a reaction from BradMack in Jonathan David   
    Estaquio would be a great underrated signing for them.
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