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  1. I’m surprised that Cornelius can’t make the Whitecaps 18 but the emergence of Miller is only a good thing.
  2. Is it time to worry that maybe he isn’t that good ?
  3. The league ? There’s been talk of how everything has been set up so that they can make money from the start.
  4. You say 0 chance like do you know how much money these owners have ? You’re aware they’re going to be profitable in year 1. oh and as league sponsors both Nike and Marcon would provide gear to outfit the kids and for them to train with so that’s one expense taken care of. you can always import coaches which some clubs will do.
  5. Crepeau was long deserving of a shot in MLS before Ottawa, Impact just kept shafting him. They didn’t mould him, he dominated the league lol. He was beyond ready just needed a place to play which could of been any USL team.
  6. So assuming we get Laval, Ottawa and TFC Mississauga we’ll call them, for 2020. Can the league somehow increase the level of competition ? Surely there aren’t that many quality Canadians left...
  7. Sucks that Hernández won’t start but do like the 1000 minutes between 3 U21 players rule.
  8. Really curious to see how the team does, great coach and some potentially good players but also some ??). The leagues first darkhorse team.
  9. They have a really strong team, Verhoeven could light it up.
  10. Lost in here is that fact that they have 5000 season ticket holders, wasn’t that the desired number to make the club profitable in year one ?
  11. Man the caliber of the league keeps rising with every move. Some good teams.
  12. So as in the title, I hope and think were about to begin an era where we do produce 5* prospects. I think it’s time we have a thread for these players. Somone could help help me with this but I think the criteria would be having a pro contract at 15/16, or just being very highly scouted/touted. Things such as being in the 18 of a big club or pro club at X age would also make senses. Most of all use common sense, we can use this thread to track the “Next Davies” as we produce “more Atiba’s more often”. So without further ado: current Canadian 5* prospects: Alphonso Davies 18 M FC Bayern Muchen Jonathan David 18 F/M KA Gent Kameron Habibulah 15 Vancouver Whitecaps Residency Simon Collyn M 16 Vancouver Residency ? I did not list Millar or Ballou because based on my knowledge they are not considered to be in this tier. I am not sure that Collyn belongs on this list, I put him because he’s 16 and in the 18 for VCWFC, I think that’s Davies territory. if you can think of others post them here and feel free to post highlights etc. Feel free to disagree with me, I’m not perfect.
  13. I’m sorry he can try to be like oh we didn’t want him but we all onow that’s not true. That’s just embarrassing.
  14. Really raises the quality of the league too, going to be a competitive first season.
  15. Probably for the best, who he’ll shine in the CPL.
  16. Yeah exactly someone had said that Jonathan was on the same tier. hard to believe that there’s only more coming, apparently Kameron Habiboulah 03 is touted as the next Davies by the Whitecaps.
  17. I think we’ll see Forge become a big producer of Canadian talent over the next few years, I think the rise of the CMNT is going to be very quick.
  18. Has to be Atibia Hutchinson.... just kidding big name Canadian from the Pacific....
  19. Amazing how we’ve forgotten Larin...
  20. Big club will come calling soon
  21. Forgot about Will Johnson.... sounds like Miller did well.
  22. 2 Canadians starting ?? but seriously good for him
  23. I believed he would win the job and now he has good for him.
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